Supplement Profiling Part 2

Personalized Supplements

How to Design a Personalized Supplement Regimen to Meet Your Goals and Budget

By: Beverly Support Staff

Magazine 15 #2

Finding the Right Supplement Regimen for Your Unique Situation is One of the Most Result Producing and Cost Effective Things You Can Do.

In the last issue we outlined four types of individuals that frequently contact Beverly for supplement advice. Our panel of nutrition an training experts then prioritized a supplement stack designed to meet each client’s goal and budget.

This article is Part 2 of 2.

Our experts takes on 5 profiles

We are expanding the same format this issue. Our expert panel takes on 5 new profiles (from a teenager who needs to gain muscle and strength for football to an ove 50 former athlete who wants to get serious one last time).

The accompanying Supplement Profiling chart will be useful for anyone who desires a supplement program tailored specifically to his or her goals.

How to Design Your Personalized Supplement Stack

(1)    Choose the specific profile (or general profile from the chart) that best fits your situation.

(2)     Start with the supplement or supplements listed as "Essential" (or the number 1’s under your specific category on the chart). These will form the foundation of your supplement program.

(3)     If your budget allows, add those from the "Next Steps" (#2’s) list.

(4)     Adding the Stack (#3’s) will give you a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal.

(5)     Additive (#4) is for the high achiever who wants it all.

If you have further questions call Beverly at 1-800-781-3475 to speak with a member of BI’s in house customer support team or email [email protected]

18 Yr Old High School Athlete

  • Last year of high school sports
  • Trains at school with the team
  • Eats at school, home, and fast food with friends
  • Wants to increase strength and size for college

Jeff Schuerman ( answers:

Jeff Schuermam trainer Pro bodybuilder
(The 20 Week Peaking Plan) First, get your training right. Make sure that you concentrate on the Big Exercises – bench press, squats, hang clean, rows, military press, dips, chins and curls.
You don’t have to do a bunch of other stuff. Big results come from the Big Exercises.

Nutrition is paramount. You don’t have to eat like a competition bodybuilder. You do need adequate nutrition and an abundance of calories to gain appreciable muscle and strength.

Breakfast: Most students can eat a healthy, nutrient packed breakfast. You just have to get up a little earlier. Eat eggs, toast and oatmeal. Don’t worry about eating just the egg whites until you get older. Whole eggs actually are more nutritious.

Mid morning and mid afternoon snacks: Take a thermos of Ultimate Muscle Protein mixed in milk to school with you if it is allowed at your school. Drink half about 10 or 10:30 and the other half right after school. If you are really skinny use Mass Maker instead of UMP in milk.

Lunch: Eat the regular school lunch or pack if you want. If you eat school lunch try to make good choices, but the main thing is eat enough and be sure to drink an extra carton of milk. If you pack, eat at least two thick sandwiches and have a couple of pieces of fruit along with a carton or two of milk.

Dinner: Try to get a good dinner at home. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Large helping of meat, poultry, or fish

Dish of rice, spaghetti, or baked potato

Salad and/or green vegetables like green beans

Large glass of milk

Dessert: it’s even ok to have a dessert a couple of days a week when trying to put on some muscle

Snacks: It’s better to eat at home than fast food for meals or snacks. Plus, you save money. Good snacks are nuts, peanut butter sandwiches with milk, and fruit.

Now for your supplements. One of the reasons I recommend Beverly supplements to all my clients is that they are guaranteed free of any banned or harmful substances. This will be very important to you since you are getting ready to participate in NCAA competition. I know of a number of other brands (over 50) that have been investigated for containing banned substances.

You don’t need a ton, and more is not necessarily better. Here are the best:

Essential: Ultimate Muscle Protein or Mass Maker twice daily with a multiple vitamin. I recommend Ultra 4 from Beverly.

Next Step:  Creatine Select pre workout. You’ll hear pros and cons regarding creatine for teens, but I have thoroughly researched the subject and feel that it is completely safe for anyone 18 or older that does not have an existing medical condition.

Stack:   For more strength and muscle development add Mass aminos and Muscle Synergy if your budget allows.

33 Year Old Female

  • Has competed in Figure, but wants to switch to Bikini
  • Did not have enough muscular development for Figure
  • Knows she needs to lose weight and fat for Bikini

Sunshine Spring answers:

Sunshine Spring Moose
First of all welcome to the Bikini Division! I made the decision to switch, just like you and it has paid off wonderfully.

To compete successfully in Bikini reducing body fat percentage is essential. Moreover, as a bikini competitor you’ll want to achieve "a lean, but toned" physical appearance. Bikini is judged on balance, shape and overall presentation. If you use just the essential supplements I have listed for you below, you’ll be well on your way to success.

To get lean and toned, protein is essential. BI offers the very best quality protein there is and it tastes great! I would suggest 2 and maybe even 3 UMP shakes daily. Lean Out does just what its name says. It works wonders for the woman who wants to Lean Out her physique.

