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Lean legs are a goal for many women

By: Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Professional
Magazine 14 #2

Question – Legs have always been a challenge for me – I tend to be lean in the upper body but have a really hard time getting my legs to look lean and defined. I really want round, tight glutes that don’t giggle when I walk. What is the best way to tighten my legs? Thanks! Renee

Lean Legs

Answer – Hi Renee! Shapely, lean legs are an elusive goal for many women. It is tough to get the shape you want and round out your glutes while getting lean enough to be tight and defined. Here are my suggestions:

1st Diet

Watch your diet closely and be persistent. If you have extra bodyfat, and tend to hold it in your legs, that will probably be the last place you lose it. But, you can do it! Persistence is key. I recommend a high protein diet with plenty of vegetables and a few complex carbs for energy each day.

2nd Weight training

Since shape is important too, you will have to build the muscles in your glutes to give you that nice round bum. In order to add well shaped muscle, I like the following exercises and would encourage you to incorporate them into your weight training 2 times per week:

Deep Plie Squats with wide foot placement

Walking Lunges with a kick to the back

Glute Pulses on an exercise ball

Weighted Bench Step Ups

3rd Plyometrics and Cardio

To help define and tone legs and glutes, I like to include bounding plyometrics and sprinting interval cardio 2-3 times per week. Some of the plyometrics that work best for glutes are:

Weighted Squat Jumps

Switch Lunges

Alternating Upward and Outward Bounds

Bench Rebounds

4th Supplements

When you have solid nutrition and training plans in place, great supplements will really make the difference in your results. I rely on Lean Out which does a great job of promoting fat metabolism and regulating insulin levels and 7 Keto Musclean which actually improves my metabolism, gives me energy and helps control my appetite. To supplement your protein intake I recommend that you take a serving of Ultimate Muscle Protein once or twice daily.

Question – I have been eating healthy now for several weeks and have some crazy cravings for sweets. What can I do? –Tracy

Julie does Deep Plie Squats

Answer – Sticking to a healthy diet can be tough when you have strong cravings for sweets.

I am a chocoholic and love sweets, so I really understand your quandary. Ultimate Muscle Protein and Muscle Provider protein powders have been a saving grace for me. I love the chocolate flavors and use them daily whether as a shake, in my waffles or mixed with coffee for a nutritious dessert pudding. Here is my favorite waffle recipe that has made all the difference in helping me eat right and NOT feel deprived.

Protein Waffles

2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein Chocolate

½ cup cooked oatmeal

4 egg whites

Enough water to make batter consistency

Cookoatmeal FIRST. Mix all ingredients to a batter consistency. Place in waffle maker for 1-2 minutes. The longer you cook them, the more they taste like Belgian waffles. If you like them fluffier, leave them in less time.

Top with Splenda low-cal Syrup (35 cals/¼ cup) or ½ cup of berries for an incredible nutritious treat!

Fitness Modeling

Q – Hi Julie! I have been working out for many years and really would like to get into Fitness Modeling. How do I break in?

Thanks! Krista

A – Thanks for writing Krista! Many times I get questions about how to get started in Fitness modeling. While there is no ‘one right way‘, there are things that can help you get noticed.

I am a prime example of someone that got into modeling through competing. This years Olympia was my 25th show in 5 years (can you tell I love to compete!) In 2004 I placed well at National shows and earned my pro card at the NPC Nationals. That same year, I was overjoyed to be featured on the (which has now been incorporated into The No Nonsense Magazine that you are now reading).

It took another year of competing at the pro level before I was recognized and contacted by some of the national magazine editors. It took several years and a lot of patience, but during that time I prepared and practiced. I did several photo shoots on my own and built a portfolio that showed me in various looks and situations. That allowed me to put together a comp card and a website that showed some of my best photos and told my story. From there, I would occasionally contact magazines and any time I went to a show, I would bring my business cards, comp cards and some 8x10‘s. There were plenty of shows where I did not give out a single one and there were some shows where I gave out all I had brought with me. You can never tell when you’ll get a good contact, so always be prepared. If I had not been a competitor, it is very unlikely that I would have come in contact with the right people to get noticed. That said, simply competing or even winning shows, is no guarantee that you will become a fitness model.

Beyond competing and networking, one of the best ways to get into fitness modeling is to seek out photographers that know what look is marketable and that the magazines already have a relationship with.

I would highly DISCOURAGE shooting with just any one that asks because you want GOOD photos, not just photos. Chances are (in general of course) if you are asked to do a photo shoot in someone‘s hotel room after a show with little to no direction about what the use of the photos will be, you are not going to end up with photos that show you at your best. This is a mistake I see many women making and in the months following their hotel room shoots, photos are released of them that are just plain bad. That can only hurt your chances of being seen as a serious model.

It takes a lot of persistence, patience and some serious preparation – but it is so worth all that when you see your photos in a mag that you have been reading for years like Muscle & Fitness!

Good Luck!


NNM 14 #2

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