Beverly Beat 20 #2

Beverly talk with a personal touch

By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 20 #2

Spring/Summer 2015

Lifestyles: Does our lifestyle define us? Or do we define or create our lifestyle?

My answer: Yes to Both

“Hey Sandy, I want to change the way I look. I really want to lose some body fat. I really need to get on a good program, build some muscle.. oh, but I just want you to know before I go any further, that I’m not a competitive bodybuilder or anything. I’m just a regular Joe that works out and wants to look and feel better.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. Yes, a good portion of our Beverly users are competitors, but the majority is not. They are good, normal people who are looking for a great company to assist them with their pursuit of BETTER health and fitness and complement their UNIQUE lifestyle!!! I, fall into this category myself. I’ve collected a variety of real-life examples over the past couple months of people who use Beverly products to enhance their life-style! I was fascinated to learn the different ways that they depend on one or more Beverly products for their everyday nutritional feeding.

Devin Buchanan is 27 years old and a professional dancer for Giordano Dance Chicago. I asked Devin if supplements were part of his everyday nutrition, he gave me quite a list that he uses to keep his body in top shape for his professional dance occupation.

Devin  Buchanan

  • Lean Out – I always take two capsules with each meal. Awesome on its own to burn any stored fat for my energy needs. When I stack it with Quadracarn and 7-Keto MuscLean my body becomes an absolute incinerator for fat.
  • Quadracarn is one of my absolute favorites, I can’t be without it. I take nine tablets on heavy training days and six on light/non training days. It’s just an overall feel-good supplement, energy booster, improves vascularity, helps with recovery, anti-aging, honestly the list goes on!
  • Super Pak – I have a very active lifestyle and one packet each day is essential to meet all my vitamin, mineral, and micro nutrient needs.
  • Glutamine Select is another must for me for recovery and to combat muscle soreness – who has time for being sore? I take 4-5 scoops in a gallon jug of water and sip throughout our 7 hour rehearsals. I take two more scoops at night if it was a particularly excruciating day.
  • UMP – I take UMP at least two times a day and often three. My very favorite flavor is Cookies and Crème but all the flavors are great!
  • Ultra 40 – helps beef up my protein profile. I generally take 17 tablets a day split up over all my meals. I feel my muscles are much harder when I use Ultra 40.
Devin Buchanan

Aaron Wiefering, 38, is a nutrition counselor and personal trainer at Wiefit in Newport, KY. I asked Aaron a couple of questions regarding his recent lifestyle change.

Aaron  Wiefering

SR – What was your previous occupation? How long?

AW – I was in sales for 9 years and I was completely stressed.  I had a really hard time not taking my work home with me and it was driving my wife, Adeana, crazy!  My job was killing me mentally and physically.  Fast food became one of my go to foods. My weight started to creep up over 200lbs and it was obvious to me it was a lot of extra fat.

SR – Did your body change when you changed jobs and started working at Wiefit?

AW – My body absolutely changed when I changed jobs!  I started working out 5 days a week again and really stuck to my diet.  In the past I would have never leaned out or bulked because I was too concerned with just maintaining... that was hard enough!  Now I can easily go from one extreme to the other.  I was up to 215 last winter and down to 185 the previous summer. Adeana will be the first to say how much better our lives have been since my job switch.  I think even our 3 kids could attest to that!  I forgot what it was like to come home from work, totally "be there" with my family, and not be thinking of work so much.

SR – Did you train and use supplements like you do now when you worked at your past jobs??

AW – Absolutely not.  Although I worked out regularly, I NEVER used supplements before I started working at Wiefit.  Ever.  I knew the benefits of them (my 2 older brothers had been using Beverly for the past 20 years), I just never saw nutrition as a priority in my life.  Now that I see how much easier it is to lean or bulk with the correct supplements, I will NEVER go back..

Here are my everyday supplements:

UMP: mixed with oatmeal for breakfast and UMP pudding before bed.  I switch between all 5 flavors:

  • I use Chocolate Muscle Provider pre-workout and mix Muscle Provider Chocolate and Mass Maker Ultra Vanilla post workout.
  • Glutamine Select and Creatine Select: I sip on both during my workouts and even on off days.
  • I take 7-Keto MuscLean (2 with breakfast and 2 at lunch) and Lean Out (2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, and 2 at dinner).
  • I cycle on and off of Mass Aminos/Ultra 40’s (20 each a day) throughout the year.

