Beverly Beat Fall 2015

By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 20 #3

Believe in Beverly.

Questions are always popping up about our USA Reseller program. We love it when we can add a new member to our Beverly RESELLER family NETWORK. We primarily extend our reselling opportunities to nutrition supplement stores, fitness facilities, Doctors/practitioners, Spas, personal training centers, E-sites, as well as those unique businesses that cater to those like-minded individuals that love buying a premium brand.

If you are interested, here’s how it works.
1. Call Beverly direct or email us for a Reseller application. (800-781-3475)
2. Complete the application and send it back to Beverly International.,
3. I will review your application. If it looks like a good fit, you will receive an email starter kit.
4. After taking time to review your starter kit, I will personally call you and discuss business opportunities. Easy stuff!
Here are 6 reasons you might want to do business with Beverly International.
1. We are the manufacturer and distributor. YOU are buying direct. NO middle man.
2. We do not have a set minimum order total. Every business and selling environment is different.
3. Win- Win. We offer our resellers a 100% money back guarantee.
4. Free shipping over $250.00
5. Easy to order—3 ways. Email, Fax, or Phone. [Contact BI]
6. Personal care- live bodies with real knowledge answer your calls and emails. We enjoy giving that kind of attention!!

Have you been thinking about selling the Beverly line in your business? Please don’t hesitate to make your move! Act now! We invite you to begin the process of becoming a certified Beverly reseller. The most frequently used word by our resellers is, BELIEVE. We believe in Beverly.

Reseller Welcome to the Family

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Cory Allen Powerlifter

Cory wheel barrel of supplements

Cory Allen, 26 was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in March 25, 2009. A tumor was found in his right inner quad the size of a pop can. They removed the tumor, removed the muscle and part of his femur. He lives today with a cadaver bone, a titanium rod and 8 screws in his leg. He’s so passionate about lifting that he worked and trained his way back to powerlifting competition. HIS own way. Six years later, he raised over $6,000 for childhood cancer research and broke national and state PL records at the APF Michigan State Powerlifting Championships earlier this year! He trains about 6 days a week at Body Rocks Gym in Livonia, MI. The wheel barrel full of BI is called the Cory STACK!!

Comic book Artist and Actor:

Kyle Hotz

Kyle Hotz artist actor

My name is Kyle Hotz, and I live with my family and four pugs in Bellbrook, OH. I’m 44 and have been a full-time comic book artist and writer since I was 22. In the last few years I’ve been able to pursue one of my childhood goals of acting and have appeared in a few local films, most recently as the lead character/bad guy in a pilot for a web series called Bana: Heart of Darkness, that should be out soon
(the trailer is already out here:

Sandy Riedinger (SR) -- What are your physical activities of choice?

Kyle (K) -- Ever since I first saw Rocky and Pumping Iron as a kid of 8 or 9, I haven’t been able to stay away from the weights and bodybuilding. Plus, I think my lifelong love of comics and superheroes has also influenced me to want to look as much as possible like an avenger or dark knight. But really, it’s all Arnold’s fault that I’m a gym guy. After Pumping Iron, I became a lost cause.

SR-- How long have you been using Beverly products?

K -- I’m not sure how long I’ve been using Beverly, probably for 10 years or so. But, however long it has been, I wish I’d started earlier. I did bodybuilding competition as a teen, and if I had Beverly back then, I’m sure I’d have done better and would have continued to compete.

SR-- How did you first hook up with BI?

K --I finally got fed up with all the nonsense promised in the thousands of ads I’d seen over the years, and the times I’d been duped by their promises. I’d heard of Beverly as kind of a “cult supplement” and finally decided to try them. I told myself, this was the last stuff I’d ever try, if these supplements didn’t work, then all supplement companies were a bunch of garbage. Obviously I was pretty happy with the results --I’m still using Beverly today!

SR-- What are your favorite products and how do you use them?

K-- I know almost everyone seems to point out the protein powders as their favorite, and they are awesome and versatile, but if I could only have one Beverly product it would be Density. When you give your body all those essential aminos and fill in whatever gaps you might have for whatever reason in your protein needs, the results are fantastic. I take 10-15 before a workout and it gives me a better pump than any of the crazy stuff out there. I’ve given Density to friends who have tried everything (EVERYTHING); and they say there’s nothing like it--they swear there’s got to be something else in there, haha. Lately, I have been trying to eat more whole food, so I have relied on Density even more. To me, the next best are Mass Amino Acids and Ultra 40, for very similar reasons. Muscle Provider is the best postworkout protein powder there is, along with some more Density tablets.

