Bodybuilding World Volume 14, Number 1

Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 14 #1

Winter 2008

Who says a trophy, some blue ribbon, or a plaque makes you a winner? I say you can be a winner without all that hardware. Just starting a new training program for your physique goal or taking the first step out from the rut you are in makes you a winner in my book. ( can’t get out of that big, bad hole you are digging until you stop digging.) Simple things like preparing your meals for the following day, or even filling up your supplement pill box puts you on the winning path to success. When you make little positive changes everyday, YOU ARE WINNING.

I used to be really hard on myself, beating myself up for not being body perfect and not looking like a fitness model. Wondering what people thought of me because I was afraid that I did not meet their expectations. In my twenties, I was skinny-muscled, trying to put on weight, desperately trying to change my body... always wanting to look like Cory Everson (yea right!) I tried to out eat Roger (and he ate a lot). In my thirties, my activity level went down, stress went up, and the over eating thing caught up with me with a vengeance. I couldn’t get a grip on my self. I had become addicted to eating 3000 calories or more a day. I gained way too much weight, while still desperately dreaming I could look like Twiggy again with muscle... In my forties, I am now in control. What do I mean by that? I am a human being trying everyday to get better. I count my calories, take my supplements, work out four days every week, do my cardio, take special “me” time, and over time, I am beating this thing. I am seeing improvements. I am winning at this game. It took me a while, but I am getting there. We could all share stories like this. Some would be more intense than others...nevertheless, 2009 is giving us a new opportunity to all be on the winning team. Let’s get the winner’s edge!

Here’s a winning story

In response to a question written to Jeff Everson, publisher of Planet Muscle magazine asking, "Is it still true, in your opinion, that Beverly International still maintains the finest & most potent supps on the market today, including the best value,...dollar for dollar? Jeff, who is one of the most respected men in the business for candor and knowledge replied, "Indeed, I believe they do and I think the rest of the industry in proteins has pretty much conceded the issue too. CNP is also extremely good! It’s funny there is NOT one company advertising in any of the mags today that also advertised in 1970 - only -BEVERLY! Pretty amazing.

Jeff’s favorite Beverly protein is Ultimate Muscle Protein. It has been a full decade since Roger and I took over the control panel at Beverly. At Jeff’s urging, we birthed Ultimate Muscle Protein in an attempt to create the absolute best tasting and most effective protein powder ever in existence. Since that time we have made subtle flavoring changes. Vanilla UMP has become our best selling flavor over the past year. Rather than rest on our laurels we decided to see what our food chemists could do with the chocolate and cookies and crème flavors. They have one restriction – don’t mess with the protein, but if you can make it taste better within the same parameters give it a try. I’m happy to say that both UMP Chocolate and Cookies and Crème’ have undergone a slight taste change up. I really like it...slight in the scope of the world, but hey, a winning improvement none the less. If you haven’t tried the new flavors yet, man you are missing out. Roger and I used to drink UMP Vanilla everyday, I even gave you the recipe for our morning drink in an earlier column. Since the new flavors have come in, they are rivaling vanilla in the Riedinger household. I really enjoy the change! It makes it more fun and enjoyable to have different favorite flavors to choose from... (It’s now going 3 chocolate to 2 cookies and crème to 1 vanilla.

Speaking of winners

...the Up-Lift pre-work out mix has been a kick off distancing a full 100 yards. What a product! Here’s a question I get often.

Up Lift Bottle Q: Can I take Up-Lift at night or will it interfere with my sleep like other NO products I have used?
A: You can use Up-Lift any time day or night. The wonderful mental clarity and workout drive from the Up-Lift will give you about 3 hours of workout delight. You can work out at night and your sleepy time will not be affected at all. Don’t worry about counting sheep... I know first hand, because that is exactly what Roger and I do every time we train. We start at 6:00 p.m. or so and train for an hour, come back in, eat dinner, then we do what ever until it’s time for bed. I go right to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow...That is a PLUS! That’s a winner no doubt!

Aaron Whitten

...wrote in with an incredible Up-Lift story. He took 3 scoops and 10 minutes later he was doing cardio while he waited for his training partner to arrive. That was unheard of for him. Aaron hates cardio. He was going to do just 5 minutes but cranked out 20 and felt like he could have gone an hour. He moseyed over to the squat rack for some light stuff. After a few warm up sets, his legs were swelling and rubbing together like Platz’s! On his second set, he busted out his pants. He said they had been worn when he weighed 40 pounds heavier and never strained a seam...when he saw his back side in the gym he was out of his mind focused and driven. He changed into a second pair of training pants, skipped the rest of his warm up and went right into the best leg workout he ever had. Aaron gives Up-Lift two thumbs way up and thanked Beverly for making products that actually Work!!!