EVERYONE must have a quality protein like UMP to succeed. UMP is the best protein I’ve found for losing fat while adding lean muscle. Since you are not trying to build large muscles, take 1 scoop mixed in 8 oz water, 2 or 3 times each day (or whenever you are hungry).
The next MUST supplement for Bikini is Lean Out. Take two Lean Out with each meal or shake.
Next Steps: Muscularity helps you retain lean muscle while assisting in fat loss. Dieting alone (especially when combined with intensive cardio or weight training) can result in your body starving itself and actually eating up your muscle tissue to provide for its energy needs. The BCAAS in Muscularity prevent this catabolism and the chromium picolinate also found in Muscularity even helps level out your blood sugar levels. Who doesn’t want to take the edge off her hunger and moderate her mood swings? Take 2 with each meal.
Stack: 7 Keto and Energy Reserve if your need for added weight loss and fat loss becomes critical. 7 Keto – take 3 in the am and 3 in the afternoon; Energy Reserve take 1 whenever you take Lean Out (with each meal or shake).
Additives: Glutamine Select and Ultra 40. Glutamine Select – put 1 scoop in water during/before/or after working out.  (I always sip on mine while performing cardio or strength training this helps me to get those last painful reps in). Ultra 40 is for any serious athlete who wishes to increase lean muscle mass and have more energy. Take 3 with each meal.

27 Year Old Male

  • Sales professional
  • Trains 3–4 times per week
  • Likes to go out at least one night per week and eats out at least one meal per day
  • Wants to add muscle and definition
  • Prefers not to do cardio

Jonathan Abrams (Life Fitness and Hammer Strength sales representative) answers:

Jon Abrams
If your sales job is anything like mine, time management, planning, determination, and willpower will be essential to your success. Between traveling, meeting with new clients, and managing existing business, you are likely BUSY.

Your nutritional demands are important and should be your primary focus in order to add muscle while simultaneously stripping off some fat. Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) makes a perfect traveling companion and should be utilized in between your main whole food meals or to occasionally replace a whole food meal when you’re in a hurry. Two heaping scoops of UMP mixed in water should be sufficient between meals. If I’m replacing a whole food meal, I like to fortify the UMP with a heaping tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter.

In regard to maintaining a normal life (having a night out and/or eating at restaurants) while still achieving your fitness goals is absolutely realistic. I personally don’t think twice about eating a fast food hamburger or drinking the occasional beer. However, these treats should be kept to a minimum.

If you eat out one meal per day, try to stick w/ the leanest meat choice available (if that means a hamburger so be it) and definitely ditch the fries for a salad, plain potato, fruit, etc. I personally frequent: Wendy’s (grilled chicken, salads, chili, baked potato, lowest calorie fast food burger), Chipotle (grilled chicken/steak, beans, vegetables), Bob Evans (eggs, fruit, salads, grilled chicken), Five Guys (Ok, Five Guys may not offer the healthiest option but a burger joint that offers real beef being pattied in front of you has to count for something), Red Robin (burgers, grilled chicken, fruit, salads).

Next, if you want to have the energy to train 3–4 times/week, avoid cardio like the plague, and build muscle and lose fat, I’d strongly urge you to utilize Beverly’s Glutamine Select. I’d recommend mixing 4 scoops of Glutamine Select in a shaker cup w/ about 24–32 oz. of water. Sip this pretty pink beverage during the 30 to 45 seconds of rest you’ll be taking between your sets. To accelerate fat burning effects, try training about 1.5 to 2 hours after eating.

Training will be volume based (upwards of around 10–15 sets). We’re looking for cumulative fatigue so the majority of your sets will not be taken to failure but they should be challenging. Stick with basic compound movements and keep the reps between 10–15. The weight that you’ll be using will initially be less than manly but you’ll soon be moving some impressive weight for the number of reps, sets, and short rest intervals you’ll be taking

Supplement Plan Recommendations:

Ultimate Muscle Protein. 2 Scoops mixed in water between meals or as an emergency meal replacement.
Next Steps: Glutamine Select. Mix 4 scoops in 24–32 oz. of water and sip during your training.
Stack: Beverly’s EFA Gold. Take 3 gel caps w/ three of your meals for improved fat loss and to improve the fatty acid profiles of your restaurant meals.
Additives: Muscle Synergy (16 tablets per day) and/or Creatine Select (1 serving pre and post workout) to boost lean gain.

29 Year Old Female

  • Reads everything she can on figure training
  • Just heard about BEVERLY from a friend
  • Athletic background, runs outdoors, does elliptical indoors for cardio
  • Works out with weights regularly
  • Tries to eat balanced meals
  • Can’t seem to add muscle or get strongers
  • She feels that her body is just not advancing enough

Jason Theobald and Stephanie, ( answer:

Janson Stephanie
Ah yes, the age old issue of failing to add muscle and not getting stronger.. After all, what’s the point of lifting those weights if you aren’t progressing? Thing is, you aren’t alone. We see this year after year in any gym we frequent here in Cincinnati. Too many people look the same year-in-year-out, just like you they are putting in the work, so what is the problem? Usually their diet, training and supplement programs are severely lacking, so we’ll try to touch on these areas briefly to get you progressing towards a stronger more muscular and fit you.

