Entering My First Bodybuilding Contest

My 45th Birthday Challenge

By: Jim Kitchen
Magazine 15 #3

My transformation from 34″ waist, 210 lbs with 9.7% body fat, to 29″ waist, 190 lbs and 4.9% body fat

As I began to stare down my 45th birthday, I noticed a young guy at the gym hitting it hard, day in and day out. One day on my way out of the gym, I asked him if he was training.for a bodybuilding show and he said yes. I couldn't help but notice the.improvements he had made. I started thinking, maybe I could compete. One thing.for sure, Id spent enough time in the gym to know it wouldn’t be easy.

First, I had to check with my family. I wasnt sure what their support level was going to be, after all bodybuilding. Competition would be about "me" and not "we the family". I sheepishly told my.wife what my 45th year birthday challenge was going to be. My kids.of course wanted to see dad with a six pack, of abs that is, and once I convinced my wife they could eat what they wanted and didnt need to worry.about me, she was ½ in ½.

Although Id been training.with weights for 13 years, I had no experience in competitive bodybuilding. I.needed somebody to help me draw up a plan. I asked the owner of Fitworkz, Ray.Binkowski, if he would help me get ready for the show. Ray said he would help,.but there were a few requirements. First, I had to do what Ray said in regards.to training, this included NO CARDIO. Second, any and all supplements would be.Beverly International.

My wife and I were going on.vacation with friends in May. As soon as I got home from vacation, it was go.time. I met with Ray on June 2nd. Ray checked my bodyfat and set.me up on a meal plan and training program (similar to Beverly athlete Jeff.Williamsons program at bodybuildingworld.com/vol11_4/jw_phase2.html).

Jim Kitchen Side Chest

My bodyfat was 9.7% and my.9-site skinfold total was 76mm. Ray told me I needed to be at or below 35mm.the day of the competition. My meals consisted of lean beef, eggs, chicken,.green veggies, strawberries, some complex carbs and essential fats along with Beverlys UMP Cookies and Crme Protein (mixed with four strawberries and flax seed oil.became my daily treat). While a challenge to get all my meals in at first, I finally.got into a routine, planned my meals ahead, and it became almost easy!

Each month, Ray would perform.another 9-site skinfold test on me. Each month the results showed I was on.schedule. At my age I was still concerned with my waistline, especially since.I was carrying twice the fat in my gut as the other areas measured. Still,.without any cardio, my pants began to hang off me and I was using belt holes I had.never used before. Things were working, my weight was dropping and my gut was getting.smaller! These positive changes kept me focused and optimistic, until the midway.point of my contest prep.

Labor Day rolled around and.I began to question things. I had just given up my entire summer. No beer on.weekends. No eating hot dogs off the grill. I had ½ given ½ up my whole summer.and I still was ½ only ½ half way home to the show. At this point, Ray changed.my workout and meal plan. He added a variety of Beverly supplements including Mass,.Ultra 40, Quadracarn and Up-Lift. I was already struggling with whether my personal.sacrifices were worth it and now I was going to spend some more money and choke.down even more pills.

Remembering rule number one, do what Ray says, and two, Beverly International, I purchased the additional supplements.and started the new diet below. It didnt take long to notice a difference in.my physique. To my surprise, the supplements really worked, I felt and looked.better. I was beginning to see better definition and vascularity, my muscles.felt much fuller and firmer, oh yeah and "hello muscle pump!"

My New Nutrition Plan

Supplements: 4 Mass Aminos and 4 Ultra 40 per meal; 3 Quadracarn, three times daily between meals

Pre Workout: 2 scoops Up-Lift and 6 more Quadracarn

Meal 1: 6 oz chicken, 4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, ½ grapefruit

Meal 2: 2 scoops UMP, 1 tbsp.flax oil, 4 strawberries

Meal 3: 8 oz chicken, 2 cups.vegetables (spinach, asparagus, or salad)

Meal 4: (repeat meal 2) or 2.eggs plus 6 egg whites

Meal 5: 8 oz lean meat, 2.cups vegetables (spinach, asparagus, or salad), 1 tbsp olive oil

Meal 6 (all days except Mon.& Thurs): 6 egg whites, 1 cup omelet vegetables

**Meal 6 (Monday and.Thursdays): 8 oz sweet potato, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1.tbsp butter

Nearly everyone started commenting on my bodys transformation. As the weeks rolled by Ray continued to.check my bodyfat every 4 weeks. Each time I was motivated to push along until.the next reading.

October 30th, my measurements.came in at the "show ready" level. I had done it with three weeks to spare..Ray said the Beverly supplements would help me hold onto my condition for the.last three weeks. I trusted him as everything he had said so far was right.

Three weeks later I walked into an auditorium full of people that had battled the same battle I had. I.did it; I was there, on stage as a competitor. You cant imagine the shock and.surprise I felt inside when my name was called out as the 3rd place.finisher in both my age and height classes.

My odyssey and transformation from a 34" waist, 210 lbs with 9.7% body fat to a 29" waist, 190 lbs and 4.9% body fat would not have been possible without the Beverly supplements, guidance, direction, support and occasional kick in the pants from Ray, his Fitworkz staff, my wife Kim and children Kasey and Jace.

Jim Kitchen At A Glance
Age: 46
Occupation: Distribution Supervisor 3M Company
Family: Wife, Kim; daughter, Kasey (15), and son, Jace (13) Residence: DeKalb, IL
Years training: 16
Height: 6′2″ Weight: Off Season 210; Contest 187
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Filet mignon, broccoli and brown rice
Supplement Recommendations: Up-Lift before your workout, UMP for post workout and Ultra 40 and Mass tabs with meals
In my CD player: Shinedown, Nickelback, Motley Crue, Breaking Benjamin and Theory of a Dead Man
Most Inspiring Book: One Mans Wilderness
Hobbies: Coaching baseball and basketball and beach travel