Monster Shake Recipe

Blend milk and UMP mix whipping cream into beverage

By: Jon Abrams
Magazine 14 #3

I’ve recently been noticing a ton of higher carb diets that are coupled with LISS Cardio on the boards. Although these diets and training protocols can yield results, I personally don’t get paid for my bodybuilding hobby and thus cannot justify spending so much time training to balance out the higher carb and calorie content of these diets. Sure I love training just as much as the next guy/gal but I have a hectic career, a wife who I love to spend time with, a four bedroom house that didn’t come with a chef, maid, or gardener, and five pets that are higher maintenance than many children.

In carrying on with the theme of efficiency, I’m posting the easiest and most effective diet plan I have ever followed. It has enabled me time and time again to gain a stupid amount of muscle while slightly lowering my body-fat %!

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Plan from the Beverly Nutrition Discussion Board

Jon Abrams talks training protocols

I sipped a special "Monster Shake" periodically (about 8 oz every hour between meals) throughout the day and ate three whole food meals per day for the first 6 weeks. Breakfast was always 4 whole eggs, 1 slice of Swiss cheese, and 4 tbsp salsa. Lunch and dinner were typically 6-8 oz lean beef, and 1-2 cups green veggies. I made some adjustments for Weeks 7 and 8 which I’ll tell you about below.

I weighed 180 lbs at 11% BF when I originally started this 8-week muscle gaining plan, and ended at 200 lbs with 10%BF (no BS, I actually gained this much while dropping BF% NATURALLY). The shake tastes like a Frosty from Wendy’s, but still, after about 3 weeks of drinking this thing everyday, it becomes quite the chore.

Monster Shake Recipe

Cup Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein, 32 oz Vitamin D milk, and 16 oz of heavy whipping cream. This makes one day’s worth of "Monster Shake."

In my experience, this shake works best if you mix the milk and Ultimate Muscle Protein in a blender. While your milk and UMP are mixing, pour the cream into a LARGE (at least 60oz Rubbermaid beverage container). Finally, add the milk/UMP mix to the cream in the beverage container. Secure your lid, give a few shakes to stir everything together and you’re ready to GROW.

In addition to the food plan, the following supplements were utilized (listed from most important to least important):
  • Super Pak 1 with meal #1
  • Ultra 40 (6 per meal or shake)
  • Mass Amino (4 per meal or shake)
  • Lean Out (1 per meal as a precaution to elevated triglyceride levels)
  • EFA Gold: This supplement is of tremendous value to balance the high saturated fat content of this die.
  • Muscle Synergy (16 in the a.m. on an empty stomach and 16 in the p.m. before

Training) note: 16 total/day will work just fine. I however, have seen really remarkable results with the higher doses of L-Arginine, HMB, and Creatine found in 32 tablets.

Training was abbreviated and consisted of total body workouts/3 days per week. Exercises were performed with heavy loads to failure or near failure depending on the movement. Workouts never exceeded 45 minutes and cardio was never performed.

Below is the exact training program I followed for 10 weeks.  When a weight on an exercise could be completed for the prescribed number of reps on all sets, 2.5-5 lbs was added to the exercise.  I was undoubtedly the strongest I’ve ever been in my life at the end of this 8-week program.


Squats:  1 x 20

Pullover and Press: 2 x 10

Pull Up: 20 total reps (completed in as many sets as necessary)

Standing Overhead Press: 2 x 10

Barbell Curl: 2 x 10

Seated Calf Raise: 2 x 6-8


Stiff Leg Deadlift: 2 x 15

Barbell Row: 2 x 10

Incline Barbell Bench Press: 3 x 8

Incline DB Curl: 2 x 8

Dips: 3 x 12


Leg Press: 3 x 10

Hammer Strength Iso Lateral High Pull: 2 x 10

Flat DB Bench Press: 2 x 10

DB Hammer Curl: 2 x 10

Lying DB Tricep Ext: 2 x 8

Hammer Strength Super Horizontal Calf or Standing Calf Raise: 2 x 6-8

Weeks 7 and 8: During the last two weeks of my 8-week Monster Shake plan, I added a complex carb to meals 1 and 3 (oatmeal at meal 1 and sweet potato at meal 2). In addition, I added a 3 scoop Mass Maker shake at the end of every whole food meal. Supplements stayed consistent except I added 1 serving of Creatine Select with every meal for week 7 and then 2 servings per day in week 8.