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  • Be successful “beginning” bodybuilder
  • Year in Figure training and cardio program
  • Step on stage with more confidence
  • Beverly is 50 since 1967
  • Added 4 inches to my shoulder circumference
  • Diet is important component in training
  • A complete beginning bodybuilder’s course

Driven Part 1

By: Steve Colescott, the Guerilla Journalist

Josh King seated cable row

Become a successful “beginning” bodybuilder!
Stick to the program.
Keep track of your results, and every training session will be like a step forward towards achieving everything in which your body is capable.

My First Year in Figure

By: Michelle Brown

Michelle center stage at Grand Prix
Photo by Sara Dills

Here’s a comprehensive look at what I’ve found to be my best nutrition, supplement, training and cardio programs.

Competitive Hunger

Struggles and successes in my journey from organized baseball to competitive bodybuilding

By: Joey Ensley

Joey Ensley first place Bantamweight

After eight months of grinding in the gym, eating with a purpose and most importantly, following Beverly’s supplementation recommendations, I put on a solid 6lbs of muscle! Based on these results I was able to step on stage with more confidence than ever.

By: Wendi Eldred

Wendi Eldre Front Pose

In less than two years, I’ve added 4 inches to my shoulder circumference, 6 inches to my chest/back measurement, and more than an inch on each arm. In this article I’ll share my Nutrition, Supplement, and Training Plans.

Down, But Not Out

By: Brad MacGregor

Brad MacGregor winning trophy

It took me many years to fully understand that diet is the most important component in training to compete. Over the 30 years I’ve been training I have tried all types of diets and supplements, but not until the last few years have I finally got my nutritional program where it needs to be.

Alexis Fourman, WNBF MS Fitbody Professional

By: Alexis Fourman

Alexis Fourman pro status in WNBF

With Julie Lohre’s help, I competed in my first figure competitions this year and earned professional status in the WNBF MS Fitbody division.


By: The Beverly Advisor Team

Beverly International has been making supplement plans that work for 50 years. Whether you’re looking for that competitive edge, or just want to get back in shape, the right supplement plan can make it easier by ensuring you get the maximum results possible from your diet and training efforts.

Supplement Plans that Work for Every Body and Budget

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