Here are the most frequently asked questions about our supplement plan charts

By: The Beverly Advisor Team
Magazine 21 #3

17 July 2017

Beverly International has been making supplement plans that work for 50 years. Whether you’re looking for that competitive edge, or just want to get back in shape, we know it is never easy. But the right supplement plan can make it easier by ensuring you get the maximum results possible from your diet and training efforts.

One big strength Beverly has over other supplement brands is its history, particularly as it concerns creating supplement plans that work. Beverly was founded by nutrition expert Jim Heflin in 1967. Over the course of decades, he tirelessly created hundreds of customized diet and supplement plans for men and women seeking to improve their physique and performance. This included everyone from “average Joes” to top amateur and professional bodybuilders and other athletes trying to eke out every bit of their genetic potential.

When Roger and Sandy Riedinger took over Beverly in 1999, they inherited Jim’s wealth of knowledge and continued building on it. Since then, Beverly’s in-house Team of Supplement Advisors have created plans for hundreds of additional clients, if not more. The insights and feedback we’ve amassed over the last 50 years has allowed us to determine which combinations of Beverly products deliver the best results.

To help with your supplement selection and ensure you get the best results possible from your investment, we’ve laid out the most effective and popular of these product combinations in our Supplement Plan Charts.

Supplement plans for women include

  • Slim & Tighten – how to achieve a tight and toned body
  • Bodysculpt – take muscle building and definition to the next level
  • Fit 45+ – improve fitness and wellness while reversing age-related fat gain
  • Contest Prep – for pre-contest bikini, figure, fitness & physique competitors’

Supplement plans for men include

  • Natural Muscle Size – maximize your muscle-building potential – naturally
  • Fat-Loss Accelerator – lose fat, cut and define muscle
  • Mature Muscle 40+ – reverse age-associated fat gain and muscle loss; restore fitness & vitality
  • Contest Prep – for pre-contest bodybuilding and physique competitors

Start building your great body

Aspirin can’t fix every problem. Similarly, no supplement is an island. Our growing family of loyal customers have found that by strategically combining Beverly products, they can encourage their body to improve by bigger leaps and bounds. Now, joining the family is easier than ever. To start building your great body, read the FAQ below and then check out the Women’s chart on page 40 or the Men’s chart on page 41. If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact our Beverly Advisor Team at 1-800-781-3475 or you can email us at

Section 1:

General questions

How do I decide which supplement plan to use?

There is one chart for men and one for women. Each plan has a name (e.g. Natural Muscle Size, Slim & Tighten, etc.), underneath the name there is a description. This information tells you what kind of benefits you can expect from the plan and who it is intended for. Use it to pick the one that best suits your goals.

How do I decide which level to start with?

Each plan is available in 3 levels. The higher the level (3 > 2 > 1), the more comprehensive the plan. Choose the level that best suits your budget and level of experience with supplements and training.

Jonelle Baglia stands next to table of supplements
Jonelle Baglia Photo credit: Rick Lohre

Should I start with Level 1?

A good approach is to start with Level 1 and gradually work your way up to Level 3. However, if you want to jump right into a more comprehensive plan and it fits your budget, then go ahead and start with Level 2 or 3.

Can I switch plans?

Absolutely. We encourage periodically switching between plans as your goals change to experience different benefits, and make things more fun and interesting. Here are some examples:

A man might use Natural Muscle Size to bulk up his muscle mass before moving on to Fat-Loss Accelerator to cut and define his physique. Later, he might return to Natural Muscle Size to pack on more mass.

A woman might work up through each level of Slim & Tighten to shed a few pounds of fat and tighten her midsection before moving on to Bodysculpting where she can place greater emphasis on building lean muscle.

A Baby Boomer might start with Fit 45+ (women) or Mature Muscle (men) and down the road switch to Contest Prep after becoming inspired to compete in a physique contest.

How long should I stick with a plan before switching?

With the exception of the Contest Prep plans, we recommend that you stick with a given plan for a minimum of 3 months before switching to a different one. Note that some people remain with the same plan for much longer than this, or indefinitely. Again, the exception would be the Contest Prep plans, which are typically used for 8-12 weeks out from a physique competition. (By “physique competition” we include contests in the bikini, bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and physique categories.)

How long should I stick with a level before moving up?

As long as you stick with your chosen plan for a minimum of 3 months, you can spend as much time as you want at each level. In general, you should stay at a particular level for 4 weeks or more before moving up. Some people decide to move up a level when they hit a plateau, in an effort to break a personal best, or when they change their diet or increase the volume and/or intensity of their training.

