Bodybuilding World

This issue Bodybuilder to men’s Physique, My First Year of Figure Competition, 18 Month Workouts series, Home Training Advantage, From Skinny to Bikini Champ.

Volume 17 issue 1 contents

› Stacey Grubbs
From Skinny to Master’s Bikini Champion

How I trained for the NPC Kentucky Derby Festival

› Aaron Whitten
Home Training Advantage!

Build a home gym platform in one afternoon save your floor and still complete heavy lifts

› Roger and Sandy Riedinger
18 Month Workouts series Roger and Sandy (Part 3 of 3)

Publishing these workouts to give you food for thought concerning your own training

› Jennie Gray
My First Year of Figure Competition

My training and diet became more geared to developing a figure competitor type of physique

Steve Mousharbash on the cover 17 issue #1

› Steve Mousharbash [On the cover]
From Bodybuilder to men’s Physique Competition Here’s How I Did It

It seemed like a good fit for my fitness goals. I stopped lifting for mass and started lifting for conditioning

Volume 16 Issue #4 contents


› Brent Swansen
Natural Bodybuilding – Doing It Right

› Charlie Gripp
Bodybuilding &Beverly International My 14 years of Success

› Christie Toland
Competing in sports for more than half of my life