Beverly Beat with Sandy Riedinger

Winter 2016
Magazine 20 #4

As far as I’m concerned, YOU need to know the Ins and Outs, Why’s and How’s about Beverly! Since you are reading this issue, let’s start with our magazine.

Why do we (Beverly) publish our own Magazine?

(Insider abbreviation: NNM = No Nonsense Magazine)

Great Question!

How it all began: The “No Nonsense” began in 1995 as a black and white newsletter. We were looking for a way to educate and showcase our clients’ transformational achievements. Beverly's real world before and after compilations became a popular and inspirational way to share how one can change their body with correct nutrients and foods, supplements and proper training methods.

Gotta be a BEVERLY User to get in the door: As the years went by, the lay out and creative techniques were improved. But, one thing remained constant. Every person featured in the magazine is a real BEVERLY user. You can’t get in the magazine without being the real deal. The articles are written and submitted by Beverly clients. Roger is the Editor in Chief. If you are not a BEVERLY User we are not interested. Just Keepin’ it real. The articles are timeless. These real-life stories have been an inspiration to first timers and offer continuing encouragement to veterans to keep up the Fit Fight!

We tell you How to do it: The NNM is a teaching tool. I went into our online archives and carefully reread a few of our past articles. My goodness, the training information alone is a treasure-trove. We know some of you cannot afford to pay a trainer. But, many trainers also use the NNM to find ‘workouts that work’ to train their clients or themselves. The NNM is multipurpose. It feeds your need for inspiration, offers nutrition and training guidelines along with REAL People explaining how they actually use BI products to make changes to their physiques.

Should I share my story with Beverly or not? Heck Yea! If you do not share your accomplishments or journey with us, we have absolutely no idea that you are even interested. I may run across someone from Facebook or receive an email that gets their story rolling. Don’t wait for us to ask you. If you would like to share, contact us. My email is [email protected] Never assume!!! Often, we don’t even know that you are a BEVERLY user. YOU have to tell us! Please!

NO the writers are not sponsored athletes! The NNM contributors are not sponsored, they offer their stories because they want to give back to the BEVNUT community and maybe catch a bit of stardom for themselves. Maybe recognition is the driver. Maybe they realize that if we publish their story, they can help their gym, trainer, contest promoter, photographer and others who have contributed to their success. It’s one big linked chain all connected together by one publication.

Increased Exposure: We are happy that the authors receive increased exposure after their articles are showcased in No Nonsense. Some of those featured have businesses and it really helps them pick up new clients. Since we print over 100,000 magazines each issue, the exposure is forever out there. We love to help others (it’s actually a LIFE goal of mine and Roger’s) and see how their businesses and lives are enhanced from the magazine. Many NNM’s are handed off to friends and family after being read. Some have a library where each issue is collected and saved year after year. (We’d love for you to share a photo of your NNM library with us.)

Keep in touch, Friend: The NNM allows us to keep in touch with our Beverly Population. We publish 4 issues each year. It costs you nothing to sign up and it’s delivered at no charge to you. You can also view it digitally in the Articles section of our website. We also have a No Nonsense Magazine Facebook page dedicated to the articles in each issue.

The magazine is BEVERLY: It’s an extension of our Beverly International brand. Beverly does not advertise in other publications. You want to get to know us? READ the magazine!! Just like Jimmy Olsen from Superman said, “READ all about it!” You will get a good feel for what we are about. We are unique like this. We pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality products. We publish a free, user friendly, educational magazine with a NO Flash-NO Nonsense approach to selling supplements that actually do what they are intended to do. There is never a hard sell. NO push. Our goal is to have knowledgeable clients. We believe that the more you know about the supplements you are using, the better supplement users you will be. Beverly resellers use the NNM to assist their staff and clients as well. If you haven’t received our BEV product catalogue you should get one.

You’ve heard of Word of Mouth advertising: The NNM is our word of mouth tool. It is the chief expenditure in our Marketing budget. It is our written message to our BEVNUT’s!

One post on our Facebook page said: “The magazine offers lots of information about diet, training and supplements. It is never a hard sell.”

Here’s one of the best things I can hear from someone: “It’s a dream come true for me to be in the magazine. It’s been a goal of mine for years. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being featured.”

Now that you know: The NNM has been an ongoing year in and year out project that we are proud to mail to your door. Roger and I enjoy our projects and working together! I love being the connector with you. We appreciate you being a learned “BEVNUTer” and sharing our magazines with others.

PDF back issue from Vol. 8 issue 1 by Greg A. Daniels

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If you have a story, let’s share it with the world. My email is [email protected]. Ta Ta for now.

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