Do I have to use all of the products within a level?

We recommend using all of the products listed within a given level to experience the best results. As discussed in the introduction, our product recommendations are based on feedback from thousands of clients for whom we have created customized diet and supplement plans over the past 50 years. The Supplement Plan Charts reflect the “best of the best“ plans for each individualized goal.

Can I move down a level?

Yes. For instance, occasionally a client will incur an unexpected expense which requires that they reduce their supplement budget. Rather than stop completely and risk losing some of the gains they–ve achieved, they will move down a level or two.

Within each level, are the products listed in order of importance?

How should I be eating while using one of your supplement plans?

For suggestions, go to where you’ll find a variety of eating plans customized according to gender, body weight, and goals. Each plan includes grocery lists and specific suggestions for meal frequency, meal order, portion size, and more. You can also find sample eating plans in the athlete profiles in our free magazine, No Nonsense.

Is there a particular workout routine I should be using with each plan?

Each plan featured in our Supplement Plan Charts will work with a wide range of workout routines. In general, you should be training a minimum of 3, and ideally, 4 or more times a week, using a combination of weights and cardio. For workout suggestions, go to where you’ll find an assortment of time-tested routines. As with eating plans, you can also find lots of training ideas in our free magazine, No Nonsense.

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How long will it take to get results?

Results tend to vary between individuals depending on the supplement plan chosen, as well as diet, training, age, gender, and other factors. In general, after 2 weeks of using one of our supplement plans, customers typically report:

  • increased energy
  • increased strength
  • increased stamina
  • increased feeling of wellness and vitality
  • After 4-6 weeks, (depending on plan, diet, training, etc.) customers typically notice:

    • substantial fat loss
    • increased muscle tone and definition
    • improvements in body shape
    • continued strength gains
    • muscle gain
    • increased self-confidence

    I’ve heard a lot about the quality of Beverly, and I want to get started on one of your supplement plans, but I’m concerned about costs.

    It’s normal to be concerned about costs. For tips on how to make supplements more affordable, consider the following:

    • Each plan is available in 3 levels so as to appeal to different-sized budgets.
    • Customers generally find that the results they achieve while using our plans more than justify the costs. This is echoed by our exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction.
    • Customers report spending less money on groceries while using Beverly supplement plans. Being on a plan motivates them to eat a clean diet consistently so that they get the best results possible. Because they spend less on eating out, processed foods, and impulse buying, they end up having more room in their budget for supplements.
    • Many of our customers use only Beverly products. They’re not spending money on other supplements because they can meet all of their needs with our wide assortment of products.
    • All Beverly products are backed by our 60-Day, Zero-Risk, 100%-Satisfaction guarantee.

    We recommend that you start by using the Supplement Plan Charts to pick a plan that best suits your goals. Next, choose the plan level that you feel most comfortable with from a cost standpoint. Keep in mind that the longer you stick with the plan, the greater your results will tend to be. Last, but not least, think of your supplement plan not merely as an expense, but rather an investment in a healthy, high-performance body and mind.

    I have a strict budget, but I’m not a novice when it comes to training or supplements. Will Level 1 still work for me?

    Yes. If you use the recommended products as directed, train hard and stick to a good diet, you can get great results with Level 1 of any of our plans.

    I’m not ready for a supplement plan just yet. Will I still get results if I “test the water” using one product?

    Yes. Each Beverly product is capable of providing satisfying results on its own when used as directed. That’s why we stand behind our 60-Day, Zero-risk, 100%-Satisfaction guarantee.

    Section 2:

    Plan-specific questions

    I’m a 45-year-old woman trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Which plan should I use?

    Start with Fit 45+. This is an excellent plan that will help you reverse age-associated fat gain and muscle loss. Choose the level that best suits your goals, budget, and training level. As above, if you want the most comprehensive plan available, you can jump right up to Level 2 or 3. Otherwise, start with Level 1 and gradually work your way up.

    I’ve been using Mature Muscle Level 2 for just over a year. I’ve gotten fantastic results -my body looks a lot different compared to when I started- but I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. What should I do? Move up to Level 3?