SR-- Was there a specific need or goal you had when you began using BI?

K-- When I first started using Beverly, it was just desperation--to try to find something to help a skinny ectomorph finally put on some noticeable muscle. More recently though it was for injury recovery. I had a pec tear last year (the only time in my life I was working with a trainer and I have my first and only training injury!), and after a layoff from surgery, I needed everything on point to try to get back whatever I had lost in the months with no upper body training. I got pretty close to getting back in shape when I was offered the acting role in the web series I mentioned earlier. I wanted that character to be imposing and intimidating, not only mentally, but physically. Since I am 6′4″, I knew I’d have to add around 20 pounds to get where I wanted. I really upped the Mass and Ultra 40 at every meal (up to 8 to 10 of each), along with taking up to 15 Density with my workouts. I also went up to 3 scoops of UMP instead of 2 in my shakes. That along with switching from the keto diet/lifestyle I usually followed to a ‘carbs with every meal’ type of diet (like the one Duane Johnson follows, with lower calories since he’s a monster, and I’m not quite there) got me pretty close to my goals.

SR-- Did BI help support that? If yes, in what way? Do you feel different compared to before you were taking BI supplements?

K-- I don’t think anyone who has ever used Beverly consistently could ever go back to inferior supplements. They really are something special, and the results do fulfill the elusive ‘feel it now’ promise.

SR-- Can you sum up how you feel about BI as a supplement company?

K-- Added to all that I’ve already said about the products, the people are great. I first met Sandy at the Arnold Classic years ago and she treated me like an old friend. I’ve run into people who have helped me with diets in the past from Beverly, who don’t even work there anymore and they are still so eager and willing to be helpful. To be totally honest, Beverly could have robots or uninterested operators take their orders, and the products are so good, I’d still buy them happily. But, when you add genuinely good people to the mix, it elevates the entire experience.

Steve Dittman

Steve Dittman double bicep pose

Steve Dittman, age 54, owner of FIT 24 has been training for 33 years. He’s 5′11″ and weighs in the 200-215lbs range depending on whether he is in off-season or stage ready.

Steve believes in continuous improvement and starting in 2010 entered a series of drug tested (over 50) contests in pursuit of his natural pro card. After each contest he would seek feedback from the judges and training partners, formulate a plan for improvement, and implement the plan. This year he achieved his goal by winning the Masters overall (40 and 50) and earned his natural pro card. One tip he gives prospective competitors, is you are not judged so much for your good points, but are counted off for your weak ones.

Diet: I follow a low carb, high protein diet the first half of the day, and switch to high carb and high protein after training. I reduce the number of carbs as I get closer to a show to help burn off any remaining body fat.

Cardio: First thing in the morning I do 15 minutes of HIIT training on a recumbent bike 3 times a week. If I’m not leaning out fast enough, I will add 1 more weekly session. In the evening I do 30 minutes of steady state cardio 3-4 times a week. (In the summer this often consists of pushing a 21″ lawnmower – I get in my cardio and the grass cut at the same time.)

Workout: My favorite workout is back; a workout would look like this:
1. 3 sets of 6-8 reps of bent over rows using a Hammer Strength leg press.
2. 2 sets of weighted pull-ups 6-8 reps, vary the grip width on the 2 sets.
3. 2 sets of pullovers 8-10 reps.
4. 2 sets of pulldowns 6 – 8 reps (I use a different bar every workout).
1. Muscle Provider – 1.5 scoops post workout, another scoop 1.5 hours after the post workout shake.
2. 4 Mass Amino Acids and 2 Ultra 40 with each meal to help hold size.
3. UMP – ½ scoop first thing in the morning ½ scoop 1 hour later. 2 scoops around 9:00 pm either a shake, make it up as pudding, or as pancakes. I switch between UMP Rocky Road and UMP Strawberry.
4. My go to products for getting lean are Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean, this combination is awesome for getting your body fat down to competition levels.
5. Quadracarn – I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night before bed. At 54 I am holding a solid 215 off season, I train with guys that are younger and heavier than me and can hang with them strength wise. This product works!

