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4-Day per Week Workout Womens Physique Bikini Competition diet and training plan

Volume 18 issue 4 contents

› 4-Day per Week Workout
Start relatively light and add weight each week You Can Easily Complete in 60 Minutes or Less Per Day

› Brian Wiefering
Keeping Your Priorities Straight
Successful in bodybuilding without sacrificing Family

› Samara Donald
My bikini competition diet and training plan
I am training for my second competition and first at the National level.

› Jen Main
My Baby bUMP Transformation
I’m going to share with you my action plan for achieving those goals. Starting out, I had a few things already going for me.

› Brent Nichols
One Year 75 lbs transformed my body & mind
I was on stage at the same venue, the INBF Natural Buckeye Classic. I weighed in at 190 lbs! I had lost 75 lbs and was now in the absolute best shape of my life.

› Shelli Jones
Women’s Physique and My Return to Competition
Once upon a time I was a bodybuilder, smaller built, but nonetheless successful at least on the local level.

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Starter Kit 4 keystones: Nutrition Workout Cardio Supplements

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Bodybuilding on the Road

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Become Healthier, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Compete

› Dan Brady
Over 50 and Still Improving

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› Roger Riedinger
Training for Muscular Weight Gain

› Pre-workout Stack
Designed to help you maximize muscle endurance cardio stamina

› Danielle Smith
Setting up my Master’s figure game plan

› Michael Sheppard
Lifetime Bodybuilder

› Sarah Vance
My First Year in Bikini

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