    Congratulations on your hard work! Plateaus are normal. It’s impossible to keep improving indefinitely. That’s why we recommend periodically hitting the “refresh” button by changing your supplement plan, your training routine, and even your diet. With this in mind, start by finishing up your products from Mature Muscle Level 2. Next, change your training routine. For training ideas, visit Once you’ve selected a new training routine, switch to a different Beverly supplement plan, such as Fat-Loss Accelerator or Natural Muscle Size. Stay with your new plan for at least 3 months, and preferably longer. You can switch back to Mature Muscle Level 3 at a later date, at which time you can change your training routine again, depending on your progress.

    I’m a 41-year-old man trying to lose fat and gain muscle. What would be the best plan for me?

    Start with Mature Muscle. Choose the level that suits your goals, budget, and training level. If you’re really ambitious and want the most comprehensive plan available, you can jump right up to Level 2 or 3. Otherwise, gradually work your way up from Level 1 to 3.

    Due to an illness, I haven’t trained in 6 months. I am totally recovered and have my doctor’s clearance to resume training. I am 42 years old and need to lose a bit over 30 pounds. Should I use Level 1 or 2 of Fat-Loss Accelerator?

    As long as your doctor has given you clearance to resume using supplements, you can start with Fat-Loss Accelerator Level 2. The combination of Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean in this plan will help you achieve a healthy bodyweight, among other fatloss-related benefits. We recommend that you run your chosen supplement plan by your doctor before getting started.

    Sabrina Sonner tricep side pose
    Photo credit: Dan Ray Sabrina Sonner

    My husband and I have been training for years. It would be helpful if we can do the same plan. Would that be all right? We have similar goals – building lean, defined muscle and looking good for our age, of course! We like the products in Mature Muscle Level 3.

    Yes. If you and your husband find a plan that suits you both, then go ahead and share it.

    I just turned 39 and my goal is to compete in a natural (drug-free) bodybuilding contest before I turn 40. I maintain 7.5 percent body fat year round. I currently take a variety of supplements pre-workout, post-workout, protein, creatine, etc. I’m trying to decide between Contest Prep Level 2 or 3 for men. Do I need Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean if my body fat is so low?

    Since you are very close to contest condition, we recommend Contest Prep Level 3. The Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, and other products in this plan will help you keep your body fat low and preserve, and even build, lean muscle. Preserving muscle while stripping away body fat becomes especially difficult as you get closer to a contest, as your diet and training are typically more rigorous.

    My 18-year-old is a starter on his high-school football team and needs to get the edge. Is it safe to have him take the combination of products in Natural Muscle Size Level 2? He currently takes a protein powder and a cheap creatine from a large discount chain.

    Natural Muscle Size Level 1 is both safe and a great choice for your son. The combination of UMP, Ultra 40 and Mass Amino Acids in this plan will help him achieve an athletic edge in the gym and on the football field. FitTabs will supply him with extra micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). We suggest your son stay with Natural Muscle Size Level 1 for a minimum of 6-8 weeks before moving up a level. Level 2 includes our premium creatine formula, Creatine Select, which will also help him achieve an edge by boosting muscle strength, power, and mass. If at any time your son feels he needs extra calories to help maintain or gain weight, he can add Mass Maker Ultra to his plan.

    I see all the young guys at the gym using Beverly proteins. I’m 65, retired, and want to get my body back in good shape. What’s a good plan for someone my age? I don’t want to spend my life savings on supplements, but I do want to feel my best. What happens if I start this program and then stop after 6 months?

    We recommend starting with Level 1 of our Mature Muscle plan. As long as you’re following a good diet and working out hard, this plan will help you get back in shape faster. You should be working out with a combination of resistance exercise (weights) and cardio at least 3, and ideally, 4 times a week. As would be the case if you stopped working out or let your eating habits deteriorate, the gains you make from supplements will eventually fade once you stop using them. Think of a Beverly supplement plan as a component of a healthy, high-performance lifestyle, not a temporary fix. This will ensure you stay in shape for a long time to come!

    My trainer says I should start taking supplements, including a protein powder. I’m 55 years old and completely new to all of this. Which plan should I start with?

    Rather than jump right into one of the plans, your best bet is to start with UMP for your protein powder. It’s the highest quality and best tasting out there. As your training progresses, gradually work your way into the plan which best matches your training goals. Ask your trainer for help or call us here at Beverly International, 1-800-781-3475, or email, our Beverly Advisor Team will be happy to help you.

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    Molli Smith

    SECTION 3:

    Product-specific questions

    I like both UMP and MP. What’s the difference between them?

    For all intents and purposes, Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) and Muscle Provider (MP) are very similar. We generally recommend Ultimate Muscle Protein if:

    • you want a protein supplement that can be used at any time or day, or as a meal replacement, or
    • this is your first time using a protein supplement.

