The Secret of a Low Carb Diet

and Maximum Muscle

By: Team Beverly
Magazine 18 #1

The Holy Grail to successful bodybuilding competition is losing superfluous fat, while maintaining maximum muscle, but doing it fairly quickly!

Scott Foster on stage front double bicep pose
Bodybuilding Professional Scott Foster

Despite the cries and constant woes heard from the general, uneducated public, bodybuilders know that losing weight is easy. Yes, maybe not as easy as gaining weight (or as much fun), but all one needs to do is just eat fewer calories than your body requires. There is a tiny problem though and that is that you will probably lose more lean muscle tissue than you will actual fat.

You may be aware that your body chooses food, muscle, and only then does your body burn fat as the last choice. Obviously once you reduce your calories below maintenance levels, your body’s choice of burning food is out of the equation. So now are you going to burn muscle or fat? Well, if you reduce calories and carbs and don’t take in sufficient amounts of protein, then you are going to burn muscle. And it’s even worse if you don’t pump some iron. Frankly, the popular low carb diets are clearly not for a bodybuilder who needs to lose fat but grow muscle!

As you might now surmise, losing fat while retaining lean muscle tissue is an entirely different situation than the "I need to lose weight for the class reunion" type of fad low carb diet.

Specific Fat Loss Diets!

So, what do we know? Well, listen -- over the past decades at Beverly our research team has formulated more than 10,000 fat loss diets for bodybuilding competitors. That’s right, over 10,000.

We have been hugely successful. If you reduce carbohydrates and calories, you must provide the proper support nutrients and proteins to lose fat without losing muscle. We have discovered that you can’t achieve optimum results with whole food alone.

Our Holy Grail Rules For Maximum Fat Loss – Muscle Gain

    Total caloric intake equals 10 –– 15 calories/lb. of body wt. Men below 10% body fat and women below 15% body fat should figure on ingesting 10–15 calories per pound of weightFocus on Active Carbohydrates. Active carbohydrates = total carbohydrate grams – grams of fiber. Your active carbohydrates should not exceed 25 grams per meal or 75 grams per dayProtein Optimization. Ingest 25-50 grams of protein per meal. While protein is the best macro-nutrient to eat, there is some point where excess may exceed elimination capacity and some nitrogen may be converted to sugar and either burned for energy at the expense of stored body fat or simply stored as excess body fat>Dietary Fats Can Burn Body fat. Your diet must have a greater emphasis on Omega 3 and Mono Unsaturated fats such as EFA Gold, fish oil, flaxseed, safflower and olive oil.>Carbohydrate load every 3rd then 4th day. A high carbohydrate meal every third or fourth day refuels muscle and liver glycogen (storage form for glucose) stores, prevents any decline in metabolism, via thyroid-3 level suppression and facilitates muscular growth by increasing uptake of amino acids. This infrequent high carbohydrate meal should drive IGF insulin-like growth factors, optimizing the anabolic effect of insulin, while minimizing its lipogenic (fat-producing) effect.Induce Thermogenesis. Some foods have a mild metabolic increasing effect, a thermogenic effect, causing your body to burn more fat. Fruits in this category include apples, blueberries, grapefruit, peaches and strawberries. Some vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, radishes, spinach and tomatoes. Almost all proteins have a desirable thermogenic effect except proteins high in fat, lunchmeats, and processed proteins. Unfortunately, as well, most single species protein powders such as whey concentrates and whey isolates also do NOT have much desirable thermogenic action. It could be almost a tragedy that many bodybuilders’ fat loss efforts have been thwarted by mistakenly using a single species whey protein. Single species protein is assimilated so quickly that it is often burned as fuel inhibiting the burning of your stored body fat.

Low Carb Max Muscle Diet MALE

Meal #1

  • 5-ounces lean meat (90% or leaner beef, chicken or turkey breast)
Plus 6 egg whites with 1-2 yolks (Or, substitute 1 scoop Provosyn and 1 scoop UMP blended in 12oz. water for the eggs, but eat the meat, too)Grapefruit


  • Protein Drink: 2 scoops UMP, 1 scoop Provosyn /20oz. water


  • 8-ounces chicken or 9oz. tuna
  • 4-cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc) using 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing


  • Protein Drink: 2 scoops UMP, 1 scoop Provosyn / 20 oz water


  • 8-ounces lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, etc)
  • 2-cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach or zucchini)
  • Now, ONLY on Monday and Thursday, add a 6th meal at the end of the day:
1.5 cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 10 oz potato or sweet potato, 6 oz. banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbsp olive oil or nut butter

Low Carb Max Muscle Diet FEMALE

Hyla Conrad cable tricep exercise
Hyla Conrad during her workout

Meal #1

  • 3-ounces lean meat (90% or leaner beef, chicken or turkey breast)
Plus 3 egg whites with 1 yolk (Or, you may substitute 1 scoop Provosyn blended in 4 oz water for the eggs)
  • Small grapefruit
  • MEAL #2

    • Protein Drink: 1-2 scoops UMP in 8-16 oz water

    MEAL #3

    • 5-ounces chicken or 5oz tuna
    • 2-4-cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.) using 2-tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

    MEAL #4

    • Protein Drink: 1-2 scoops UMP in 8-16 oz water
    MEAL #5
      5-ounces lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, etc)2-cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach or zucchini) On Monday and Thursday eat this meal in place of

      Meal #5:

        1 cup oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 6 oz potato or sweet potato, 4 oz banana, 1 cup vegetables, 2 tsp olive oil or nut butter

        Fat Burning: A Very Precise Beverly Supplement Plan

        This is an advanced supplement plan designed to work with body chemistry through three different mechanisms to enhance the utilization of stored fat for energy while preserving lean muscle tissue.

        Lean Out:
        Lean Out is a highly advanced "fat transport system" that helps your body to utilize a greater percentage of stored fat to meet your energy needs. Left on its own in the absence of carbohydrate, even with the best diet available, your body finds it easier to break down amino acids (muscle tissue) to meet energy needs than to break down stored fat deposits. The nutrients in Lean Out make it easier for the body to utilize stored fat, thus preserving lean muscle tissue. Another advantage to using Lean Out is that it combats insulin resistance – one of the main reasons many of us store fat instead of build muscle. (1-2 Lean Out with each meal).
        Mass Aminos:
        This is the #1 peptide bond amino in the country. Mass Amino is derived from casein and they contribute another utilizable protein source at every meal. With the addition of Mass Aminos, every meal becomes a muscle building fat-burning multi species protein meal. Mass Aminos enhance the thermogenic effect of your food to burn fat, while optimizing the amino profile to retain and build lean muscle. (4 Mass Aminos with each meal, Females may take 3 Mass Aminos with each meal or 2 Density).
        Super Pak:
        This supplies all the co factors and catalysts for all your body’s metabolic processes. The array of nutrients found in these packs are like spark plugs that energize and regulate your metabolism. Keep your body tuned up and running in high gear and you will maximize fat loss. (1 pak per day, females may substitute Fit Tabs).
        Ultra 40:
        Ultra 40 liver tablets are included because on a maximum fat loss plan you need the most extreme nutrition. Ultra 40 provides you with all of the nutrients and enzymes of beef liver but with none of the fat. It is a concentrated source of B Vitamins, protein, and minerals. Ultra 40 has more going for it than any other bodybuilding supplement. You’ll notice a difference within three or four days of taking them. You’ll have more energy, more strength and a bigger pump. Don’t even think of dieting without them. (4-6 Ultra-40 per meal, Females – 3 per meal).


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