Bodybuilders experience tunnel vision

Balancing Life’s Demands

with Bringing my Best to Stage

By: Chad Forrester
Magazine 20 #1

Bodybuilders often experience tunnel vision when it comes to getting ready for a contest.

They allow their training schedule, diet, posing, etc. to take over every fiber of their being. Friends and family become alienated. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Producing a stage worthy physique does not have to consume your total being. The key is maintaining healthy relationships and balance in your life while still getting it done in the gym (and at the dinner table).

I was fortunate enough to gain the assistance of prep coach, Ray Binkowski, who explained things to me in Yoda-like fashion. Ray said, Remember, it’s your family and work which allow you to do what you do. In other words, real life takes precedence over prep and training. If you need a day off, take one. If you have a birthday dinner, eat it. I lived my last prep according to this cardinal rule. My experience was much more enjoyable than my previous contest preps. I could still satisfy my OCD-like personality by following his direction to a T. However, he had built enough flexibility into my training schedule and diet to allow me to achieve a balance between family, job, life in general, and bodybuilding.

Chad Forrester bodybuilders experience tunnel vision

Life’s Demands

My career is very demanding. I am a retail store manager for a large home improvement company. I work long hours and have to remain somewhat flexible as my schedule can and does often change. Passion for my job is an understatement. And it’s a good thing since much of my pay is tied directly to job performance. During this latest contest prep, a new element was thrown in the mix. Our company is continually looking for ways to give back to our community. Last fall we took on the challenge of completelyremodeling a duplex which had been given to a homelessArmy Veteran and his family. Although rewarding, I worked on the project 12 hour days, 7 days per week for a month in order tocomplete it on time. This was smack dab in the middle of my contestpreparation. I continued to make my lifts in the gym (beforeor after work) and keep my diet on point whether I was home oron the construction site.

Even more important than my job, is my family. My son playsfootball for Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. Ofcourse I wanted to see him play, so I took several nine hour round trips to Iowa on Saturdays to watch his games. My daughter, a juniorin high school, was cheering for Friday night football games and performing on a competitive cheer squad. I didn’t miss outon those either.

The point is I did not compromise the important things in life (being a good husband, parent, leader, co-worker, etc.) for bodybuilding,but I still stepped on stage looking my best. In the remainder of this article I’ll tell you how I got into bodybuilding and provide mytraining program, diet, and supplement program. This has helped me continue to make muscle gains while dropping body fat, as well as allowing me to stick to my diet while on the job site, traveling to my son’s games, and attending my daughter’s cheering events.

Chad Forrester lat spread

Why I started bodybuilding

I have always been an athlete, was a four letterathlete in high school, and even played a coupleyears of college football. I trained with weightsthroughout, but after my organized sports careerwas over and life stepped in, my lifting becamean on again, off again (mainly off) proposition.

One day in 2006, as my wife and I were getting ready in the bathroom she mentioned that Ilooked like I had put on a few pounds. That’s all ittook. Off to the gym I went. I started with a typicalthree day per week program, much like howI had trained for athletics. Then I added a fourthday, and eventually a fifth. After a few years ofsteady training a friend suggested that I thinkabout competing. I did some research and in2010 I took the plunge into competition. I made arespectable showing, and then took 4 years off tolive life. But, the itch returned. I decided to competeagain in the OCB Midwest States in Novemberof 2014. I was hoping to attain my naturalpro card but the competition was of an extremelyhigh caliber. I was still able to place fourth in themaster’s class, and fifth in my open class.

Training, Cardio, Nutrition, and Supplements

Here is one of the best parts of my program – my training, nutrition,and Beverly supplement programs allowed me to step onstage having done NO cardio! That’s right, no cardio! To be honestwith everything else I had going on, I don’t know if it wouldhave been possible to do the kind of cardio I had always done forpast contests.

In the training program on the next page, almost all exerciseswere supersetted. This had a two-fold positive effect of cuttingdown my time in the gym while keeping my heart rate elevatedand allowing me to burn more calories each workout.Train 4 on 1 off, Repeat.

Core exercises are performed at the end of workouts on days 1,2, and 3. On day 4, I performed a special superset designed to cutup my quads (which were lacking).

