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Volume 15 issue 3 contents

› Brian Wiefering
Here’s How to Get Back In Shape Fast!

› Debora Wendte
Going for My Second NABBA Nationals at 43 Years of Age!

› Roger Riedinger
How to Increase Your Bench Press by Thirty Pounds in Six Weeks

› Jessica Smith
"Roc" Hard on my First Bodybuilding Show

Shala Singer first contest

› Shala Singer
Complete Beginner to Figure Champion in 6 months

Volume 15 #2


› Julie Lohre
TOTAL Bikini Competitor’s Program

› Karina Rhode
How I Earned My Natural Figure Pro Card

› Massive Muscle
42 Day – Leg Specialization Program, for the Natural Athlete

Rachel Payne center stage Northern
Rachel Payne
Competed in my first figure competition
Age 45 Loving it learning more
hoshal Azami one arm bicep curl
Khoshal Azami
Bodybuilding Lifestyle
Training for my first competition I learned there was more than just pumping iron
Rachel Wade johnson lean abs
Rachel Johnson
Your Fit Figure: How to Guide training-nutrition to the “competitive look”
Sean Young pro bodybuilder
Sean Young
Trained for 2 Half-Marathons, Bodybuilding show at the same time