UMP is the bestselling product at my gym. Once people try it they continue to buy it. I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t have to try to get someone to understand how much time and effort they are wasting when they use a low quality protein. If you are going to train hard and eat right why would you buy substandard supplements? With Beverly International there is no question about their quality or effectiveness. I make my living off how I look so it is crucial that I use supplements that work!

FEM Physique

Natalie Bushaw Photo

Natalie Bushaw golden db

I am such a fan of Beverly International. I started subscribing to the magazine several years ago and always find myself waiting impatiently for the next issue. I’m also a huge fan of UMP and several others (Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean and most recently, Quadracarn).

As it relates to UMP, I think I’m up to ten people in my office and five outside of work who have started ordering UMP based on seeing my cookie dough or protein shakes at work and seeing my pics of pancakes or other recipes on social media. It seems every week someone new comes my way and says, Okay, tell me about this protein. I’ve LOVED spreading the Bev love and seeing people come to enjoy it (probably not as much as I do, but loving it nonetheless).

My favs:

  • Vanilla UMP mixed with a small amount of water and 12 dark chocolate chips = chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Vanilla UMP mixed with a small amount of water and 1 tbsp of PB2 = peanut butter cookie dough
  • Rocky Road UMP shake with two drops of peppermint = chocolate mint shake
  • Vanilla UMP shake with one scoop of espresso dynamic greens and one packet of instant coffee = healthy frozen mocha

Thanks for developing the BEST protein I’ve ever had and creating such an easy, quick, and convenient ordering process.

Lila Pregram

I’m so proud to use your products! Here’s a typical Beverly day..

Lila Pregram center stage
FitTabs – 2 with Meals 1 & 5
EFA Gold – 2 with Meals 1 & 5
Lean Out – 2 with every meal
7-Keto MuscLean – 3 with meals 1 & 3
Quadracarn – 3 with meals 1 & 5
Glutamine Select – 1–2 scoops during training and throughout the day, it really helps hunger pains!! Plus it helps power me through some tough workouts!
Density – For my last contest prep I was taking 12 daily, what a difference in tough workouts! I was never sore at all!!
Nutrition Plan:
Meal 1: 5 egg whites, ½ cup oatmeal, coffee
Meal 2: 4oz. 99% lean ground turkey or chicken breast, 1 cup green veggies, 3oz. sweet potato or 10 almonds
Meal 3: 4oz. 99% ground turkey, 3oz. sweet potato or ½ avocado (depending if it’s a low carb day!)
Meal 4: 1½ scoop UMP (my favorite is strawberry and chocolate mixed!! Yummy)
Meal 5: 4oz. chicken breast or 99% lean turkey, 1 cup green veggies
Meal 6: 1½ scoops UMP
I always see these great UMP recipes, I haven’t tried any yet because I think it’s great just the way it is

[Lila’s supplements infographic 600w (235KB)]

Jamie Isaacson

Staff Sergeant Jamie Isaacson USMC

Jamie Isaacson, Staff Sergeant in the USMC, 14 years Active Duty, currently stationed at McDonough, GA with her daughter, Madison (8) and bulldog, Lola.

SR–– What are your favorite fitness activities?

I like running (short distances), beach volleyball, and swimming. Swimming has always been a passion of mine as I swam starting in grade school through high school and some college. But, I enjoy weight lifting the most by far. There’s something about getting lost in the world of weights and just realizing how strong you become. I do however incorporate some CrossFit WODs every now and then.

SR–– How long have you been using Beverly supplements?

I have been using BI products since late 2012. Ever since, I haven’t looked back. I love the fact of how every product on the website goes in depth of how to properly use them, as well as the ingredients are very healthy and do not cause any irritation to my body.

SR-- How did you first hook up with Beverly International?

It was late 2012 and I was forward deployed to Afghanistan. I kept talking with a girlfriend of mine, WBFF Bikini Pro Destiny Caporaletti-Flynn; about one day competing and I decided to just do it, that way I had a goal. I ended up looking for online coaches who had experiences with overseas military members. I found Julie Lohre this way, and we conversed back and forth via email a few times, and one phone call. When she introduced me to the Beverly products; I absolutely fell in love with the BI family. I thank Julie Lohre for giving me the first taste of an 8 week program along with BI supplements.