Chad working out in his Beverly gear
4 day Core Workout
Core WorkoutSetsRepsRest
Toe Touch Crunch4200
Knee to Elow42020
Day 1SetsRepsRest
Bent Row4830
DB Flye4830
Wide Lat Pulldown480
DB Shoulder Press3120
DB Lateral Raise3120
DB Front Raise31230
Day 2SetsRepsRest
Leg Extension3120
Leg Curl4830
Leg Press32530
Stiff Leg Deadlift31230
Seated Calf Raise3300
Leg Press Calf Raise3830
Day 3SetsRepsRest
DB Curl3150
DB Extension31530
DB Hammer Curl4830
DB Skull Crusher4830
DB Rotating Curl4830
Close Grip Bench480
Day 4SetsRepsRest
Leg Extension3150
Leg Curl31530
Seated Calf Raise4830
*Special Quad   
Leg Press Calf Raise4830
Front Squat4830
Hack Squat480
DB Shoulder Press3120
DB Lateral Raise3120
DB Front Raise31230

*  Special Quad Cutting Superset: 60 seconds rest after completing both exercises, repeat for 4-6 sets

2 Days in a Row - High
Meal 1:
2 eggs
4 egg whites
6 oz. lean meat or chicken
breast ¾ cup oatmeal
Meal 2:
2 scoops of Ultimate
Muscle Protein
2 tbsp heavy cream
handful of berries
Meal 3:
8 oz. lean meat, chicken, or
2 cups of vegetables
1 tbsp olive or flax oil and
8oz sweet potato or 1 cup
brown rice
Meal 4:
2 hard-boiled eggs
Greek yogurt with fruit
Meal 5:
8 oz. lean meat, chicken,
or turkey
2 cups vegetables
6 oz. sweet potato or ½
cup of rice
Meal 6:
Protein bar
1 hard-boiled egg

2 Days in a Row – Low
Meal 1:
2 eggs
4 egg whites
4 oz. lean meat or chicken breast
1 grapefruit
Meal 2:
2 scoops of UMP
a handful of berries
Meal 3:
8 oz. lean meat, chicken, or turkey
2 cups vegetables
1 tbsp olive or flax oil and vinegar
Meal 4:
2 hard-boiled eggs
Meal 5:
8 oz. lean meat, chicken,
or turkey
2 cups of vegetables
Meal 6:
Protein bar

My Specialized Beverly International Supplement Stack

A specialized supplement stack of Beverly products helped me achieve and maintain balance in my life. UMP made it convenient to stay on track while road tripping to college games or locally for cheer. I felt better and had more energy, drive, focus, and improved health. Week after week I continued making muscle gains while dropping body fat. You read that right; I was building muscle and losing fat at the same time as a drug free athlete. When my day was done, ZMA 2000 helped me sleep like a rock. The Quadracarn/Muscularity combo helped me drop fat without cardio while Density helped me retain max muscle.

Specialized Supplement Stack

  • 4 Mass Aminos per meal
  • 4 Ultra 40 per meal
  • 1 Super Pak with Meal 1
  • 3 ZMA 2000 before bed
  • 3 Density per meal
  • 3 Quadracarn with
  • Muscularity 3 times per day

Why did I use Beverly? My trainer said that it was the only brand he would recommend. That got me researching their products, and after learning about Beverly’s quality and reputation, I decided to go all in. I am so glad I did. I truly believe my prep experience would have been a much different outcome if not for Beverly. Having prepped for contests with and without Beverly International supplements, I can say that with Beverly I gained more muscle, and had more energy and FOCUS.

Chad with Ray Binkowski
 Chad with trainer, Ray Binkowski
Chad Forrester at a Glance
Age: 43
Family: Married, 2 children
Occupation: Manager, Big Box Home Improvement Store
Training Music: Kill Switch Engage on Pandora
Favorite Contest Prep Meal: Blackened salmon, sweet potato, and green beans
Favorite Cheat Meal: Greasy burger and fries
Favorite Beverly Supplement: Hands down UMP, utterly the best protein I’ve ever had. Tastes incredible, mixes great!

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