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Beverly’ publication Real-World articles on Roger Riedinger with Jeff Everson Phase 2 from the Ultimate Muscle Workout.

My first contest was a national qualifier, personal bodybuilding philosophy

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› Gary Benkendorf
Old School Goes Back To School

› Amy Bowen
40 Years Old, 2 Children, and Winning My First Two Figure Shows

Erin Rhoades
From Fat to Fit

› Brian Wiefering
On Cheating and Eating Out

› Roger Riedinger with Jeff Everson
Here’s How To Put Your Muscle-Building Training On The Right Path

› Beverly Staff
Creatine Select™ is being used my bodybuilders and figure competitors

› Sean Young
My 2009 INBF Contest Prep

› Lyndsey Blair
Here’s How I Won the Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Title at the 2009 NPC Northern Kentucky