Beverly Beat 16 issue 3


By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 16 #3

Let's raise our spirits up. Be thankful for all you have experienced and for what you will become. Your experiences, whether hard on the mind, body or spirit, make you the person you are. They stretch us. Make us strong in all areas. If you're sad, I've been there with you since our last read together. We lost our family dog and wow... that was a major mountain to climb. We can't choose how much we love. If it is real, it comes naturally. Sometimes hard to hold back! I suggest opening your heart and sharing with others. Giving always makes me heal. If you are in a great place and couldn't be happier, that is a gift! Cherish it. I just got finished with a 9-month long reading stint on the NAVY Seals. One book, "Warrior Soul" gave this bit of advice in the last sentence of the book... "Hold on to the people you are close to, and love them fiercely. Get up every morning and live like there is no tomorrow. Because one day you'll find it's true."

By the time you read this, you might have noticed that the price of UMP, Mass Maker and Ultra 40 has gone up about a buck. I sent out an email explaining why the price is going up to our resellers with a solid time frame.

From: Sandy Riedinger []
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 3:44 PM
Subject: re: Beverly Int. Important pricing information from Sandy R.

Hey there!
It is a bummer that I have to send this email to you but here goes...

Three products in the Beverly line will be seeing a price increase on July 15th.

  1. Ultimate Muscle Protein- Vanilla, Chocolate, and C&C to $48.50
  2. Mass Maker - Vanilla and Chocolate to $42.50
  3. Ultra 40 liver -$48.95

Why is this happening? We hate to say it, but over the past 1.5 years, our raw ingredient costs just kept creeping up... and Roger and I just kept turning our heads to it. Everything else involved kept rising too - from jars and labels to the cost of shipping it to you.

Finally, we had to raise the prices on these 3 items a little bit. I know from talking with you that other companies in the industry are raising their prices too - 10% and more. We are going to steady this boat and try to not increase any of our other items. Fingers Crossed...

If you have any Questions, call me- 800-781-3475. I am also available at the email address:

Please know that we do not like this at all. We want to keep your business. Thanks for your loyalty and continued support. I pray for your business success!!!

All the best to you, your staff and your family.
Sandy and Roger Riedinger

I got a few emails back! Here's one I'd like to share with you... "It’s funny but once people in all my locations take Beverly they don’t question the price. It’s like my services. I’m the highest charging trainer in the area but I over deliver in value. You guys do the same and it shows. True trainers wanting the best for their clients won’t care about paying a few bucks more to keep a quality product, but will value keeping a client for life because of the quality service and products they deliver. Results = I don’t care what it cost anymore to be healthy and look the best I can."
Travis Garza

Here is a super experience that was rewarding in many ways. (She does well, and decides to give back to others.)

...Tonya Laurent writes, "I don’t even know where to start... .
I have never felt more amazing than I do right now. A year and a half ago I walked into a gym and now I can’t keep myself out of one. I love it so much that I walked away from a job of ten years so that I can go to school to pursue a career in personal training." She wants to spend the rest of her life helping others feel as amazing as she does!" Tonya goes on to tell me that with the help of her trainer, Keith Cottoner and nutritionist, Brian Wiefering (, she went on to win first place in bikini at Eric Schmidt’s NPC Southeastern Indiana contest. Tonya says oatmeal and egg whites are her favorite meal and chocolate UMP is her favorite supplement. She says, "UMP has saved me many times when I was caught without a meal and it was time to eat."

Tonya and Trophy

Tonya Photo Caption: "I was so proud and the trophy was beautiful but the look on my family’s faces was priceless!"

Famous words from Brian Tracy

If you want to reach the stars in your Fitness or business career, you have to become excellent at what you do. You have to pay any price, go any distance, spend any amount of time necessary to "be the best." Extraordinary rewards only go for extraordinary performance; average rewards for average performance; below average rewards, insecurity and failure for below average performance.

...Todd Redman realizes that time, hard work and true performance supplements do the trick!

Todd Redman tells of his introduction to Beverly International after picking up a No Nonsense Collector’s edition at the 2004 Arnold Expo, "Most of the magazines were crap. Either full of scantily clad women or overblown steroid users. However, one magazine, Beverly Nutrition’s newsletter compilation, struck a nerve with me. It was full of believable ’before and after’ stories. These people sounded like me. Former athletes and everyday people who had once been really competitive but, over the years, had slowly watched themselves get further and further out of shape or overweight." The same thing happened to Todd. After competing on both the bodybuilding stage and running 5 marathons over the ensuing six years, he let himself get out of shape again. He worked with Dave Pertuset at Wiefit to surpass his former best conditioning and attain some great results - losing over 30 pounds, and placing 2nd in the Master’s division and 4th in a very competitive open middleweight division at the Tri State Classic in Dayton, OH.

