Volume 18 contents

Issue 4

Brian inclune tricep extension

Here’s a 4-Day per Week Workout

You Can Easily Complete in 60 Minutes

Including warm-ups, start relatively light and add weight each week. Pay close attention to How to Progress.

Roger Riedinger

Brian Wiefering bicep curl

Keeping Your Priorities Straight

Maybe there should be a required course for bodybuilders, How to Build Your Family While You Build Your Physique.

Brian Wiefering

Samara Donald bikini athlete

My bikini competition diet and training plan

Have a total of 6-7 meals/snacks per day, spaced 2-3 hours apart. I cook and organize as much as I can on Sundays, so I go into the week with most of my meals ready to go.

Samara Donald

Jen Main Beverly Client Advisor

My Baby bUMP Transformation

In this article, I’m going to share with you my action plan for achieving those goals. Starting out, I had a few things already going for me.

  Jen Main  

Samara bikini athlete

Women’s Physique and My Return to Competition

I competed in three shows over the course of 5 years and was fortunate enough to win the overall titles in all of them.

Shelli Jones

Volume 18 issue 3

› Over 50 Training Another Perspective New thoughts regarding strength training and muscle building.
I would like to share some personal thoughts on the best system of training for the mature bodybuilder. By bodybuilder, I mean anyone who is trying to develop muscle and strength, not just those training to enter a contest.

› Your Best Bikini Body Starter Kit Our Bikini Body Starter Kit is built upon 4 keystones that will help you reshape your body, lose fat and improve muscle tone. Each is essential to your achieving the highest rate of fat loss and muscle toning.

› Dan Brady Over 50 and Still Improving. We use basic "old school" training techniques.

18 #1

› Pound-A-Week Gains Training for Muscular Weight Gain

› Team Beverly The Secret of a Low Carb Diet and Maximum Muscle

19 #1
  • 40+ Men Use This Stack to get Your Physique Back! The average man can lose up to 8% of his muscle mass per decade after age 40. Strength may drop even faster
  • Joe Lewandowski Men’s physique training, diet. Comparing me to winning bodybuilders Men’s Physique is better fit
  • Molli Smith Two Overall Bikini Titles Here’s How I Did It. My workouts, I lift 5 days a week with no cardio

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