Regaining My Competitive Drive

Winning the heavyweight class NPC Cincinnati

By: Rick Blevins, co-owner Nirvana Nutrition
Magazine 16 #3

Starting at the age of 5 and continuing all through college I dreamed of becoming a professional football player. I came really close but then became discouraged when a potential arena contract fell through.

Priorities change. My wife Angie and I started Nirvana Nutrition (see sidebar) as a second income to my fulltime job at the transportation company. We had two beautiful daughters just 17 months apart. Our supplement store kept fitness in my lifestyle, but I was starting to veer from my personal fitness goals. I was spending way too much time away from the gym, not taking care of my health, and was losing focus on my physical goals. I realized I was not myself; I was stressed and needed to get back in the gym.

I’d been lifting since I was 15, involved with many sports, and had followed bodybuilding for years. I was a certified personal trainer. I thought these things would always be part of my life yet there I was, lost. I had to get back on track.

I realized that the competitive factor that had driven me to train and push myself was missing. That’s when I decided to commit to a bodybuilding show. I’d be up against other competitive athletes like myself, dedicated to training and diet. It’s just what I needed.

I went back to the gym, got a nutrition coach and really put my heart into it. I shed 38lbs of body fat over an 18wk period. I took 5th place at the 2010 NPC Cincinnati. But now I had the bodybuilding bug. I set my eyes on the NPC 2011 NKY, 10 months away.

Rick-Blevins pose back double bicep

I hooked up with my nutrition coach, Jason Theobald of Natty Nutrition and over the next 10 months gained 14 pounds of lean mass. I stepped on stage at 224 lbs with 3.8% body fat at the 2011 NKY show in February. I ended up taking 4th place behind some very strong competition in the heavyweight class.

Since I was already in great condition, I felt that I could maintain and even improve for the NPC Cincinnati, 4 weeks away. Jason increased my carbs by 160 grams a day and I backed off on the cardio to only 30 minutes a day. I must say it made me nervous to add those carbs. But, I felt great when I hit the stage at the Cincinnati.

Before telling you my results let me give you my diet, supplement program and an outline of my training leading up to the 2011 NKY.


Here are the meals that I used from 12 weeks out to the NKY competition
Meal 1:
285 grams egg whites
18 grams egg yolk
40 grams oatmeal
Meal 2:
170 grams chicken breast
1 tsp olive oil
Meal 3:
160 grams chicken breast
1 cup broccoli
1 tsp olive oil
Meal 4 :
160 grams chicken breast
49 grams oatmeal
Meal 5:
160 grams of chicken breast
85 grams cream of wheat
Meal 6:
170 grams ground beef 96% lean
1 cup broccoli
Meal 7:
360 grams egg whites
1 tsp olive oil


  • First thing in the morning I took 6 GH Factor, 15 Muscle Mass, 10 Muscle Synergy, and 2 scoops Beverly Glutamine Select.
  • I had 4 Mass Aminos, 4 Ultra 40’s, 5 Density, and 4 Muscularity with each meal. Off-season I stick with Mass and Ultra 40 and add Density and Muscularity pre contest.
  • Before my afternoon workout, I had 14 Muscle Synergy, 2 scoops of Beverly Glutamine Select, and 15 Muscle Mass
  • After my morning cardio and evening workout I took 2 Beverly Advanced Antioxidants. Boy, these really helped with soreness and recovery time
  • Before bed I had 8 GH Factor, and 10 Muscle Mass


Cardio Schedule:
I did cardio 7 days a week.
In the morning at 5 am, 45 minutes to 1 hour on the treadmill with it inclined up to 20 degrees at 4.0 mph; or sometimes the elliptical. I watched ESPN highlights to make the time go faster. There is nothing more boring than cardio. You might as well watch TV to make the time go by quicker.
Twice a week I did HIIT cardio on the stationary bike with 20 intervals. Or I would run 1 mile on the treadmill as fast as I could. Boy this type of cardio gets the heart rate up and the fat burning!