Congrats to Steven Wade

For his ten years of service to Beverly! He was our first employee and the only one still left from our early beginnings! He is a treat to chat with if you get him on the phone. Steven has a wealth of Beverly supplement knowledge, as well as Beverly stories and supplement trivia. He has helped hundreds of individuals with specific goals, questions, and problems. We thank him for his dedication and service to the company! Steven and the rest of our great staff, has "your" best interest at heart. They work to make your journey successful. Sometimes it just takes a helping hand...Hats off to Steven Wade!!

Hey you out there

...any spring brides dreaming of a beautiful body under that white flowing dress? Travis Garza has a six week bridal boot camp and nutrition program that guarantees a complete walk down the isle and wedding weight loss success! If you are interested, email [email protected] or go to

Speaking of brides

...Dave Candy took a bride by the name of Alison on December 6, 2008 in St. Thomas! Congrats Dave and Alison Candy! Sweet!

Congrats to Maggie Freeman

...for completing the Iron Man triathlon and doing it in her fastest time ever, 10:55:04! She came in 3rd female overall. She used Muscle Provider post training for recovery and UMP for her bed time snack. ... Only the 3rd female in history to bench press 500 lbs (drug free mind you) the one and only Miss Melissa Garrett!! It’s almost unbelievable... and she thanked us for being the “queens and kings of protein”! Well Melissa, I crown you "Beverly Queen of the Bench" for all time!!
Melissa Garret

Speaking of strong

Women, Rebekah Lair broke 4 Maryland State records and qualified to compete at the USAPL Women’s Nationals in the 181lb weight class. Her winning lifts totaled 914 lbs! Squat: 374, Bench: 203, Deadlift: 336!!... Mark Robb competed in a 100% raw (no powerlifting gear), drug tested meet. He uses UMP, Ultra 40 and Mass daily. He broke Virginia state records in the bench press and dead lift. Way to go Mark!... Lynn Aubrey is another bodybuilder who has strength to go with it. Lynn broke both the women’s bench press and push up records at the KY police academy! She benched 210 and did 70 push ups! That female academy bench record had dust on it, having stood for a decade. She was named the strongest women to ever go through the academy! She uses all of the Beverly products and declares that the supplements made a big difference! November 08 Dr. Matt Haumesser ( competed in the Natural AAU World PL Championships in Hampton VA. He totaled 1741 winning 3 Golds! His breakdown goes like this: Squat: 667, Bench: 451, DL: 623. Matt uses Ultimate Muscle Protein, Glutamine Select, Ultra 40, Mass Aminos, Ultra C, and Joint Care (of course)!

Brad Steere

Ray and Gail Adkison
is now an official WNBF Pro! Congrats to Matt Harper for winning the Overall at the NPC 2008 Capitol of Texas Roundup!... couple Ed and Sherry Barrett competed in the Natural Classic Novice drug free BB championships. Ed won the overall! Sherry took 2nd in the women’s novice class!
Way to go team!..Les Scroggins has been competing for 7 years. He used Density for his last show and the feedback was great. Yes, confirmed...Les was the best he’s ever looked. He won the 50 and over class at the Arkansas State BB Championship in Little Rock. I was wondering if Huckabee and the LittleRockers were there? ...Ray "Rayflex" Adkison of Quest Nutrition took home 3rd in the Masters and 3rd in the open HW at the NGA World Bodybuilding Show. Gail Adkison competed with him that same day but only in the pro division. She took 8th out of 13 pro females!

Jason Theobold Team Natty OH

...has developed quite a team of physique competitors at Team Natty. Robbi Hatch, a captain in the Air Force (17yrs) and Iraq vet, took home the overall female BB win at the 08 Monster Mash... Robbi used Muscle Provider, Muscle Synergy, Density and 7-Keto! She is registered for the NKY 09 BB show! Bring it on! ...another of Jason’s pupils, Matt Banks began his thirst for competing at the 08 NKY and went thru our final workshop at Beverly. He started slow, but once he got his rhythm, he rocked. Banks took home his striated glutes, his first place hardware in the MW division along with the overall at the Monster Mash! Matt is a hard worker and takes a ton of Beverly products. He was referred to us by a mutual friend, Dan Johnson. That is usually how it works with Beverly Products. Good people tell other good people about us!