Todd Redman

Quadracarn is really taking off and most are adding it to their supplement arsenal.
Hi Sandy,
I hope all is well with Team Beverly... FYI; I’m using Quadracarn at 3 tabs, 3 xs daily and am now into my 2nd month... AMAZING. I’m leaner and harder... my friends think I’m on prohormones... lol. Kevin from HI.
Doug Stamper shares his deeply felt experience from May 14th. (... May 14th is the day we lost our Riedinger family dog, Mattie)
Dear Sandy,
I have been a faithful Beverly customer for at least 10 years. Your supplements helped me earn first place in Master’s over fifty and third in open lightweight nearly eight years ago when I had just turned 50. I thought that would be a good way to end competing. As we all know, it is very hard to turn off the competitive fire and eight years later I found myself driven by the desire once more.

This time it had special meaning as I decided to dedicate the show to my late father who was also my best friend and the only man I ever considered my hero. On May 14, I competed in "Victory in the Valley" in Hickory, N.C. I was awarded first place in Master’s over fifty and first place in open lightweight. As I walked off stage after my second first place finish, I glanced to the Heavens and whispered, "We did it Dad!" I have to admit several tears followed and somehow I knew my Dad was smiling.

These are the main Beverly supplements I used pre-contest to achieve probably my best condition ever at age 58. UMP chocolate mixed with Muscle Provider 1 scoop of each in water, early morning, before training and after training. Mass aminos totaling 16 per day. Lean Out with every meal and stacked with 7-Keto early morning and pre-training. Pretty basic but with a strict diet and early morning cardio, all I needed. Now I am trying to build some lean muscle and have added Creatine Select and Glutamine Select. I’ve also started using Quadracarn and can already feel some results. Once again, thanks for your time! I look forward to being a Beverly customer for another 10 years.

• Couples who Experience working together, training together, living together, and competing together!!!
Show: Hub City Fitness Quest in Jackson, TN
Date: May 28th, 2011
Tiffany and Roger Hamilton

Tiffany training, meal plan...
Workout - 5a.m. cardio for 45 - 60 minutes
I followed the Figure Diet Plan "A" from the BI Precontest Workshop Manual:
Meal #1: 1 egg + 3 egg whites with spinach & 3 oz. lean meat (ground turkey), 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #2: 1 scoop UMP shake & 12 almonds
Meal #3: 5 oz lean meat (chicken), 4 oz sweet potato, 1 cup veggies (broccoli
Workout: 10 minute warm-up then weight training
Meal #4: 1 scoop Muscle Provider in water
Meal #5: 6 oz lean meat (fish), 1 cup veggies (asparagus)
Meal #6: 1 scoop UMP pudding or 6 egg whites with 1 cup veggies (peppers & mushrooms)


5 Muscle Mass & 1 Energy Reserve before a.m. cardio
Ultra 4’s and EFA’s with meals 1 & 5
2 Lean Out, 2 Density & 2 Muscularity with meals 1, 3, 5, & 6
Glutamine Select plus BCAA’s - 1 scoop during weight training


Monday & Thursday - Back, Biceps and Abs
Tuesday & Friday - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
Wednesday & Saturday - Legs & Abs
I do 3 exercises per body part - 3 sets of 12-15 reps each

Roger and I have 2 young daughters (Sydney & Sophia -ages 2 & 3) and we both work full-time. He is Plant Manager at Plaskolite South and I am a School Counselor at Center Hill Elementary. If we can do this, anyone can! Roger placed 2nd in heavyweight. I won my class and the Overall!! We LOVE working with Beverly International and enjoy helping our friends and family make healthier lifestyle choices. We love competing but this is also a lifestyle for us. We want to be healthy role models for our children and others. Thanks again,

..You never know what can happen from just one little connection...
I wanted to drop a quick thank you to you, the Beverly staff and everyone that writes articles in the No Nonsense Magazines. After you set me up with great seats for the Northern KY show, I went back to my gym, stuck to the Beverly diet and entered my first bodybuilding show. The 2011 Wisconsin Natural Bodybuilding Championships. I was a bantamweight and took 4th in my division. I have never been more proud of myself and really wanted to thank you, and your team for all of the help and direction you provide. Now, I have numerous people at my gym purchasing Beverly from me, asking me questions and have turned them into "BevNuts".
Thanks again, Ryan Weber

Ryan Weber

... Scott Hawkins in the Military somewhere in the Middle East...
Thought you guys might want to see where I sell BI. This photo is inside my little trailer/room where I live & sleep. It’s like a miniature trailer (about 10’x16’) and as you can see, BI takes a big chunk of that space.. when I say I "Live Beverly International", I’m not kidding!!! ha-ha
ps.. as you might be able to tell.. I’m low on UMP!
Scott Hawkins

Daughter Jaye has taken the Strong message of "competing in a clean sport" to a brand new level!
The event was called the Warrior Dash! If you don’t cross the finish line looking like a mud pie, you did not give it your all.
Jaye Warrior Dash

Picture of Jaye... Photo Caption: Jaye placed 48th overall out of more than 5000 women and 13th or 751 in her 20-24 age group. She mixes 2-3 scoops of Glutamine Select in her water bottle and drinks it before, during, or after power yoga and her training runs. Her daily nutrition also includes UMP, Muscle Provider and EFA Gold.