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BI Products safe for drug testing?

Q: I am a collegiate athlete who is drug tested randomly. Which BI products can I safely take?
A: All of BI’s contracted pharmaceutical laboratories are compliant with the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are NSF Certified for Sport.

What does this mean exactly? The NSF is a not for profit organization that conducts third-party certifications to protect consumers by writing standards for food, water and other consumer goods. To qualify as GMP certified, all manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with current specifications.

To meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports supplements, NSF International created the NSF Certified for Sport-Program. This specially designed NSF program is a focused solution designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains banned substances.

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To remain compliant in the eyes of the NSF, inspectors are sent out to the labs twice each year to ensure that everything is being done properly, according to current GMP. When the inspectors arrive for a GMP audit, they check lab equipment, documentation and other items. These audits are not performed for free; the lab must pay a steep fee to have the inspectors come.

Sometimes you will hear a supplement company describe its manufacturer as "FDA approved". This is just marketing noise. As the FDA explains on its own Web site, it does not "approve" manufacturers or any other companies. Similar to NSF, FDA inspectors visit our labs to verify that it complies with current GMP.

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FDA inspections can be quite intensive. For instance, an inspector may walk into an office, open the filing cabinet, randomly take out a file folder and examine its contents. If he or she finds any inconsistencies -say, an invoice from a service company indicates that a repair to a bay door is required but it has not been completed- then the facility may not pass the inspection, or only on the condition that the inconsistency is resolved.

In other words, "rest assured, all Beverly International products are compliant with NCAA and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) standards and are free of banned substances.

I Just Got the BI Diet Library, Do I Weigh My Food Portions Before or After Cooking?
Q: Should I weigh my foods before or after cooking when following a Beverly recommended diet?

A: All the food portions you see on Beverly recommended nutrition plans are listed by precooked weight unless otherwise noted. Nutrition labels are listed in precooked amounts, so this way you know what you’re consuming and can track your intake. Plus this keeps things consistent since everyone cooks things differently. For example, if you cook an 8 oz steak it could end up weighing anywhere between 5 oz and 7 oz after cooking depending on if you like a steak cooked rare, medium or well done. Over the course of a day, the difference between the amounts that you are really consuming and what you think you are consuming may be significant. I think you’re better off weighing the precooked amounts (or better yet, just use the nutrition facts on the package.)

Tip: Let’s say your diet plan calls for 8 oz of lean beef at meal #5. You just read Mike Gaunt’s or Lori Pyper’s article in this magazine and noted how they like to cook up to a weeks’ worth of lean meat all at one time. Here’s how you do it. Mike’s diet called for 8-10 oz of lean meat at meal #3. He’s going to cook 5 days’ worth of meat at one time. Here’s how he’d do it. He needs to start with 40-50 oz of 90% lean ground beef. You do not have to be exact to the ounce over 5 days’ eating. Buy 3 lbs of 90% lean ground beef (or as close as you can get with how it is packaged at your store). You now have a choice. You can either cook it all at one time in a skillet, then divide into 5 relatively equal portions; or you can make 10 approximately equal patties and throw them on the grill. Two patties will give you your 8-10 oz per meal.

Don’t get caught up. If you have a 2-lb bag of chicken tenders and there are 16 pieces in the bag, just figure at 2-oz each. 10 oz = 5 tenders. It’s the choices you make and the amount you eat over a period of time that matters, you don’t have to be precise with every single serving.

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BI Carb UP Meal Timing

Q: I’m following the BI Fat Burning plan with a carb meal twice a week. On carb nights it says to replace my final meal of the day with a BI carb up meal. Would it be better to eat this earlier in the day or after training so I’m not eating such a heavy meal before bed?

A: Good question and one we get quite often at the BI Headquarters. The carb meal is necessary so don’t think that omitting it will speed results. This is a recipe for disaster. The carb meal has 3 key benefits.

1. Metabolic – the carb meal keeps your thyroid (in particular T3 production) working at optimal levels. Skipping your carb meal will eventually lead to a slower metabolism.

