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Contents Volume 21 Issue 2

This issue: IFBB Pros Figure and Classic Physique, Natural Muscle Size Supplements Workout Diet, NEW! Design your Supplement Plan Chart, From 180 to WOW!

On the Cover Joe Corbett,
photo by Chris Persigehl

Natural Muscle Size Supplement, Workout, and Diet Program

The Natural Muscle Size program is about as close to a muscle-building “slam dunk” as you can get. So make a copy today, tape it to your fridge, and follow it level by level, step by step. You can’t help but grow.

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My Weight Loss Journey: From 180 to Wow

By: Stacey Beers

Stacey Beers Fitbody photoshoot
I was tired of the headaches, stress and just being generally unhappy. My clothes were always tight and I felt unattractive. I was tired of trying on 6 different outfits every morning and then squeezing in to a size ten when I should have worn a fourteen.
20 January 2017

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Joe Corbett: Mature Muscle Personified

By: Joe Corbett, IFBB Classic Physique Pro

Joe training delts

At the NPC Team Universe I competed in both Bodybuilding and the new Classic Physique division. I felt good about entering the “Classic” division because the emphasis was not so much on size, but on aesthetics and conditioning.

14 Feburary 2017

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Judy Weichman: Negative Conditions Handled By Positive Attitude

By: Steve Colescott, The Guerrilla Journalist

Judy Weichman posing center stage

What makes Judy special? It’s not just winning her pro card, but how she handled the challenges of real life. It wasn’t using her burdens to accept less from the world, it was how she put forth the effort to make her life as good as possible.

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An Average Bodybuilder’s Journey

By: Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne muscular

I am an average, everyday person with work and family responsibilities. My body type is a “skinny-fat” ectomorph with naturally narrow clavicles, pudgy belly and chicken legs and arms. In this article I’ll tell you how I was able to overcome these limitations.

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Misty Vaccariello’s FITBODY Experience

By: Julie Lohre

Misty Vaccariello transformed
Over the course of 8 months, Misty completely transformed her body. Not only has she lost more than 20 lbs on the scale, she has gained considerable muscle.

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Supplement Plans that Work for Every Body and Budget

By: The Beverly Advisor Team
Beverly’s easy-to-use chart helps you design a personalized supplement plan which meets your goals and your budget!

Female Supplement Plans

Male Supplement Plans