    We generally recommend Muscle Provider if you chiefly want to use your protein supplement:

    • immediately before and/or after workouts,
    • pre-contest, or
    • as a light (non-filling), high-protein snack to carry you over betweenregular meals.

    Some people use both UMP and MP. In this case, they may take UMP in the morning or before bed and MP immediately post-workout. Others simply switch back and forth between UMP and MP for a change of taste/flavor.

    Do I need a multi-vitamin? Which is best, Super Pak or FitTabs?

    A multi-vitamin / mineral (FitTabs or Super Pak) is included in all of the plans to supply your body with the essential micronutrients that it needs to function at its optimal level.

    We recommend using the product recommended in your chosen plan. In general, Super Pak is used by advanced athletes, particularly those performing prolonged or exhaustive exercise. Many women like FitTabs because it contains iron peptonate, an easily absorbed form of iron not found in other products. Both Super Pak and FitTabs are custom-made formulas that you can find only from Beverly.

    I noticed that the plans in your charts don’t contain a pre-workout product. I was already taking a preworkout product from another brand. Is it necessary?

    A pre-workout product is not essential in any of the supplement plans that appear in our charts.

    Most of the plans contain supplements such as 7-Keto MuscLean, Creatine Select, Muscle Synergy, and Ultra 40, each of which has properties that will benefit you during your workouts.

    However, many clients frequently take Fast-Up (caffeinated) and / or Up-Lift (not caffeinated) pre-workout for an extra performance boost. If you’d like to add one or the other to your plan, and it fits your budget, go ahead.

    Can I just take Lean Out by itself, or do I need to take it with 7-Keto MuscLean?

    Lean Out alone will definitely help you get lean. It helps your body transport stored fat to be burned as fuel and it helps your body handle carbohydrates more efficiently.

    But, if you’re on a plan which specifies taking both Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean, then this is what we recommend. Customers typically report the greatest improvements in body composition (i.e. changes in % body fat vs lean muscle) when they use Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean together.

    Can I use Mass Maker Ultra with any of the plans?

    Clients who get the most benefit from MMU are usually very active and struggling to gain weight, such as athletes in heavy training (e.g. twice-a-day workouts), laborers, etc. In such cases, MMU is often used as a post-workout shake to quickly replace calories quickly and encourage faster recovery from workouts or a hard day’s work. It would definitely be a valid addition to the Natural Muscle Size program or for anyone struggling to gain weight.

    Why isn’t Provosyn listed in the plans?

    Provosyn is a specialized protein formula containing whole egg protein. It is especially popular with hard gainers and strength and power athletes. If you are currently using this product or want to add it to your plan, go ahead and do so. Provosyn is interchangeable with UMP in any of the listed plans, but is especially suitable for the Natural Muscle Size or Mature Muscle programs.

    What if I want to add or continue taking a product that isn’t listed in the plan I’ve chosen?

    If it fits in your budget, go ahead and add it to your plan or continue taking it.

    I don’t see Joint Care listed on the chart. Does this mean I don’t need it?

    The product combinations featured in the Supplement Plan Charts are chiefly used to help lose fat and gain or preserve muscle, since these are the two goals our consumers are most concerned with. Joint Care, on the other hand, is used to promote joint comfort and mobility. If you have joint pain, tendinitis, or just want to improve the integrity of your joints, you should definitely include Joint Care.

    ZMA 2000 was highly recommended due to my sleep pattern being interrupted this prep season. What do you recommend? I am female, 185 lb, 5′10″. Should I take the men’s dose?

    We recommend starting with the women’s dose of ZMA 2000 (2 capsules before bed, on an empty stomach). If you feel you need to increase the dose after 2 weeks, you can move up to the men’s dose of 3 capsules.

    Do I need to cycle any of these supplements?

    No, you do not need to cycle any Beverly products. However, we do encourage periodically switching between plans as your goals change and to “refresh” your body, experience different benefits, and make things more fun and interesting.

    I’m female and I would like to start Slim & Tighten Level 1. Muscle Provider is the only protein I’ve used, and I really like it. Can I use it with this plan?

    Yes, no problem. Muscle Provider is a great protein for use after workouts and as a light, high-protein snack to carry you over in between regular meals.

