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By: Beverly Support Staff
Magazine 14 #3

Creatine Select™ formula is designed to prevent premature muscle fatigue caused by two by-products of energy metabolism known to scientists as "H+" and "Pi". Acting in combination, these incomprehensibly small substances begin reducing the force, shortening velocity and power of your muscles (the most common signs of muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercise) the moment you leave the starting block of your first set. And they don’t leave you alone until you finish your last.

Premature muscle fatigue does more than impair your performance. It also affects the gains you realize or fail to realize in the hours and days that follow your workout. Consider the 265-pound bench press described above. To lift a load this heavy, your chest muscles must generate so much force that they actually squeeze their own blood vessels shut, much like a vice applied to a garden hose. This means that as you raise and lower the barbell they are essentially holding their breath. When the set comes to an end they "gasp" for air: The blood vessels open up (vasodilation) even wider than usual so as to allow oxygen-carrying blood to rush in. This is known as "reactive hyperemia". Over the course of multiple sets it causes your muscles and the blood vessels supplying them to become pumped with blood. And we all know how strongly the pump is connected with gains.

The longer your muscles lift the same load while "holding their breath", the more intense will be the reactive hyperemic response at the end of the set, and the more gains in muscle mass, strength and power you can potentially stimulate. If you can lift an even heavier load, then that’s even better. This is why protecting yourself from premature muscle fatigue is so important if you want to improve your physique and performance as quickly as absolutely possible.

Defense against Premature Muscle Fatigue

Supplement Facts:
Container Size: 500g
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 41
Amount Per Serving:
Creatine Monohydrate 5g
Penta-Saccharide 5g
Maltodextrin (delivery system)
Potassium Phosphate 700mg
Sodium Phosphate 300mg
Other Ingredients: Natural Orange Flavor, Annatto (for color), Neotame sweetener

Creatine Select™ helps defend your muscles against H+, Pi and other potential causes of premature muscle fatigue. With these substances out of the way, your muscles are able to generate more force and sustaining higher shortening velocities and power outputs. In turn, this encourages more intense reactive hyperemic responses following every set and otherwise enhances your ability to stimulate gains in muscle mass, strength and power, every single time you workout.

A human workout partner pulls up on the barbell during a set to help you squeeze out an additional 1 or 2 reps ("forced reps"). In so doing, he or she actually lightens the load. This is no different than if you pulled weight off the barbell yourself before resuming the set ("drop set"). Creatine Select™, in contrast, contains ingredients that have been proven to help you lift the same load for longer (more reps), or an even heavier one. This is an important distinction, one that gives you the potential to stimulate even greater gains in muscle mass, strength and power in less time. How does Creatine Select™ accomplish this?

Still the most studied, bioavailable and proven form of creatine in the world

To combat the double threat of H+ and Pi, Creatine Select™ begins by sending the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world, CrH2O, into your muscles. Despite marketing claims to the contrary, CrH2O is still the most effective form of creatine studied to date. Spillane et al. (2009) relate:

"Numerous creatine formulations have been developed recently... A comparison of creatine monohydrate [CrH2O], creatine with dextrose, and effervescent creatine showed added benefit when dextrose is combined with creatine, but no additional benefits of effervescent creatine compared to [CrH2O]. Another study combined creatine with magnesium and showed no additional performance benefits compared to [CrH2O]. Additionally, creatine solubilized in liquid was ineffective at increasing creatine retention compared to [CrH2O]."

In their study, Spillane et al. compared CrH2O with creatine ethyl ester (CrEE) in resistance exercising subjects. CrH2O not only raised muscle total creatine levels faster than CrEE (in 6 days vs. 27 days), but it also resulted in lower levels of creatinine, a waste product of creatine. In fact, unlike CrH2O, CrEE raised creatinine levels above the normal range. Furthermore, subjects taking CrEE gained fat mass (body fat), while those taking CrH2O lost more than 3 lb of it. And despite the claims of marketers of supplements containing CrEE, Spellane et al. found that this form of creatine caused extracellular water retention (edema), a condition which can reduce muscle definition and is associated with muscle catabolism.

Reinforced with β-Alanine, Electrolyte-Bound Phosphates and Cinnamon Bark Extrac

As effective as CrH2O is, taking it by itself can be a one-dimensional experience. Beverly’s research and development scientists therefore reinforced Creatine Select™ with β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract. Each ingredient has been hand-picked to protect you from premature muscle fatigue according to its own unique mechanism of action, and balanced with respect to the others for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Creatine Select™ thereby enables you to extend the duration of your sets and improve your gains more than if you took any one of these ingredients alone.

Several years ago Beverly uncovered studies proving that the combination of CrH2O and electrolyte-bound phosphates produced superior results compared to taking CrH2O alone. For instance, a 2005 study by Eckerson et al. reported that this combination significantly increased anaerobic working capacity by almost 24% in only 2 days and nearly 50% in 6 days. When subjects received CrH2O by itself, in contrast, it failed to significantly increase anaerobic working capacity.

β-Alanine is another ingredient that has proven itself in scientific studies. When added to the diet, it can increase muscle levels of carnosine as much as 80% in 10 weeks (Hill et al. 2007). Carnosine lowers levels of H+, possibly explaining why other studies have reported that β-alanine supplementation can produce increases in bench press power (by 15%) and the number of reps performed in the squat exercise (22%) as compared to supplementation with a placebo.

Further strengthening Creatine Select™ is the addition of cinnamon bark extract. Beverly’s R&D scientists added this ingredient to support insulin sensitivity and creatine uptake. Studies involving healthy humans (Solomon and Blannin, 2009) show that cinnamon feeding can increase insulin sensitivity immediately and last for 12 hours. β-Alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates, cinnamon bark extract --with this carefully balanced combination, it’s no surprise that users of new Creatine Select™ describe it as the best workout partner ever.

Six isn’t where this story ends.

By partnering with new and stronger Creatine Select™, no longer do your sets have to end at six. Beverly’s breakthrough formula supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling the principal causes of premature muscle fatigue during resistance exercise. These causes most commonly result in a decline in muscle force, shortening velocity and power, all of which Creatine Select™ helps prevent using the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world, CrH2O, reinforced by β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract. Each ingredient has been tested and reviewed for purity and carefully balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Finally, Beverly’s R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making Creatine Select™ the very best tasting formula of its kind!

Forced reps and drop sets are great; however, they are no replacement for lifting the same load for more reps, or a heavier one. With new Creatine Select™ you get a workout partner that prevents premature muscle fatigue so effectively you’ll be able to accomplish both, and for only a dollar a serving.

CREATINE SELECT™ contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest may safely promote (where  = increase and  = decrease)*:

 plasma creatine (>15-fold)

 muscle creatine and phosphocreatine (up to 40%)

 muscle carnosine (up to 40%)

 plasma and erythrocyte phosphate

 mitochondrial function

 ATP resynthesis

 delay of muscle failure

 sensations of fatigue

 muscle force

 muscle shortening velocity

 muscle mean and peak power

 anaerobic work capacity (up to 3x more than with creatine alone)

 total lifting volume (>25%)

 lifting repetitions (>20%)

 lean body mass (1-2 lb)

 muscle cross-sectional area (size) (within 6 days)

 fat mass (body fat) (within 6 days)

 maximal oxygen uptake

 muscle hydration

 insulin sensitivity (immediately)

 glucose disposal

 blood glucose control

 antioxidant protection

 positive mood (anti-depressive action)

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