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The Ultimate Muscle Workout! Part One of a Three-Part series

By: Roger Riedinger with Jeff Everson, publisher and editor in chief Planet Muscle
Magazine 14 #3


Over 70 years of Iron Game practical knowledge with weights, at just about every conceivable level – Olympic and powerlifting, strength training for sports, beginning intermediate and advanced bodybuilding,has revealed the best ways to add solid muscle and lose fat.

Art and science of gaining muscle

It is not just laboratory stuff, but life long observation and experience, the art and science of gaining muscle, everything from tried and true basic methods to the most complex scientific training methods. The bottom line is almost everything works to a degree, some methods better than others. But even that depends on the stage of training and development your body is at. One thing for sure – if you don’t work out properly, get proper nutrition, and enough rest and sleep, you will not get maximum muscle growth!

The Rationale behind this 3-Part Ultimate Muscle Training System is that you first must lay down a foundation of size and strength. This can best be accomplished through basic exercises, heavy (for you) weights and an increased focus on nutrition with an emphasis on frequent use of very high quality protein and a slight overload of calories.
The first phase of our Ultimate Muscle Training System is amply called a Mass & Power phase! The training program will last for six-eight weeks, training 3 days per week. (A second phase ( Vol 14, #3) will continue with power exercises with a few more refinement exercises to increase muscularity. Dietary adjustments will reflect an even greater emphasis on improving muscularity, by adding lean mass and more effort to cut fat. This phase will also last six weeks but with a 2 days on, 1 day off workout split.

proper bench workout for chest training
There are a million and one training systems out there. Which one is best or right for you? Well, this is the "million dollar" question, isn’t it?

A last (or 3rd phase), will add advanced training and dietary techniques that ensures a maximum development in body composition and appearance. You may even want to compete in a contest at the end of this final 6-week phase.


  1. Train 3 days per week. No extras!
  2. Do only the exercises listed. Do not add anything.
  3. Do 3-8 reps on each work-set. (On isolation exercises go up to 12 reps.) All sets should be taken to the final rep that you can do in good form.
  4. Over and above warm-ups, do 3-5 work sets on each exercise.
  5. Rest 3 to 5 minutes between each work set.

»  MONDAY: Chest, Biceps & Triceps


BENCH PRESSES: 4 work sets; 5-6 reps, but no more than 6 reps per set. After a couple of warm-up sets, select a weight that you think you can do for 6 reps in excellent form. Make 6 reps, rack the bar, and rest for 3 minutes. Perform a second set with the same weight, once again going for 6 reps. Repeat that weight for a third set. (This time you will most likely make 5.) Now your fourth set is going to be tough. See what you can do. Get four or five on your own and use a very slight assistance from a spotter if needed to make 6.

To summarize, you’re going warm up, then do 4 sets of benches with the same weight. You should be able to get 6 reps your first set or two, but may fall to 5 reps on your final 2 sets, with or without a slight spot. As soon as you can get 6 reps on all 4 sets without a spot in a workout, add ten pounds your next workout and start over!

INCLINE PRESSES: 3 work sets; 8, down to 4 reps. Use a barbell during this phase and dumbbells will come in at a later phase. Do one warm-up set of 12 reps, then put on a weight that you think you can get for 8 reps. If you make 8 – stop! For the second set, add 20 pounds and go for 6 reps. Add 10-20 more pounds for your final work set and try to get 4 reps. Always record your weights and reps, just as above. If you successfully get 8 – 6 – 4 on your consecutive three sets, 2 workouts in a row, then add 10-pounds to each set your next (3rd) workout.

BICEPS / TRICEPS (Alternate Sets – 1 biceps, then 1 triceps.) BARBELL or EZ BAR CURLS: 4 sets, 6 reps (use the same set and rep scheme as bench press). CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PRESSES: 4 work sets, 6 reps on CGBP. ALTERNATE DB CURLS or PREACHER CURLS: 3 work sets, 8-6 reps (use the same weight all three sets, when you can get 8 reps on all three sets, increase the weight your next workout.) LYING TRICEP EXTENSIONS: 3 work sets; 8 to 6 reps



5 work sets; 6, down to 4 reps

Squats are without a doubt the best exercise for glutes, low back and quad strength and thickness. They also work your hamstrings and even abs! If you’ve been using a wide stance and less than optimal range of motion, there’s a chance you are going to have to re-learn this exercise. Use a foot position that’s shoulder width apart. As you descend I want you to imagine there is a marble on the center of your quad. Keep going down until the marble would start rolling toward your hips. This will guarantee that you’ve broken parallel and will reap all the benefits in added muscle and strength that come from this fabulous exercise.

Begin with a couple of warm-up sets. Then do one more warm-up set of 6 reps with a weight that is 25-50 lbs below your 6-rep max. Now select a weight that will allow you to squat in perfect form for five sets of 4-6 reps.