A faithful Beverly

...disciple and wise instructor, Aram Hamparian states after 20 years of competing, fighting back from a 3 year illness, he reached the Summit. He showcased the pinnacle of shredded conditioning. He had striated glutes for the first time! Aram loves Muscle Provider. He loaded it all thru his prep and even carb loaded during peak week using copious amounts of Mass Maker! He used GH Factor DURING training with Muscle Synergy and the results were unbelievable. Aram did NO cardio. He won the overall Master’s at the OCB Hudson River Classic on October 25, 08... Doug Paterson, from House of Nutrition in NY placed a battle bet with his friend Dan to compete against each other in a show. Doug was a class below in weight and had to eat tons of steak to go up to the next weight class to battle head to head with his buddy. In the end, Doug made it to the LtHvy’s, and both guys landed in the top 5. Doug was thrilled to take the 5th place award and his friend Dan, took 3rd place. Competition between friends, is it always fun?? He said this was a blast! Doug took UMP and Muscle Provider along with Mass Aminos, Density, Lean Out and Up-Lift. House of Nutrition, thanks for reselling Beverly International to your clients. I know they are in good hands with you!

Here are two lovely

Sara Schumann & Michelle Yatsuk
Beauties from the KY Muscle show. Sara Schumann and Michelle Yatsuk. Sara was featured as the competitor of the week

Polished, lean and tanned

Mark Ritter; took home the overall win at the KY Muscle. Mark went on to the NPC Nationals where he safely landed in the top 5! Mark is a Beverly advocate and consults with athletes wanting to compete...congrats to Veronica Paylor for winning the NPA NC overall, NPC NC State MW 2nd place, and finally National Physique Association GK Classic HW winner! Veronica is now a NPA Pro! Veronica trains with Glutamine Select and uses Lean Out, 7-Keto, UMP, MP and Ultra 40! Good luck with your Pro Shows! is another winner, Dr. Steve Passik is devoting his next year (turning 50) to running ten marathons in honor of cancer research. He is committing his time and training to the honor of his patients. He is a psychologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and has been working closely with cancer patients and their families for half his life time. He lost 45 pounds while training for this venture. Good luck with your journey Steve! Roger and I lost a dear friend, Mike Bryson on New Year’s Eve to cancer. Mike was our account rep for the company that printed almost all of our NNN’s for the past decade. We will remember him and miss him.

One of our Beverly team members

...Brian Wiefering, ( landed the cover of a new book, 101 Fat Burning Workouts & Diet Strategies from Muscle and Fitness! Check it out at on You can meet and greet Brian in person at the Beverly booth at the Arnold Expo in March.

Beverly would like honor Ben Weider for his lifelong work as a bodybuilding ambassador and founder of the IFBB. Mr. Weider passed away right after the 2008 Olympia contest. Many thanks go out to the Wieder brothers for paving the way for bodybuilders world wide.

Here are two more

Beverly winners – both are over 40 years old and have attained their best condition:
Tess Gray lat pulldown

Tess Gray

(age 48) won the 2008 Grand Master’s Figure championship at the NPC Western Michigan. She’s been training for 15+ years. Tess loves working out and competing. She’s also very active in her church and relied on this verse from her favorite book, The Bible, to help her get through the gruelling contest prep. "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak" (IS 40:29). Tess listed her favorite supplements as Chocolate Muscle Provider, "The best protein I have ever tasted" and Glutamine Select, "aids recovery, prevents muscle breakdown, and helps control my appetite". Tess also uses Lean Out, Ultra 40, Super Pak, along with Mass aminos to build muscle and lose fat.

Kurk Malwin, (age 46) won the over 35 division at the NPC Hurricane Bay and repeated with a first place victory at the Level 5 South Eastern USA. Pretty impressive, right? You haven’t heard the half of it. Kurk dropped nearly ninety pounds in nine months. Here’s Kurk speaking, "Long story short, as the months went on, the fat continued to disappear, while muscle reappeared. Team Body Tech’s master, Tim Gardner (aka "The Architect") took my 276 blob of fat and chiseled away." Tim incorporates Beverly International products into all of his training and nutrition programs. Kurk’s daily supplement intake was Multiple Enzyme Complex, Super Pak, Lean Out, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40’s, Muscle Provider, Muscularity and ZMA just before turning in for the night. Congrats to Team Body Tech and their new Titan, Kurk Malwin!

In closing

...remember you are on the winning team. No matter what, keep your focus mates. Track your progress, and call us if you have questions along the way about your supplements. Let’s all work together as one big team this year and make it a huge WINNER! Inside scoop: we are working on a new L-Carnitine Complex product. Studies show that carnitine is effective whether you take it with food, or on an empty stomach. I’ve added Energy Reserve to increase my fat burning process and muscle building capabilities. The latest research shows that carnitine will also allow you to train longer and harder, increase testosterone sensitivity (hooray, finally a testosterone enhancer that actually is good for you!), and may even improve brain function. The NKY 09 is March 14 and I am hoping to see you there. That is all for this time around! If you have information to share with us, email me at [email protected] TA TA for now!

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