SR-- What are your favorite Beverly products? What is your supplement schedule?

Favorite product: ALL OF THEM! But if you made me choose one, I would have to say it’s a tie between my Glutamine Select and Lean Out.

My Supplement Schedule as followed (as of right now with my contest prep):

  • FitTabs – 2 in the a.m., 2 in the p.m.
  • Ultra 40 – 2 with every meal per day (5 meals/day)
  • Density – 3 tablets per day (1-breakfast, 1-lunch, 1 –dinner)
  • Lean Out – 2 capsules with every meal
  • Glutamine Select – before training/drink during training
  • UMP – 2 scoops at meal 2 and meal 4 (Chocolate flavored!) yum!

SR—Did you have a specific goal when you began using Beverly supplements?

At first I just wanted to better my overall health. I had set my mind that in 12 months I would be on stage. My first 8 week program with Julie was phenomenal. She was always there when I sent an email and when I felt stressed and she kept telling me to “trust the process”. After my 8 weeks with Julie, I felt amazing and had more confidence and drive to keep improving. On July 19, 2014, I hit my very first WBFF Show, in Denver, Colorado. I took 2nd place Overall WBFF Figure Diva Category. Four weeks later, I went to a show in Woodbridge, VA, and took 1st in my Figure class, and 2nd overall in the INBA. SR-- How do you feel about your experience with BI as a supplement company?

Beverly International is phenomenal. The main thing I love about Beverly is that they are honest, sincere and care about their customers and actually have a relationship with us. The fact that if I have any questions, I know I can reach out to BI Headquarters and actually talk to real person that is knowledgeable about the BI line and uses the products as well.

Beverly International has been amazing to me and my family. I know I have reached out to them from overseas a few times, and they take care of me right away! I believe this company is one of these best, if not now; the BEST supplement company right now on the market. I love the magazine articles and the Athlete Showcases detailing how others train and what products they take. I love doing business with Beverly International and will continue to do so throughout the years!

Monster IV shake

Monster shake Mass Maker Ultimate Muscle Protein

Feature Recipe

The Monster IV Shake by Nathaniel L. Mainord, DC, CCEP, FMT

Optimal Health & Performance, Pain LASER Centre of Tennessee

UMP/Mass Make Monster Shake
16oz. raw milk (grass-fed, non-pasteurized)
2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra (MMU)
3 scoops UMP
40oz. Water
(I use vanilla MMU and vary the UMP flavors.) Combine milk and 1 cup of water in a blender with MMU and UMP. Pour this mixture into a container and add 4 more cups of water. Keep a portion in the fridge for later and pour the rest into a blender bottle so that you can sip from it throughout the day. Save a portion for post-workout (8-10 oz).
Calories (1100); Protein (103grams);
Carbs (86grams); Fat (39.5grams)
This is a great alternative for someone with a very busy schedule who doesn’t have time for meals, and athletes/"hard gainers" needing additional calories. I also take the Mass Aminos/Ultra40 stack with each drink (20 of each throughout the day.)

Behind the scenes and Beverly forecast

Congrats to BEVERLY Client Advisor, Chris Zimmerman, and his better half Stephany Cahall on the birth of their son, Magnus! They are doing everything just right!!!

Baby Magnus reading NNM

FYI: The Top 10 BI Bestselling items for the past 3 months in order are:

UMP Chocolate, UMP Vanilla, Lean Out, UMP Cookies &Créme, 7-Keto MuscLean, Quadracarn, UMP Strawberry, Glutamine Select, Muscle Provider Chocolate, and Ultra 40 liver.

NEW – Hot off the press— Do YOU need a Beverly catalog? We have them!!! Just ask for a new catalog when you order!

Supplement catalog cover

Want to see yourself in the NNM? If you would like to submit a testimonial or even write an article, our biggest stopgap is getting High Resolution photos from you. Plan ahead and get a few just in case you need them in the future!! You never know!! Thank you for your loyalty and we love serving you. TA TA for now!

Sandy Riedinger
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