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The Beast from Batesville. Pro Figure nutrition, supplement, and training plans. Nutritional adjustments advanced bodybuilders, the first year competing contest prep season many challenges. Multiple natural female “Pro Titleholder.” Time to grow muscle mass, tips for Classic Physique.

NNM cover 22 #1

Volume 22 issue 1 contents

Wendy Doran posing after winning her pro card

Wendy Doran My Natural Pro Figure

My Natural Pro Figure Nutrition, Supplement, and Training Plans

Wendy Doran
NPC Masters Nationals

Return of the Beast from Batesville

Jeff Williamson Wins IFBB Pro Card and his first IFBB Pro Contest

Steve Colescott

What’s Inside

  • DRIVEN: Nutritional Adjustments for Advanced Bodybuilders
    By: Steve Colescott
  • Quality over Quantity
    By: Scott Corey.
  • My first year competing Nutrition, Training, and Supplements
    Chrissy Schultz bikini figure
  • Beverly Beat – Beverly talk with a personal touch
    Frank Lagarde competitor of the year
    By: Sandy Riedinger
  • My Best Contest Prep Season After Many Challenges
    By: Robin Marion
  • Multiple Natural Pro Titleholder
    By: Christina Comparato
  • Time to grow Putting on Muscle Mass
    By: Mike Francois
  • Rusty Opinions With New Training and Nutrition Tips for the Classic Physique Category
    By: Rusty Traufeé