Bodybuilding World

The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly (4 issues per year) publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

Contents 16 issue 1

  • Sandy Riedinger
    Bodybuilding World Volume 16 issue 1
  • Dawn T. McDay
    Advice for female bodybuilders to qualify for an IFBB pro card
  • Bob Dumes
    Over 60 champion 2010 NPC KY Muscle Cardio and Training tips
  • Roger Riedinger
    Women – Gain Muscle Lose Fat Nutrition and Supplements, Men – Gain Muscle Lose Fat Nutrition and Supplements
  • Aaron Whitten
    Basically I train hard and heavy with big barbell moves throughout the year. Very few frills!
  • Brian Wiefering
    General guidelines for establishing cycle diet baseline
Photo by Rick Lohre
Julie Kyla Leslie
Julie Lohre Training and Nutrition for Figure Athletes – Tightening and Shredding Pre-Contest Workout and Diet Program