Bodybuilding World

Volume 16 issue 2 contents

 Roger Riedinger
A Straightforward Solution to Your Fat Burning Success

 BI Customer Advisor Staff
No Nonsense Forum

 Lori Pyper
I Want to Get on Stage

 Sean Young
This is the Year to Make Your Mark

 Steve Colescott
EATS: Getting the Most for Your Grocery Dollar

 Mike Gaunt
How I lost 80 pounds in 14 months with my 3P System

 Sandy Riedinger
Bodybuilding World Volume 16 issue 2

Volume 16 #1

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 Dawn T. McDay
Advice for female bodybuilders to qualify for an IFBB pro card

 Bob Dumes
Over 60 champion 2010 NPC KY Muscle Cardio and Training tips

 Aaron Whitten
Basically I train hard and heavy with big barbell moves throughout the year. Very few frills!

 Brian Wiefering
General guidelines for establishing cycle diet baseline

 Julie Lohre
Training and Nutrition for Figure Athletes – Tightening and Shredding Pre-Contest Workout and Diet Program