Getting Back Into It

Ballooned up to 230 pounds 36% body fat

By: Dave Samuel
Magazine 15 #4

When I was 15 my Dad came home from work with a bunch of posters of bodybuilders. He’d picked them up at the Arnold Expo on his lunch break from work. (Back then the "Arnold" was much more casual than today.) He thought I’d think they were cool. I did and I have been hooked ever since.

During the next five years I learned everything I could about bodybuilding. I worked part time as a trainer at a "hole in the wall" gym during college. At 21 I decided to compete. I started out at a chunky 190, and cut down to 143. I got 4th place at the Columbus Grand Prix and it was the best I had ever looked in my life and I was happy.

Like everyone else, I thought I needed more size and decided to "bulk" up. What I really did was accumulate fat.

Another five years found me happily married with a son. The only problem was that I was now 35 and had ballooned up to 230 lbs. I was 36% body fat. It’s funny how happiness can be an excuse to let yourself go. I had to do something. I wanted to be healthy for myself and my family.

Dave Samuel After

Dave Samuel Before

At the 2008 Arnold Expo I met Jeremiah Forster at the Beverly International booth. Jeremiah motivated me to take action and prepare for the NPC Natural Monster Mash to be held eight months later. Jeremiah introduced me to BI supplements and I was instantly hooked. I had never received such fast results in so short a time. I started with Ultimate Muscle Protein, Super Pak, Ultra 40, and Mass Aminos. As I continued to progress Jeremiah had me add Creatine Select, Muscle Synergy, and Glutamine Select to speed my progress.

Monday: (Hamstrings/Calves/Abs)
Tuesday: (Lat Width/Shoulder Width)|
Wednesday: (Chest/Arms)
Thursday: (Quads/Calves/Abs)
Friday: (Back Thickness/Shoulder Thickness)

Larger muscle groups got 4 heavy sets followed by a concentration movement for 8-12 reps. Smaller muscles were worked with just 1-2 working sets followed by 3-6 rest pause reps.

My diet consisted of high protein and high carbs. Two of my meals were built around a combination of Ultimate Muscle Protein and oatmeal. It was like eating dessert twice a day. I love this stuff! We included the same supplement regimen as before and I responded even better this time.


Things started getting serious during the next diet phase. The Phase 1 Diet consisted of one low calorie day and one high day. I did my weight training routine on my "low" days to deplete glycogen.

The low days were my weight training days. I started with 30 minutes of light intensity steady state cardio then later in the day I alternated the following 4 workouts: The diet on my low calorie days was:
Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, and a grapefruit, 3 fish oil capsules Meal 2: 2 scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein
Meal 3: 5 oz of extra lean ground beef, 1 cup of broccoli, 3 fish oil capsules Meal 4: 2 scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein

My high day was a "fun day". I consumed approximately 4000 calories. Here’s how it worked. I started the day with a circuit of calves (200 total reps), abs (200 reps), pullups (50 total reps), and pushups (100 total reps) followed by 30 minutes of cardio. The rest of the day I grazed, eating five high carb/ high protein meals followed by a carb up meal. This last meal was the typical Beverley refeed meal of 10 oz of sweet potato, a tablespoon of butter, 1 banana, 1 ½ cups of oatmeal, and 1 cup of broccoli.


During the third phase of the process we added a second low calorie day, cut down to 3000 on the high day, and went to 45 minutes of cardio in the morning. Training was now accelerated to two days on, one day off coinciding with the two consecutive low calorie days. My diet (illustrated above) remained the same on the low days.

On the high day I started the day once again with my "freehand" circuit while increasing the cardio segment to 45 minutes. I got a food scale that measured in grams and Jeremiah adjusted my diet as follows. (28.75 grams = 1 oz)

For the final two weeks I went to three consecutive low calorie days, then one high day. I did 1 hour of morning cardio on the high day. The egg yolks were taken out on the low days and 6 EFA capsules were added.

Here is the list of supplements that got me through the cycled diet:

Ultimate Muscle Protein – Hands down the best tasting protein ever. I used UMP for two meals every day and it really quelled my cravings for sweets. Super Pak - A great immune system booster! I took a Super Pak with my first meal every day. Every time I had tried to train hard in the past I eventually got sick and burned out. In the two years I have been taking the Super Pak I haven’t gotten sick once.