When you can get 6 reps on every set – add weight! This is an exercise where you might want to take up to 5 minutes rest between each set too!
Form is everything on this exercise. It’s one of the best to stretch and thicken your hamstrings. Keep your back arched, head up and knees slightly bent. Arching your back instead of rounding it like so many guys do is the key to this exercise.
LEG CURLS: 3 sets; pyramid from 12 reps down to 8 reps on the final set. Do not "bang out" the reps on this exercise. Instead squeeze, contract, and let the weight down slowly.
CALVES (Alternate Sets – 1 set standing, then 1 set seated.)
STANDING CALF RAISES: 3 sets; pyramid 20 reps down to 10 reps.
SEATED CALF RAISES: 3 sets; pyramid 20 reps down to 10 reps.
For both exercises go all the way up, hold for a two-count, then extend slowly as far as your range of motion will allow.
SATURDAY: Back and Shoulders


DEADLIFTS: 5 work sets; 3-5 reps.
Your legs are shoulder width with knees bent, back arched – use an overhand grip and straps. Keep the bar close to your body as you pull. Don’t bend your arms. Warm-up with a couple of light sets and stretch. Then add weight each set staying in the 3-5 rep range. Add weight to the bar each week. For example: Week One you might do 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3. As soon as you get 5 reps on the final set, add 20 lbs to each set listed.

BENT BARBELL ROWS or CABLE ROWS: 4 work sets; no more than 6 reps. (Same sets and reps as Monday’s bench press workout).

PULLDOWNS: 3 work sets; 8-4 reps (same as Monday’s incline press.) Use an underhand (palms facing) grip. Your hands should be shoulder width or closer. Pull from full extension all the way until the bar hits your upper chest. Try to make your elbows follow an arced path as you pull them down and back. This is a lat builder my friends – think lats and let your biceps just go along for the ride.

SHOULDERS SHRUGS: 3 sets; pyramid from 8 reps down to 4 reps. Shrug straight upwards. Try to touch your shoulders to your ears. Squeeze at the top. Don’t roll your shoulders either.

SEATED MILITARY PRESSES: 4 sets; 5-6 reps (same set and rep scheme as bench press). You can use a barbell, dumbbell, or Smith Machine for this exercise. However, it’s easier to progress with the barbell version if you’re not afraid to put a 2 ½ lbs. plate on each side each week. In six weeks you increase your poundage 25-lbs. – not bad!

LATERAL RAISES: 3 sets; pyramid from 12 reps down to 8 reps on the final set.

OK – your 3 day-a-week mass and power training phase is over. Where’s the ab work? Actually handling the kind of weights you are, you’ll be building up your abs indirectly. If you really want to add some direct ab work throw in 50 reps ’ total of crunches and leg raises as a warm-up to your primary workout.

Ultimate Muscle Protein Vanilla


Your goal during this phase is to add thick, powerful muscle. There are two nutritional prerequisites. You’ll need extra protein and more calories than you are currently ingesting. To get the greatest results during this first six-week phase meeting your nutritional requirements will not be enough. You’ll need an overabundance of protein, calories, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, plus essential fatty acids and some very good carbohydrate sources. Your nutrition should build throughout the program. Add about 300-500 calories each week to your previous week’s caloric intake.

Here’s how you can do that easily and cost effectively by concentrating on some very good stuff! If you are already taking Ultimate Muscle Protein, make sure that by Week 2 you are taking 2 scoops 3 times daily. At that point begin to add 1½ scoops of Mass Maker to each shake. Follow the program as it is listed from then on.

Week 1
Add just 1 scoop of the Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein three times daily to your current diet or 1 scoop of Muscle Provider at one time and 1 scoop of Ultimate two times. This means three extra scoops per day to what you are already consuming. Ultimate Muscle Protein is an EXTREMELY powerful mixture of fast and slow proteins that will facilitate muscle growth 24/7.

Week 2 Now your three daily Ultimate Protein shakes contain 2 scoops for each shake. In two weeks you have just increased your daily baseline nutrition by over 700 calories per day (that’s one pound of muscle each week) and 120 grams of the ultimate protein for muscle building.

Week 3
During week three add one-half serving (1 and ½ scoops) of Beverly’s Mass Maker to each of your Ultimate Muscle shakes.

Week 4
Now take a full serving (3 scoops) of Mass Maker and two scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein three times daily. You are now ingesting more than 1500 calories daily over your baseline nutrition. That translates to 2 lbs of muscle each week!

Week 5/6
Your three shakes remain the same – one serving Mass Maker and two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein. To volumize your muscles and wring out the greatest strength gains possible, add Beverly’s new Creatine Select – now with phosphates and beta alanine for the final two weeks.

Other essentials you must include in your nutrition program are very high potency vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and essential fatty acids. You can get all of these from just two supplements – Beverly’s Super Pak and EFA Gold.

If you follow this supplement program faithfully and continue eating your current baseline diet you will add ten pounds of muscular mass to your frame over the course of this six-week program.

Special Adjustments for Females

There are a lot of females out there who wish to develop more muscle. The training program is perfect for you, too. You’ll have to adjust the poundage progressions on some of the exercises. Here’s how to do it. On bench press the instructions state, "As soon as you can get 6 reps on all 4 sets without a spot in a workout, add ten pounds your next workout and start over!" Females should add 5 lbs rather than 10 once all reps are achieved with a certain weight.
Females may modify the nutrition program in this manner:
Week 1
Make sure that you have two Ultimate Muscle Protein shakes each day in addition to your regular food meals. One scoop per shake will be fine.

Week 2

Have three UMP shakes each day.
Week 3
During week three add one scoop of Beverly’s Mass Maker to each of your Ultimate Muscle shakes.

Week 4

Three shakes per day – one scoop UMP, two scoops Mass Maker and 8-12 oz water.

Week 5/6

Three shakes per day – one scoop UMP, three scoops Mass Maker and 8-12 oz water. To volumize your muscles and wring out the greatest strength gains possible, add Beverly’s new Creatine Select – now with phosphates and beta alanine for the final two weeks.

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