To build muscle and strength you are going to need to supply your body with plenty of nutrients, due to the fact you are very active, we would recommend 5, or more, meals of excellent protein sources, low glycemic carbohydrates and some essential fatty acids. A typical meal may look like 4 oz of lean ground turkey or 1 scoop of Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP), 5 oz of sweet potato, and a few capsules of Beverly’s EFA Gold, and add some green vegetables for the antioxidant, vitamin, mineral and fiber content.

We noticed that you run, we have nothing against running, but you have to stop and ask yourself, do you want to look like a marathoner or a sprinter? Sounds like the latter. Therefore, we’d cut back on the running, and really focus on your weight training; training to progressively get stronger each and every time you enter the gym, whether that be an extra rep or adding 2.5 lbs to the bar. As for cardio we’d limit it to light walking 2 or 3 times per week while trying to build lean muscle tissue, and perhaps one high intensity interval training (HIIT) session per week not on a leg day. But, don’t go crazy on the HIIT as it’s taxing to the central nervous system and when trying to build muscle that could inhibit gains.

In order to get in the meals you need we recommend UMP for 2 to 3 of your meals per day, it will provide both fast and slow digesting proteins to feed the muscle over the long haul. As we stated earlier we’d include EFA Gold into the mix to get a superior source of essential fatty acids. Since your goal is to build muscle we would add 1 scoop of Creatine Select prior to your workouts due to the added beta–alanine, which will provide more training energy and the creatine will provide more strength and stamina. We’d also incorporate 2 scoops of Glutamine Select during training in order to feed the muscles with branch chained amino acids while training. Lastly we like Muscle Synergy for strength and muscular gains, so we would incorporate that as well; try 6 tabs before training on an empty stomach and 6 tabs after training, but before you eat your post workout training meal. On off days you could do 6 tabs upon waking on an empty stomach and 6 tabs at bedtime on an empty stomach to help increase growth hormone output.

Your supplement programs will look something like this:

Essential: UMP twice or even three times daily and EFA Gold to help build portable complete meals.
Next steps: Creatine Select 1 scoop prior to training, and on off days 1 scoop with breakfast.
Stack: Glutamine Select 2 scoops during training and Muscle Synergy, 6 tablets before training, 6 tablets after, on off days 6 tablets upon rising and 6 tablets at bedtime.
Additive: Quadracarn, as we feel it works synergistically with the above supplement.

50 Year Old Male

  • Formerathlete, mostly sedentary now
  • Has continued to workout
  • Wants to get serious one last time and for the next year build muscle and strength while losing fat

Jeff Williamson answers:

Jeff Williamson

As a former athlete you probably know a little something about intensity. It gets more difficult to build muscle and get into shape as you age but that’s what makes this crazy fitness stuff so challenging and fun. That said, building muscle and strength while losing fat is very doable with the proper training intensity and nutritional program.

Let’s start with your training program. Since you already know how to train I am not going to get too bogged down in the details. Just make sure you train with intensity following a weekly schedule of two days on, one day off, followed by two days on, two days off.

Your nutritional plan should consist of proper food choices as well as a high quality supplement program. What you do outside the gym is vitally important. Lack of a good nutritional program will absolutely stall your progress. On the other hand, a good nutrition plan will likely sky rocket your gains. This is true for anyone, NOT just you! But at your age it becomes even more important.


You must eat 5–6 times a day with a nutrient breakdown of 50% protein, 20% carbs, and 30% fat. Begin eating 15 calories per pound of bodyweight each day. Evaluate your progress every two weeks and adjust the calories accordingly. Every time you eat you will be stimulating your metabolism – so eat up! If you can’t, or don’t like to eat 6 times a day, then drink an Ultimate Muscle Protein shake in place of any of your meals. It is the perfect food for losing fat and gaining muscle. I am not considering this part of your supplementation program because this actually serves as the ideal I said 5–6 meals are a must not an OPTION.


Hard core, high quality supplements that really work are hard to find. Many of the top trainers and athletes consider Beverly International the gold standard of the supplement industry. Here is a highly effective supplement plan that will enable you to achieve your goal of gaining muscle and strength while losing fat.

Super Pak – Absolute must for your body to perform at peak levels – Take with your first meal of the day. And don’t forget to consider UMP an fundamental part of your daily food intake.

Next Steps: Quadracarn For increased androgen receptor levels and increased muscle mass take 3 tablets 3 times daily on training days. Take 3 tablets 2 times daily on non–training days.

Stack: Ultra 40 and Mass Aminos – This stack will ensure that you maintain a positive nitrogen balance state and will help force the strength and mass gains you are looking for. Take 1 tablet of each per 10lbs of bodyweight.
Additive: Glutamine Select – For increased strength, improved recovery, and increased lean mass. Mix 2 scoops up in your water bottle and drink it during your workout.
Make your journey fun and enjoy your next 50 years of training! Impossible is not a word.
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