I take 4 EFA Gold before bed to slow protein absorption while sleeping.  If I find myself not sleeping well, I will start taking 3 ZMA’s as well before bed.

Joel Gulley is a 32-year old crate installer from Cincinnati, OH who trains (and sometimes fights) MMA. Here is his daily supplement regimen.

Joel Gulley MMA supplements
  • Ultra 40 and Mass Aminos – I take 4 tablets with each meal and shake. This is a key stack in my training; reduction in fatigue, increase in energy and stamina.

  • Creatine Select and Glutamine Select – 1 scoop of each before every workout. I notice a dramatic increase in my strength, stamina, and recovery ability along with much less soreness.

  • Quadracarn – 3 tablets with meal #1, #3 and #5. This is a supplement that I will never stop using. The increase in energy, mood, and lean mass are extremely valuable especially now that I am in my 30’s in order to continue at this activity level.

  • Super Pak – I take 1 packet with meal #1 every day for overall health benefits and for all day nutrient support.

  • Joint Care – 1 capsule with meal #1, #3 and #5. This supplement helps me maintain healthy joints and guard against future injuries.

  • ZMA 2000 – (highly recommend stacking with Quadracarn) 3 capsules right before bed. ZMA helps with recovery and I notice a huge improvement in sleep quality.

Steve Blue works for the US Postal Service and occasionally competes in bodybuilding.

Steve told me, “When I won the Bantamweight class and achieved my all-time best shape and condition, I weighed in at just 125lbs.

I will never forget Roger’s advice that in order to place higher in shows, that 90% of competitors (me included) needed to get leaner, not bigger. Thanks again for the help over the years and making a great product.”

My daily supplements are Ultra 40 and Mass Aminos – 20-30 of each throughout the day. Also Ultra-C really boosted my immune system this winter.

52-year old Tammy Pence owns a Faith Driven Fitness in Piqua, OH and has lost 120 pounds over the past 15 years.

Her main fitness activity is running and she’s run 7 half marathons in the past year! Tammy writes, “My daily supplements include well, naturally UMP! I am never without my Quadracarn & Joint Care... Keeps me young! I also regularly take 7-Keto and Lean Out to keep the fat off and Glutamine Select for recovery.”

Tim Rawlings, 29, practices and coaches Olympic weightlifting in Austin, TX. He finds that Beverly supplements help his strength and recovery.

Tim Rawlings Olympic weightlifting

Here’s his daily regimen:

  • Ultra 40 – I usually take a handful 3 times a day.
  • Creatine Select – I start with a 5-day loading phase and then I take 1 scoop before training and 1 scoop on non-training days first thing in the morning.
  • Quadracarn – I usually take 3 tablets three times a day, but sometimes I’ll take all 9 tablets before training.
  • Glutamine Select – I sip all day, every day when possible. I like to drink it during training as well.

Christos Monastiriotis, a personal trainer at True Fitness and Nutrition in Springfield, VA says,

“I am 26 years old and a strongman athlete and competitor. BI supplements have had a huge impact on my performance from increasing strength and endurance to helping me make weight for competitions. I do not supplement with anything other than what you guys offer.”

Here’s Christos’ daily supplement schedule:

  • Ultra 40 & Mass Aminos – I take nine of each in the morning and eight of each at night before bed.
  • Quadracarn – I take the maximum  results recommendation; so I take three in the morning three mid-afternoon, and three at night
  • 7-Keto Musclean & Lean Out – Three in the morning and three mid-afternoon I use these a couple weeks out to help me make weight for competition.
  • Muscle Synergy – 8 in the morning and 8 before my training
  • UMP – After my workout and before I go to sleep
  • ZMA – I take before bed

Now, I’d like to introduce you to Travis Garza.

Travis Garza

Travis doesn’t just worry about his own lifestyle, he creates 300 new lifestyles every 6 weeks. Let me explain.