    I’m female and 8 weeks into my contest prep. The contest is another 8 weeks away. I’m not looking very lean and I always feel drained. I’ve been using other supplement brands, but the people I train with at the gym recommend using Beverly if I want the best. For me it’s not about cost, it’s about being my best. Should I use Level 2 or 3 of the Contest Prep plan? The people at the gym keep talking about Ultra 40 liver tablets, which isn’t in the Contest Prep plan for women. Will it help with my energy?

    We recommend starting with Contest Prep Level 3 for women. This plan will help you get leaner, preserve muscle, reduce muscle soreness and recover faster from workouts. Mix up a serving or two of Glutamine Select before your workouts and sip on it throughout. If your budget allows it, Ultra 40 would be an excellent addition to the Level 3 Contest Prep plan.

    I’m using Bodysculpting Level 1. I have a lot of fat to lose -maybe 20 lb- but I am currently training to build muscle. Can I add Lean Out to my plan? Will this help?

    Yes, you can add Lean Out to Bodysculpting Level 1 if you like. However, an even better option may be to switch to Slim & Tighten Level 3. It includes both Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean. This plan will help you prioritize fat loss, which, based on how much you say you want to lose, seems appropriate. Our customers typically report the best results when they take Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean together. Don’t worry -while you’re on Slim & Tighten Level 3, you can still train to build muscle. In fact, this plan will help you preserve your muscle gains while you lose body fat. Once you’ve achieved your fat-loss goals, you can always switch back to Bodysculpting.

    I’m about to start Slim & Tighten. I’m already using Glutamine Select and loving it, but it’s not listed in this plan until Level 3. Should I stop taking it?

    If your budget allows it, go ahead and continue using it. Glutamine Select will provide the added benefits of recovery and muscle preservation to any of the listed supplement plans.

    I’m entering my first physique contest. I’m on Pre-Contest Level 1 for men. I can only really afford 3 products right now, so something has to go. What do you suggest?

    Our recommendation would be to take UMP, Mass Amino Acids, and Ultra 40. You can leave out FitTabs until your budget allows you to add it.

    I’ve had good results with Creatine Select on Natural Muscle Size Level 2. I see that it’s not included in Level.

    Can I keep taking it, or does something take its place?

    In Natural Muscle Size Level 3, Creatine Select is replaced by Muscle Synergy (which contains creatine, HMB and other ingredients), and Quadracarn is added. If you’re ready to move up to Level 3, simply finish your bottle of Creatine Select and then add Muscle Synergy and Quadracarn, as shown in the chart.

    I’m 55 and have been actively training for 30 years. I’m looking to change things up a bit, maybe try a few new Beverly products. I currently use all of the supplements under Natural Muscle Size Level 1, with Super Pak instead of FitTabs. My goals are to get stronger in my bench and squat, and save my legs from atrophying. Should I jump to Level 3 and add Creatine Select along with the other items? I really want to try creatine.

    For starters, if you want to change things up, consider changing your training routine. Sometimes this is enough to break through plateaus and achieve new personal bests. For ideas, check out training. As far as supplements go, we recommend moving up to Natural Muscle Size Level 2. Stay there for 8 weeks and then move up to Level 3. In Level 3, Creatine Select is replaced by Muscle Synergy (which also contains creatine) and Quadracarn is added. This combination of products should work really nicely with your particular goals. If you consider yourself a hard gainer, you can replace UMP or Muscle Provider with Provosyn.

    I’m 42, female, and love the Bodysculpting plans. I use most of the items in Level 3. I really would like to substitute Super Pak for FitTabs since my husband uses it and we can share. I am also low on energy.

    Substituting Super Pak for FitTabs will work fine. Bodysculpting Level 3 includes Ultra 40 liver tabs. If you’re not using this product already, we suggest doing so. (You can share it with your husband, too.) Liver tabs were considered essential by old-school bodybuilders who used them to boost energy, stamina, and muscle growth.

    Supplement plans for women

    Plans that work, for every body & budget. Choose the plan and level below that suits your goals and budget.


    Improve fitness & wellness. Reverse age-associated fat gain.

    Supplement plans for men

    Plans that work, for every body & budget. Choose the plan and level below that suits your goals and budget.

    Maximize your muscle-building potential. Lose fat. Cut & define muscle. For bodybuilding & physique competitors.

    LEVEL 1 For novice athletes, supplement newbies, and strict budgets. UMP Ultra 40 & Mass Amino Acids Quadracarn Ultra 40 & Mass Amino Acids Quadracarn FitTabs.

    LEVEL 2 For intermediate athletes, experienced supplement users, and medium-size budgets.

    Female Supplement Plans

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