2. Exercise – the carb load meal replenishes glycogen in the muscle. Glycogen is the body’s primary energy source during intense exercise. To maintain and build lean muscle while burning fat you must engage in strength building exercise, the prime energy source is glycogen.

3. Muscle Building – the carb load meal helps retain and build lean muscle by directing amino acids and other nutrients into the muscles to promote protein synthesis.

Timing is important. On carb nights, it’s imperative for you to eat the carb up meal for your final meal of the day. I know you’ve been told not to eat a large meal right before bed, and that is true to a point, but the BI carb load meal should be the last meal of the day for these two reasons.

1. Eating it as the last meal of the day allows a buffer period while you sleep for insulin levels to return to normal. If you eat this meal during the day, or even right after your workout, I guarantee you’ll be craving more carbs and starving 2–3 hours later. But by eating it right before bed, you’ll be asleep when the cravings come and by the time you awake in the morning your insulin will be once again stabilized. (A BI carb meal before bed also promotes very deep sleep as a result of its effect upon serotonin production.)

2. If you eat this meal during the day or post training, much of it will be burned for energy right away and will not be stockpiled for your body to use later. However, if you eat your carb up meal at the end of the day, the excess is stored in your liver and muscle cells as glycogen, the body’s primary energy source for intense exercise.

See "A Straightforward Solution to Your Fat Burning Success" here for examples of the perfect BI carb up meals to help increase fat burning, maintain metabolism, improve your training intensity, and maximize your ability to build lean muscle on a fat burning nutrition plan.

Steve Blue

Best 3 Supplements for Strength

Q: My main goal is to get bigger and stronger but I have a limited budget. What 3 supplements will allow me to get the most bang for my buck and why?

A: If you promise to take them regularly and as directed you can make some very significant gains in lean mass and strength with just two, Ultimate Muscle Protein and Creatine Select. You don’t even have to start with both of them at once. Here’s a progressive 6-week supplement plan semi adapted from Dan John’s new On Target Publications book, Mass Made Simple (available at

Week One and Two: "Add a 2-scoop protein shake before going to bed." Take UMP before bed to provide your muscles with all-night anti-catabolic protection. UMP elevates amino acid levels within 20 minutes and keeps them up for 7 hours, if not longer. This sustained action is necessary to produce maximum anti-catabolic, muscle preserving effects while you sleep.

Week Three: "Take a 1-scoop protein shake before training." You can go with UMP here as well. Take a 1-scoop UMP shake before you train for greater gains in lean muscle and strength from workouts. Alternatively, you could substitute Muscle Provider, but UMP will work just fine.

Week Four: "Add creatine. Just 1 serving a day with your breakfast." What sets Beverly International’s Creatine Select apart is its unique 5:1:1 ratio of creatine monohydrate (CrH20), beta-alanine and electrolyte-bound (potassium and sodium) phosphates. This clinically-proven combination not only increases strength and muscle size, but presents your muscles with an extremely effective weapon in the battle against fatigue, arguably the single greatest barrier to all future muscle mass and strength gains.

Week Five: "Add a 2-scoop protein shake first thing in the morning before breakfast." UMP or Muscle Provider will do the job here. In Mass Made Simple, Dan John states that a 2-scoop protein shake first thing in the morning may improve how you feel about eating the rest of the day by establishing a positive mindset.

Week Six: "Have a 1-scoop shake after training." Add one more scoop of UMP right after training for added recovery and to boost muscle protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

That’s it an easy to follow six-week program utilizing just two Beverly International supplements, Ultimate Muscle Protein and Creatine Select w/ beta alanine. If you are over 35 years of age add Quadracarn. Quadracarn exerts anti aging effects on muscle as well as improving androgen receptivity. That means that you will be able to utilize more of your own natural testosterone to build muscle and improve strength. Starting at week 3, on training days take 1 serving (3 tablets) 3 times daily. On non-training days take 1 serving (3 tablets) twice daily.

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