Travis offers a “42 Day Fat Funeral Program” at 5 locations throughout Oklahoma. After years of tweaking, Travis has developed a program with a 90% success rate! And even better, and this is hard to believe, when a client completes the 6-week program and loses at least 20lbs, his or her money is fully refunded. What a terrific incentive to stick with the program! I asked Travis, “How can you do this?” He explained, "I believe in my program so much I’m willing to give your deposit back if you complete the program and lose 20lbs. It’s a win–win program. I get to use their before and after videos/pics and they get to use their new body and be happy.”

Travis Garza large  Group

“Before clients are accepted into the program they must first complete homework assignments. Then those who have successfully completed the homework assignment must go through an orientation process. I also do not allow them to see the eating plan until they are selected. Why? Most people want to see if they like what’s on the menu before doing anything related to weight loss. I don’t give them that option. There is some variety on my eating plan but not much. However, it’s not a rocket science breakthrough, just food grouped together in the correct way to stimulate fat loss. BUT I want people in my program that are so fed up with being overweight that if I told them to eat the bark off a tree outside they would do it.”

“We also mandate that all participants use Beverly supplements while in the program. We actually make them sign a contract stating they will drink 2-Muscle Provider protein drinks per day with our eating plan or be removed from the program without a refund.”

“During my orientations I make it very clear that they are going to use Muscle Provider, Lean Out, and Fit Tabs. I keep it simple because most of our clients are not supplement people and have never followed an eating plan, let alone a supplement plan in their life. They are the typical middle aged, overweight woman who has tried it all and is now looking to me for the answer. ‘Keep it simple so they are not overwhelmed’ has been my philosophy for 30 years for my clients. Being from a bodybuilding background I know how complex it can get when trying to take too many supplements. So you take my clients who have never even entertained the idea of competing and you can imagine how they would feel. I create a lifestyle they can live with 3 key ”

    Beverly supplements as follows:

    • 15 min before Meal #1 (3 – Lean Out); after Meal #1 (2 – Fit Tabs)
    • Meal #2 (1.5) scoops of Muscle Provider in 6-8 oz. of water for women and (2) scoops for men
    • 15 min before Meal #3 (3 – Lean Out); after Meal #3 (2 – Fit Tabs)
    • Meal #4 (1.5) scoops of Muscle Provider in 6-8 oz. of water for women and (2) scoops for men
    • No supplements before or after Meal #5. Just food for the final meal

    Travis concludes, “Years ago I started my program with only 10 people and today we have a consistent 300 plus people participate every 6 weeks all year long. You can go to to see hundreds of success videos, etc. We pride ourselves on constantly updating our site with the latest graduating class. We want people who view our site and then come back 6 weeks later to see a fresh new group of people who have successfully completed the program. This is so one day that person who keeps coming back finally realizes they can count on our program to get the job done once and for all. We are on a mission to truly change life in a format never seen before.” ˜ Travis Garza and The Fat Loss Team

    Wow!!! Our feature recipe looks like something we would all want to try! Thanks Jennie Gray!
    UMProtein Ice Cream
    1 scoop UMP
    8 oz. Carbmaster milk (you could also use unsweetened almond milk but it would lower the protein)
    300g fresh blackberries (or any kind of berries)
    Stevia to taste
    Cook berries and Stevia in a small sauce pan sprayed with cooking spray, on medium high heat until it cooks down to a sauce. (I like to leave the fruit chunky but you could put it into the blender to get it smaller.)
    Set aside in the refrigerator to cool. 
    Combine and freeze in an ice cream maker UMP, milk, and berry until ready.
    31 grams protein, 37 grams carbs
    More Beverly Recipes

    Our lifestyles evolve as we age. Some things change and some stay course. I am grateful for my youth and how exercise and physical activity was such an important part of my day. Taking care of my body, choosing to be healthy and fit trumps most things. Without it, quality of life takes a back seat. BE the teacher to your family. BE the example.

    This BEAT column is dedicated to our late Chiropractor, Dr. John Squicciarini who definitely improved our lifestyle and quality of life. He was a special friend, who lived a full, robust life. He worked as hard as anyone we’ve ever known. He will be sorely missed.

    Sandy Riedinger
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