Supplement Profiling part 1

The right supplement regimen for your unique situation

Craft a personalized supplement strategy Beverly has outlined four types of individuals that frequently contact Beverly International for supplement advice.

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By: Beverly Staff

Magazine 15 #1

Four nutrition and training experts then suggested supplements for each individual on the list. To fit your budget we’ve asked each of the experts to prioritize their recommended supplement stack. If you can afford just one or two, make sure you choose one from the "Essential" list.

If your budget allows, add another one from the "Next Steps" list. Adding the "Stack" will give you a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal. "Additive" is for the high achiever who "wants it all".

From a 25 year old new mother to a 40 something former athlete who wants to crack the top 5 in his age group, finding the right supplement for everyone

A new mother who wants to lose her "baby weight". A masters competitor who has competed in several contests but never cracked the top 5. A husband and wife in their early 40’s with 3 kids at home – both need to lose some weight and get in shape.

The right supplement regimen for your unique situation is one of the most result producing and cost effective things you can do.

Here are their picks.

Husband and wife in their early forties

3 kids at home - running to games and meets on weekends

He’s in sales, I’m a nurse

He plays softball, I do 5ks for fun

We both need to lose weight and take some time for ourselves

He’d like to get stronger too.

We use a protein powder and try to eat healthy

We have time to train 3 days a week.

Brian Wiefering ( answers:

Brian Wiefering trainer gym owner

First and Foremost, getting meals while on the run will be vital. Make sure you have several shaker cups, some bottles of water, and a jug of UMP in the car. Five to six small meals a day is key.  Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but between those meals UMP shakes are crucial.  And, if you can’t get in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can also have an UMP shake as a replacement meal add a piece of fruit and 1 handful of almonds if using UMP to replace a full meal. I know that getting in your required meals is VERY tough for a nurse with your funny hours and irregular breaks so have UMP handy along with simple foods like almonds, apples, rice cakes, etc.

To increase your husband’s strength, performance and enjoyment in softball, he should add Creatine Select. Have him take two scoops a day and it-s best to spread them out 1 scoop in am and one mid day.  On off days, just have one scoop midday. 

For increased energy on your 5K runs, you will love UP-LIFT.  Take 1 scoop just prior to your run and then premix two scoops in your water bottle and drink about midway through your run. I’d also like you to have 1 scoop of Muscle Provider and 1 piece of fruit within 20 minutes of finishing your run (or workout).  Have your husband use Muscle Provider and fruit for his post workout too the can have two scoops of MP though.

I’d definitely add some form of BCAA’s to your training for increased energy, strength, and muscle.  Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs is perfect for this, and considering you have three kids and seem to be running everywhere’glutamine is great for your immune system, too.  The best time to take this is one scoop before your workout and one scoop during. I’d also like you to take 1 scoop before bed on non-training days. 

And lastly, to add muscle while using stored fat for energy, you should both use Quadracarn. You and your husband should each take three with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Stack the Quadracarn with 7-Keto with meals 1 and 2 (do not use 7-keto after your third meal) for even greater fat loss and energy.

Here’s how I’d lay out the supplements for both of you:

Essential for both:

UMP twice daily (and for meals as your protein source if needed) and MP for post workout

Next steps:

For HER: UPLIFT for better energy and more effective runs

For HIM: Creatine Select for increased strength and energy for softball


Quadracarn and 7-Keto


Glutamine Select

37 yr old female figure competitor

Not placing where she would like – top 3 is her goal

Uses supplements, but buys on price only

Has a trainer at the gym, reads the No Nonsense but heard that it was just a marketing ploy by Beverly – not real information

Heard that Beverly was too expensive and not any different from other companies

Desperately trying to reshape with no success. She feels lost.

Wants to crack the top 3 in a figure contest.

Julie Lohre answers:
Julie Lohre figure competitor

Congratulations on your competitions, it takes hard work and dedication to make it to stage!  I understand your desire to be your best and your goal of breaking top 3 at your upcoming show. It sounds like you have been working very hard at the gym.  That is a great first step toward reaching your goal. The next step is to be sure that your nutrition is in good order.  I am going to assume that you have a good nutrition plan that incorporates high quality protein into each meal. Once you have your training and diet in order, supplements can really make a difference.  In fact, they play an important role in your quest to look AND feel great and especially to achieve a Top 3 physique. There is no shortage of nutritional supplements on the market and choosing the supplements that will deliver is often a daunting task.