Ultra 40and Density – A secret weapon combo for adding and maintaining quality muscle. I have never gotten these kinds of results without them. I took 4-6 Ultra 40 and 3 Density with each meal. On low calorie days I took 5 Density per meal instead of 3.

GH Factor - Seemed to reset my metabolism when bodyfat loss was at a standstill. I took 6 before morning cardio and 6 on an empty stomach before bed.

Quadracarn – Muscle gain, fat loss, pump, endurance, and improved androgen receptivity. What else can I say? I took 3 with meals 1-3.

Glutamine Select Plus BCAA – A "gotta have" supplement when you want to keep muscle. I drank two scoops with Up-Lift during workouts to fuel my muscles, as well as one serving first thing in the morning, and another last thing before bed. It also can serve as an excellent appetite suppressant on days when you need something sweet.

Up Lift – Instrumental for workout and cardio intensity the final month. I stayed focused with energy like never before, and no jitters. When I went to 3 low calorie days with training this literally brought me from being a zombie to training like a machine. I took 2 scoops 30 minutes before training and then sipped another scoop with my Glutamine Select during training.
7-Keto MuscLEANand Lean Out – For fat burning, I took 3 7 Keto twice early in the day and 1 Lean Out after each meal, 1 before cardio, and 1 before weight training. Muscularity – I used Muscularity to hold muscle during the 3 low calorie day protocol. I was pushing things to the limit and this was part of my muscle insurance policy. I took 4 before, 4 more during and a final 4 after training in order to keep from using my muscle tissue for fuel.

Anyone who’s competed knows that towards the end of the contest prep you can feel like a zombie. I was very tired and coffee alone was not cutting it. I called Beverly and asked if Up-Lift would help. Sandy said it didn’t just help your workout, but it would also help with focus during work, a meeting, or interview. As soon as I got my Up-Lift I employed this new strategy and it worked like a charm. Whenever I felt too tired I’d have a cup of coffee and a serving of Up-Lift and I was back to life for 3-4 hours without a crash and without jitters.

The night of weigh-ins came. I looked at the other competitors and was really impressed with the quality of competition. That evening Jeremiah and TEAM Forster went out to dinner. I had a small steak, a baked potato, bread, a glass of wine, and a slice of cheesecake to top it off. I was in heaven.

The next day came and when I walked out on stage for prejudging and it was like I was back in my posing class. Hit each pose – hold – relax – next pose. Before I knew it I was back on stage that night for my individual routine. The key was to hit my mandatory poses at the right point in the song and not rush. The results were announced and it took a second before I realized it, but they called my name for first place! I couldn’t believe it. What a great feeling.

I can’t say enough about the support I’ve received from Jeremiah Forster throughout this process. Rich Lauro was a huge help as well. I also can’t emphasize enough about the professionalism, knowledge and support that I experienced from Beverly. They make you feel like you are their only customer. Most importantly, I need to thank my family, but specifically my wife, Tamara. I don’t believe without her or God that it would have been possible for me to get into this shape.


I trained every "low calorie" day, regardless of the phase. The workouts were performed in the sequence listed, but the days on and days off varied according to my diet. During Phase 1 I trained with weights every other day. Phase 2 was 2 day on – 1 day off. And during the final two weeks, I trained 3 days in a row (corresponding to my diet that consisted of three consecutive low calorie days) and then took 1 day off.

Day 1
Arms (Light)
1a. Alternate DB Curl 3x10-15
1b. Cable Preacher Curl 3x10-15
1c. Cable Curl 3x10-15
1d. Tricep Pressdown 3x10-15
1e. Skull Crushers 3x10-15
1f. Close Grip Bench Press 3x10-15
*All exercises above were completed as one giant circuit. I then took a short rest and went again until I completed 3 circuits.
Quads (Heavy)
1. Hack Squat 2x12+3-6 Rest Pause Reps
2. Leg Press 1x12+3-6
3. Squat 1x12+3-6
4. Leg Extension 7x8-12*

Hams (Heavy)
1. DB Leg Curl 1x12+3-6
2. Seated Leg Curl 1x12+3-6
3. Wide Stance Leg Press 2x12+3-6
4. Standing Leg Curl 7x8-12*
*After the heavy work is completed for each bodypart, a final exercise is performed for 7 pump sets. This aids recuperation and stretches the muscle fascia.

