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Improve Your Bench Press and Deadlift, advanatages of a home gym, advice for first time figure competitors

Volume 17 issue #2 contents

› Bill Woolsey
Out of shape for 20 years, Now I’m in the best shape of my life at 44

› Sandy Riedinger
Beverly Beat article in PDF, Volume 17 issue 2

Men’s Physique Division was My Ticket to the Stage

› Stan Thomakos
Come Back at 53, after a 15-year lay off

A Program to Improve Your Bench Press and Deadlift

Advice to the First Time Figure Competitor. Realize that the reason you began your journey to stage may change along the way. Embrace this change.

Angie Morales
Figure Competitions may not be for everyone,
but feeling good in your own skin is, and that’s a trophy in itself.

Angie Morales one arm row