Featured Question from Beverly Nutrition Discussion

By: Steven Wade, Team Beverly
14 # issue 3

Q:  I currently take several of your supplements but I'm confused
about how to take things to the next level.
I am 45 yrs old, only a recreational lifter and
primarily interested in long term general health, proper nutrition and
feeling good. I still lift, try to eat right, and
have enrolled in a Mixed Martial Arts class (as a hobby only).

My goals are:
1.       increase my energy (#1 goal) 
2.       strength
3.       improve recovery

I’m a regular reader of No Nonsense and I’ve cataloged a few of the diets for myself so
I know what I’m supposed to eat.  

Right now I use Ultimate Muscle Protein, Ultra 4 multi-vitamin, ZMA, EFA Gold & Lean Out.
My questions are:
1.       I really need a pre-workout product for sustained energy, pump, strength and 
just plain "get-up-and-go!"  Not sure if I need Creatine Select or Up-Lift?
2.       At my age recovery is important, is Glutamine Select the best product?
3.       What is Muscle Synergy mostly used for? 

A:  You say you’re “only a recreational lifter”. But I can tell by the questions you ask that you know quite a bit about training and nutrition. In fact, you chose the exact supplements that I would recommend for you to reach your goals. And as far as your being a recreational lifter, I want you to know that the large majority of our Beverly clients are in the same category.

Steven Wade Team Beverly

Let’s go into a little more depth on your questions.


1         Pre Workout – Creatine Select or Up-Lift? Up-Lift for sure since your number 1 goal is to increase energy. Up-Lift is best for workout get up and go!  The free form aminos in Up-Lift are absorbed immediately and you’ll start to feel the Up-Lift rush in as little as 15 minutes.


However, don’t discount Creatine Select. It doesn’t give you right now Johnny-on-the-spot energy like Up-Lift, but it does deliver a measurable and immediate impact on your workout stamina and endurance from the very first dose. And for strength you can’t beat Creatine Select.


If you can afford it, try stacking Up-Lift and Creatine Select. You’ll get the best of all worlds. This stack is quickly becoming the favorite protocol for experienced Beverly users.  You may find yourself checking to see if you loaded the bar right – because it will feel that much lighter!


2         Glutamine Select plus BCAAs for recovery? Absolutely! You can’t go wrong using Glutamine Select whether you want to recover from a tough MMA training session, weights, or even a pick up basketball game. Glutamine Select plus BCAAs has a number of bodybuilding and health benefits but the three most important are:

             a.      Reduces muscle breakdown - when you train, your muscles use large amounts of the three BCAAs for fuel.  GS+BCAA supplies these BCAAs so that your body will not have to leech them from your hard-earned muscle.

            b.      Maximizes recovery after training. Recent research has shown that GS+BCAA can stimulate muscle glycogen synthesis after exercise more than 750% more effectively than glucose polymer (carbohydrate) per gram consumed! That means 2 scoops of Glutamine Select is more effective at restoring glycogen after training than 60 grams of simple carbohydrate like that found in sports drinks, etc.

             c.      Increases protein synthesis so that you can build new muscle as the result of your weight workout.


3         What is Muscle Synergy mostly used for? Muscle Synergy in my opinion is Beverly’s single most profound muscle builder. 
Its primary function is to build muscle and increase strength while preventing muscle breakdown.
It also shares NO production and muscle pump benefits with Up-Lift.  
To Summarize: Up-Lift is better for immediate training performance and energy. Glutamine Select is best for recovery. 
Musce Synergy has the edge for muscle tissue and strength increase, and
Creatine Select with beta alanine and phosphates works synergistically with all to increase strength, stamina, and performance.

Here’s a stack that will have your friends asking, “What are you on?” I’ve listed them in prioritized order for your specific needs:

1. a. Up-Lift:  2 scoops 15 minutes prior to training

b. Creatine Select:  After loading for 1 week; 1 scoop at breakfast and 1 scoop (mixed with Up-Lift) preworkout.

2. Muscle Synergy:  8 tablets twice daily (morning and pre workout).

3. Glutamine Select:  2 scoops sipped during training.