I personally tried many different supplements and brands when I first got serious about my fitness.  In fact, I wasted a whole lot of time and money on supplements that did very little for me.. protein powders that sat in my cabinet because they tasted awful.

Luckily, I was introduced to Beverly International at my local gym.  From the first time I tried Muscle Provider Chocolate, I knew this company was different. A protein shake that actually tasted great, wow, what a concept!  From there I began trying a few Beverly supplements at a time and was consistently impressed with the results I received.  I have consistently taken Beverly International supplements for over 7 years now, and in that time have competed in 25 figure & fitness shows including 2 Fitness Olympias and the Arnold Fitness International.


Lean Out is my all time favorite supplement for fat loss.   Ultimate Muscle Protein is my go-to protein powder. The great thing about UMP is its versatility.  You can make protein waffles or pancakes with it, protein puddings or a shake.  I love to eat my protein instead of drinking a shake.

Next Steps:

Since gaining muscle while losing fat is what most women need to be competitive, I highly recommend the following: Ultra 40 – 3 with each meal; Muscularity – 2 with each meal.


The best competition fat loss stack to use for shows:

Lean Out – 2 before each meal

Energy Reserve – 1 along with Lean Out

7 Keto Musclean – 3 in the am and 3 before lunch 


GH Factor – 6 in the am and 6 in the PM

40 something male

Schoolteacher – loves college football

2 kids in highschool, 2 dogs, ranch style house and large yard to maintain

Loves to train with his buddies and competes drug free, owns a Harley.

He waited til he was 40 to compete in his age group

Has been training since high school, was a 3 sport letter man

Stays close to competition weight, but is never lean enough

Can’t seem to place in top 5 in his class

Jeremiah Forster (www.jeremiahforster.comanswers:

Jeremiah Forster bodybuilder personal trainer

We have quite a bit in common. I too have a love for football, family, and bodybuilding. I’m going to use football as an example. Great football teams master the basics, practice the fundamentals day in and day out, and consistently do the little things with excellence. Bodybuilding is no different!

Bodybuilders must be excellent in the fundamentals nutrition, training, supplements, posing, and proper mental attitude (visualization). You must have a very solid training, nutrition and supplement plan (like you find in No-Nonsense), you must follow it consistently with proper focus and determination. Because you stay close to contest weight, adding more quality to your nutrition and supplements along with proper goal setting may be the only things you need to transform your physique so you end up in the trophy round!

You’ll need to eat 6 or more meals every day so prepare your food the night before. Use 2 to 3 Ultimate Muscle Protein shakes and 3 to 4 whole meals. Use supplements that promote growth and recovery (because you are natural), get plenty of rest, train with efficiency (not tons of volume) to minimize over-training, and give yourself plenty of time to get shredded (16 to 20 weeks). For recovery and growth I recommend Muscle Synergy, Bev ZMA and Glutamine Select. Remember you are no spring chicken and you need every advantage possible.

UMP twice to three times daily daily
Next steps:
Muscle Synergy and Bev ZMA
Glutamine Select and Creatine Select before training
Density and Quadracarn for added muscle and definition

25 year old new mother

Works 9-5 at desk job

Wants to lose excess "baby weight" gain, fit back into her clothes, and maybe use a Bikini contest for motivation.

If not a contest, she’d still like to get her "2-Piece Swimsuit" body back

Does moderate cardio, enjoys Pilates, and is ready to start some resistance training

Addicted to carbs

Willing to sacrifice to achive her goal

Brooke Griffin answers:

Brooke Griffen

First of all, congratulations on your new baby! Many new mothers like you are anxious to start losing their baby weight and getting their pre-baby figure back, but it can be hard to do while juggling a new baby and other household or work-related duties. Time management is going to be key in getting your bikini body back. To save time you will need to prepare your food in advance and choose supplements that will allow you to get in at least 5 small meals a day and get the essential nutrients that your body needs. To lose fat and build muscle you will want to replace some of the carbohydrates that you have been eating with lean forms of protein and using Beverly UMP will make this easier.  By incorporating resistance training into your workout you will lose fat, gain strength, and tone and tighten your body.  You should aim to resistance train 3-4 days a week and continue with your Pilates and cardio 2-3 times a week.  You will also be surprised to know that there are a variety of exercises new moms can do with their babies. (Search for "Exercises Moms Can Do with Babies").
Beverly UMP 2-3 times daily
Next steps: Ultra 4 multi vitamin and EFA Gold
Lean Out and 7-Keto for fat loss
 to help you sleep and recover

Supplement Profiling

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