Bodybuilding World

Volume 14 issue 3

The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

› Gary Benkendorf
Old School Goes Back To School

› Amy Bowen
40 Years Old, 2 Children, and Winning My First Two Figure Shows

› Erin Rhoades
From Fat to Fit My body transformed

› Brian Wiefering
On Cheating and Eating Out

› Roger Riedinger with Jeff Everson
Here’s How To Put Your Muscle-Building Training On The Right Path

Sean Young
My 2009 INBF Contest Prep

Lyndsey Blair
Here’s How I Won the Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Title at the 2009 NPC Northern Kentucky

Volume 14 issue 2

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› Julie Lohre
Bodyshaping Q and A

› Leslie Draper
Three 1st Place Wins in One Season!
How Did I Do It? Tunnel Vision

Matt Harper, D.C.
First Show, Overall Winner

Joe Daniels
Never Give Up, Never Give In – 2009 NPC NKY welterweight champion