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Driven Part 2: Maximum Progress as an Intermediate Bodybuilder

By: Steve Colescott, the Guerilla Journalist

“An intermediate is a trainee who has been training with a beginner’s routine for six months to one year and whose gains have slowed on these routines.” If you followed part one of this series, this Intermediate Program should save you before your gains stall out.

I Lost 25lbs in One Year and Won 1st Place in Bikini

Courtney Moher wins the Renegade Bikini

By: Courtney Moher, 1st Place Class A, NPC 2017 Renegade Classic Believe it or not, after all the time I had spent in the gym with my mom, I was not confident enough in my own knowledge to train myself. I continued like this for years – trying to eat right through the week, but then binging on the weekends – lots of cardio, but hardly any weights. With Mom’s Help

Novice Figure Competitor Starter Program

Medicine Ball Squats Chris Trimpey

By: Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness Professional There is so much information out there… much of it contradictory and some of it down right wrong or dangerous. The Novice Figure Competitor Starter Program will get you heading in the right direction!

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Beverly Beat – Beverly Talk with a Personal Touch

Jaye from Catalyst

By: Sandy Riedinger Beverly is 50 years old! Yes, we’ve made it to the half century mark. As our roots have grown deeper and deeper, we have become even more committed to the core of our business – YOU!  Summer 2017

Step By Step Up the Bodybuilding Ladder

By: Taylor Trantham, OCB 2017 No Gear Classic, 1st Place Novice.

I always dreamed of being a professional athlete. In high school I was a good soccer player and an okay baseball player, but I had an itch for something more. When I graduated high school I met Dr. John Dabbs, a natural pro bodybuilder who introduced me to the sport of natural bodybuilding. This was just what I was looking for – a sport where discipline and hard work could overcome any obstacle.

Grandma Turns Pro – In Her First Contest

Andrea Latkiewicz pro first show

By: Andrea Latkiewicz, Overall Women’s Physique Champion, 2017 ANBC 3D Fit Classic

I started lifting weights when I was 14 years old. I was a freshman in high school when I came across a magazine with Rachel McLish on the cover. I was mesmerized by her combination of beauty and muscles! I wanted to look like her! The magazine said that she had sculpted her physique by training with weights.

Muscle Building Math

Are You Driven to take Your Diet Past a Beginner Level?

Muscle building Math intelligent use of dietary principles.

“There are no shortcuts to muscle development except the intelligent use of dietary principles and the willpower to make it happen,” says John Balik (retired Publisher of Ironman, and one of the first contest prep coaches). You have the willpower. We will provide an intelligent strategy to do it correctly. Get ready to bump your nutrition plan up to a serious level.