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Magazine Volume 13 issue 4

› Steve Colescott
Eating Clean – What does it mean?

Autumn Edwards personal trainer figure winner NPC NKY
adds that her definition restricts her intake to nutritional foods that you can envision close to their natural state

› Sandy Riedinger
Beverly Beat October, 2008

› Roger Riedinger
My Quest For Bigger Arms

› Brandon Richards
Key to Bodybuilding Success Stick to Your Plan

› John Barnhill
My Comeback after a 13-Year Hiatus

Luanna Oswalt on the cover
Luanna Oswalt on the cover
My First Figure Competiton: Thanks Beverly

1st place winner in the INBF Alamo Classic Figure competition and the Overall Figure Champion earning me a WNBF Pro Card in my first contest.

Previous 13 issue #3

Six Pounds Heavier and Harder than Ever! Here’s How I Did It

› Krista Schaus
Building Success on a Solid Foundation

Are You a Bodybuilder? Of Course, You Are..

› Wade Johnson
At the Meet – Powerlifters Corner

› Sandy Riedinger
Celebration! We’ve made it "half way" through 2008. If you are one of the lucky ones that made a goal and stuck to it, make another one!

› Jeff Williamson
Ladies! Are You Looking for the Perfect Training and Nutrition Program?

› Jesse Dale
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