Day 2

Shoulders (Light) 1a. Calf Machine Shrugs 4x10-15
1b. Side Laterals 4x10-15
1c. Upright Rows 4x10-15

Chest/Back (Heavy)
1a. Incline DB Fly 1x8+3-6 (rest pause)
1b. Wide Grip Pullups 1x12+3-6
2a. Incline DB Press 1x8+3-6
2b. Close Grip Pulldown 1x12+3-6
3a. Flat DB Fly 1x8+3-6
3b. Barbell Rows 1x12+3-6
4a. Flat DB Press 1x8+3-6
4b. T-Bar or Cable Rows 1x12+3-6
5a. Cable Flyes 7x8-12
5b. Lat Straight Arm Pushdowns 7x8-12
*Back and Chest are done as supersets.

Day 3

Legs (Light) 1a. Hack Squats 6x12
1b. Leg Press 6x12
1c. Lying DB Leg Curls on a decline bench 6x12
1d. Seated Leg Curls 6x12
*Perform one giant set of all four exercises, take a short rest, then repeat until a total of 6 giant sets are completed.

Arms (Heavy)
1a. Alternate DB Curls (hold the non-working arm in the contracted position) 1x10+3-6 (rest pause)
1b. DB Extension 1x8+3-6
2a. EZ Bar Curls (explode on the positive, hold in contracted position for 5 seconds, and lower in 5 seconds) 1x10+3-6
2b. Dips 2x8+3-6
3a. Standing Double Bicep Pose Curls in cross over machine 7x8-12
3b. Pressdowns 7x8-12
* Biceps and Triceps are done as supersets.

Day 4

Chest/Back (Light)
1a. Straight Arm Cable Pullovers 4x10-15
1b. Lat Pulldowns (Wide) 4x10-15
1c. Reverse Grip Pulldowns 4x10-15
1d. Incline Flyes 4x10-15
1e. Incline DB Press 4x10-15
Shoulders (Heavy)
1. Barbell Military Press (heavy) 1x8-10+3-6 (rest pause)
2. Dumbell Lateral Raises 1x8-10+3-6
3. Rear Dumbbell Flyes 1x8-10+3-6
4. Cable Lateral Raises 7 x 10-12

Each weight workout took about one hour. I ended each with 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training consisting of 15 second sprints followed by 45 seconds of walking.

Dave Samuel at a Glance
Age: 36
Occupation: Police Detective
Family: Wife, Tamara and 3 year old son, A.J.
Current residence: Columbus, OH
Years training: Since I was 15; 21 years
Height: 5’5"
Contest Weight: 153

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Ultimate Muscle Protein mixed with baked apple, cinnamon, and Stevia sweetener

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly Supplements before? If someone is new to bodybuilding I would have them start with Ultimate Muscle Protein, Super Pak, Mass Aminos, and Ultra 40. I believe this will provide the beginner with a good base for future gains.

Favorite Supplements: Up-Lift has been a godsend for energy and focus during the last month of contest prep. I also have to say that nothing adds strength like the combo of Muscle Synergy and Creatine Select.

My hobbies outside bodybuilding: Working on my home gym. It is pretty loaded after 15 years and during my rehab I spent a lot of time building my own equipment in order to save money and train at home. I’m serious about my family and giving them time. This saved my travel time and made my training more convenient. My gym never closes. I also love watching UFC and college football with my family and friends. Go Bucks!

Age 15: Introduced to bodybuilding
Age 21: First competition, 4th place at Columbus Grand Prix
Age 22-31: Bulked up, cut down, and ended up a little fatter each year
Age 32: Married Tamara and started a family
Age 35: 230 lbs at 36% bodyfat
Age 35: Met Jeremiah Forster at Arnold Expo
Age 36: 1st place NPC Central KY