Sunshine Spring NPC KY State Bikini Champion

By: Sunshine "Spring"
Magazine 14 #4

I recently trained for and won the NPC KY State Bikini Championships, my first contest and it was a national qualifier. What an amazing experience! 

My name is Sunshine "Spring". I have been involved in fitness for a long time but could never master the diet aspect. Oh, I tried. I bet that some of you have traveled the same path – trying one weight loss fad or diet after another – in search of a quick fix. But, no matter what I tried I could never get to where I wanted to be. Even though I am just 26 now, I started blaming it on my age. But all this changed when I decided to compete in a contest.

Healthy and top physical shape

The first thing I did was decide if I am going to do it, I am going to do it right.  No crash diets, no all liquid diets, no going hungry, I wanted to stay healthy and get in top physical shape.  My friend, Travis Stevens, a former competitive bodybuilder told me, If you are really serious, then you need to get some help from Beverly International. I was really serious, so I contacted BI. Since I was really new to this and would need some specialized attention I was referred to one of their consultants, Brian Wiefering. I set up an appointment with Brian through email and was soon on the road to success.

Brian set me up with a nutrition plan and recommended a couple of supplements that he deemed essential. Now, let it be known, before meeting with Brian I did not believe in supplements. I was very skeptical and thought all supplements were pretty much a scam. Brian patiently explained how BI supplements are different and why they are so effective. I started with just two, Muscle Provider and Ultimate Muscle Protein.

Sunshsing Spring KY State Bikini

After a couple of weeks I added Lean Out. My fat loss accelerated. Based on my results I was gaining more and more trust in Brian’s recommendations. He never pushed anything on me, but when I asked what else might help he suggested Glutamine Select plus BCAAs. Now I was holding muscle and losing fat. A couple of weeks later I asked, Is there anything else that will improve my results? Brian laughed, and I could tell he was trying to hold back on further recommendations, but after I insisted he said, 7 Keto Musclean, Mass and Ultra 40. Now you’re on my full program, you have everything you need. And I did! I was on the road to success. Let me show you exactly what I did so you can give it a try yourself.

Nutrition supplement program

Since I’ve been talking about the evolution of my nutrition and supplement program let’s start there. First and foremost, I found the best way to implement my food plan was to pre–cook my meals for the week. I do it on Sunday, but you can do it on whichever day is your least busy. The first step is to go to the grocery and get everything you’ll need for the week. Next, you pre cook your meat. I use my George Foreman grill (because it is fast) to cook my chicken, turkey, or any other meat I might have for the week. Next steam or microwave your vegetables. I use a broccoli steamer that goes into my microwave for convenience. All it takes is five minutes and you’ve got your veggies for the entire week. I put everything in containers so it’s ready to reheat in minutes. I eat every 2 ½–3 hours so fast is good.

My Contest Diet Meal Plan goes as follows: 

Meal #1

3 oz. lean meat (usually turkey), 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 1⁄2 cup oatmeal; ½ grapefruit (I use a little splenda in the oatmeal and on the grapefruit)

Meal #2

UMP vanilla shake (tastes great!)

Meal #3

Chicken patty. Here’s the recipe: mix together 3 egg whites, a 3 oz. can or packet of chicken or tuna (I do chicken), and ½ c oats; make into a patty and fry using 1 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper; dip in ketchup, salsa or mustard. It is really delicious!!

Meal #4

Chocolate Muscle Provider shake

Meal #5

5 oz. chicken or lean beef patty; 1 cup salad, 1 ½ cup broccoli

Meal #6

UMP Chocolate made into a pudding; delicious soothes away late night cravings and is completely filling.

I talked about my supplement plan earlier, but here it is in exacting detail.

Ultimate Muscle Protein: vanilla and chocolate: I use 1 scoop mixed in 8 oz. water as a meal replacement. This is the best protein out there by far! I think it is very important that an athlete finds a protein he/she likes. I tried numerous proteins before this one and I could hardly stomach them.  Nothing I tried tasted good, but Beverly's UMP tastes delicious! Vanilla tastes like cake batter and chocolate is wonderful too, especially as a late night pudding (just stir in a little less water so you get a pudding consistency).  Not only are these the best tasting protein powders on the market but, they can be used for multi–purposes ex: protein pancakes, waffles, pudding...the list goes on. I recommend every serious athlete should try UMP. UMP recipes are available at:

Muscle Provider: I use 1 scoop in 8 oz. water after a workout. It tastes great!

Lean Out: One of my favorite supplements! I take two capsules after each meal. Just as the name says, Lean Out helps lean out my body. I have to have this before a show. It is a must!

7-Keto Musclean: I don’t take this every day. I take 2 capsules at 10am and 2 more at 2:00 pm on my kick-boxing cardio days, M-W-F.

Glutamine Select plus BCAAs: 1 scoop every time I workout. GS+BCAA increases my stamina, strength, reps, and recovery. I can tell a major difference when I do not use this product. I’m much more sluggish during workouts and do not have as much endurance or strength. Why would anyone NOT use this one?

Mass Aminos: 3 w/ each meal; this supplement helps me maintain my muscle while I diet.  