Training Schedule

I trained each body part one day per week. I completed each workout in 60 minutes or less. I chose 4 exercises per body part and performed 4 sets of 8-10 reps.
On quads I did a few more sets and reps. I trained as heavy as possible while resting 1-2 minutes between sets. I trained abs every other day.
Monday: Back Width & Traps
Tuesday: Triceps & Biceps. I always trained Triceps first.
Wednesday: Quads & Calves
5 sets of Squats 12-15 reps
5 sets of Leg Press 12-50 reps
4 sets of Front Squats 12-15 reps
4 sets of Adductors 8-20 reps
4 sets of Calves 12-30 reps
Thursday: Chest. I used FST-7 for my chest at the end of this workout. I would do either Cable Crossovers or Incline Bench on the Smith machine. FST-7 is performing 7 sets of 8-10 reps with 30 seconds between sets. WHAT A PUMP!! Friday: Back Thickness & Traps
Saturday:: Hamstrings & Calves
Sunday: Shoulder FST-7 on Machine Laterals at the end of this workout.

NPC Cincinnati Championships

I could not believe the transformation that I had made following the Northern Kentucky. I think that it’s important to note that once you are in contest shape you can really make some great gains in a short time because your body is fine tuned and looking for nutrients.

I ended up winning the heavyweight class at the Cincinnati. I had given it my all and accomplishing my goal was an amazing feeling. Now it was time for the overall. All of the class winners now took the stage for the final posedown. Here we were, all winners already, going for one final prize. We were giving our individual best, but also rooting for each other. The overall announcement was made and I heard my number, #53, called. I was the overall winner, "Mr. Cincinnati"! Winning the title was a dream come true, but most rewarding of all was to recover that personal drive to better myself.

Rick Blevins on stage

Rick Bleveins at a Glance
Age: 38
Occupation: Co-Owner of Nirvana Nutrition LLC with my wife Angie. I am also an Operations Manager for a transportation company.
Family: Wife Angie, 2 daughters Ava (4) and Maxine (3). We also have 4 English Bulldogs, Butler, Nike, Bella, and Brownie.
Years training: I have been lifting weights since I was 15. Bodybuilding for 20 years, but competitively for 2 years. Height: 6′1″
Off Season Weight: 265-275; Contest Weight: 225lbs
Favorite BB meal: Egg whites, broccoli & oatmeal with stevia powder and hot sauce. Favorite Supplements: Muscle Synergy, GH Factor, Muscle Mass, Mass Aminos, Density, Muscularity, and Glutamine Select I would recommend the following for somebody that has never used Beverly products. Muscle Synergy for pre-workout, great pumps and endurance! GH Factor at bed time because of the natural GH release. Mass Aminos with each meal to keep in positive nitrogen balance.
In my CD player: Pantera
Hobbies: Hunting, bodybuilding, NFL, spending time with my family, helping my wife run the everyday operation at our business.

Nirvana Nutrition, LLC

Nirvana Nutrition Store

After graduating from college, and starting a career, I was still not completely contented with my life. Something was lacking. I knew that my heart and passion was in the health and fitness industry. I really enjoyed helping others at the gym with their weightlifting programs and supplement regimens. So Angie and I did a lot of research, became certified personal trainers, and with help from friends in the industry, decided to open up a sport supplement web site. Our goal was to provide the best products at affordable prices. We were living in a 1 bedroom apartment, and I still remember to this day when we received our first order. I was sitting in bed watching TV. All of a sudden the phone rang with a distinctive sound and then the fax machine started to print out an order.

That’s how Nirvana Nutrition started. Later that year we moved out of our apartment and into a house. We ran the business out of our garage and housed all the inventory and shipping supplies there. After a couple more years, we decided to take a bigger leap and open up a brick and mortar store. That was the biggest decision I ever had to make in my life. Boy, has it paid off! What started from a 1 bedroom apartment has grown into a wonderful family business fulfilling our need to incorporate health and fitness into our lifestyle. It has been a dream come true. We have a very loyal customer base and a ton of them rely on Beverly International products. Since day one Beverly International products have had a strong presence in our store. We are proud to sell such a premium product line knowing that our customers can always count on BI for quality.