Ultra 40’s:  3 with each meal; helps to build muscle and gives me tons of energy.

Training Legs

I’m going to leave your specific training program up to you and your trainer, or refer you to one of the training programs on the BI website Your Fit Figure: Here’s How to Guide. But I do want to tell you how I train what I consider the most important body part for women – legs. As you probably know hips and thighs are usually the hardest to lean out. I’ll admit that it’s my most important part, but not my favorite. Still, I train legs twice a week, one day heavy and one day light. 

Heavy Day: Squats, Plie squats, and Stiff leg Deadlifts – all for 4 sets of 10 reps with as much weight as I can use for 10 reps.

Light Day: 15 Step-ups each leg (w/15lbs), 10 seconds rest, 20 walking lunges (w/45lb bar), 10 seconds rest, leg extension (as many reps as possible), 15 seconds rest, 25 squat jumps (no weight). Repeat three more times for a total of 4 giant sets.

Sunshine before presentation pose

HITT Cardio

My favorite type of HIIT cardio is kickboxing.  I do 3 sessions per week. Here’s a typical kickboxing workout:

1. Start with 3 minutes of jump rope; rest 30 seconds; repeat for 3 sets.

2. Stretch for 3-5 minutes.

3. 1-2’s on heavy bag or partner holding mitts for 1 minute then directly into 15-20 push-ups. Repeat for 3 sets of 1-2’s and push-ups with 30-60 seconds’ rest between each set.

4. Foot jabs on heavy bag for 1 minute, then directly into 25 squat jumps. Repeat for 3 sets with 30-60 seconds’ rest between.

5. Thai kicks: 1-10 right leg, then left, then directly into 50 bootstrappers. 3 sets.

6. Finish with abs. I do 4 tri-sets of crunches, hyperextension and oblique crunches for as many reps as I can get on each.

I also jog 2 days a week early morning for 30-45 minutes. And sometimes incorporate ultra high intensity Tabata intervals.

Presentation stage polish appearance

I make a complete list of everything I need for that stage polish appearance.

Nails and toes – no one wants to see different colored or chipped toenail or fingernail polish. 

Hair – I’m Native American with very long hair, so this can be a difficult task. My hair does not want to hold a curl so I make sure I bring my Chi–straightener and shine to make sure it is super sleek and tame for competition. Also, prior to competition I try various hairstyles to keep it off my face but still show the length.  Many of the other competitors have short hair styles so I like to be different and show the length.  

Tan – Early and often.  The lights wash you out!  I could be biased, but, I think everyone looks better with a tan.  I’m naturally dark but, I always try to get a good base tan prior to applying any self–tanner.  You have to be very careful too, always try your self tanner out before hand to make sure it turns the color you want. I tend to have a natural reddish tint to my skin so I have to make sure that my tanner doesn’t turn me orange or some other color.  When you find one that works best for you, continue to use it. Don’t change or mix products before a show! 

Make Up – Make sure your make up is dark. I never apply self tanner to my face.  Bring bronzing powder for touch ups and to make sure you don’t shine. Always blend well at the neck line!  You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

And finally – POSE POSE POSE!  Whether it is bodybuilding, figure, or bikini practice your routine! Practice and practice some more. Did I emphasize this enough?  Make it flawless so when those nerves hit you, it’s automatic. 

Contest prep is mental as it is physical

I found that contest prep is as much mental as it is physical. You need dedication, self discipline, and courage to step out there on that stage. Following your diet plan takes strict self discipline. You must eat what and when you are supposed to and never miss a meal or supplement. You have to practice your posing, even though you’ve been on the go since 6:00 a.m. and it’s now 9:00 p.m.. The last thing in the world you want to do is stare at yourself in the mirror for 20–30 minutes while you practice your posing. But do it anyway, every drop of sweat is worth it the day you step on stage and present all your hard work! 

The 2009 NPC KY was a memorable experience. Before the show I was scared to death. I was totally intimidated just thinking about what the other girls might look like. I wondered if they were going to be mean to me backstage and how I’d handle it. Well, it wasn’t at all what I’d imagined! The girls backstage were wonderful! I’d never met them before, yet there they were giving me helpful advice and even helping me glue my suit to my buns. I hope that this article has helped and inspired you, maybe even to compete. And if you do, whether you win or lose, if you give it your all, you are still a winner!

Spring smiles flexing her biceps
Spring Moose at a Glance
Age: 26
Occupation or Education: Personal trainer, kick-boxing instructor; Education: Pre-law (Bachelor of Arts in Social Science)
Birthplace: Orlando, FL
Current residence: Flat-woods, KY
Years training: 3 years; For competition: 1 year
Height: 5′3″
Weight: Off Season – 125; Contest – 115
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Oatmeal and Splenda
Favorite Supplements: My favorite supplement is UMP, hands down!
In your CD player: Anything from Aaron Neville to Bon Jovi
Most Inspiring Book: The Bible
Hobbies or interests outside bodybuilding: Kick-boxing, traveling, and just enjoying nature.
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I’m definitely an outdoors kind of girl! I like long walks, horseback riding or lounging by the poolside. I also am involved in research relating to the preservation of indigenous people and their culture. I believe culture helps distinguish a person.

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