Shaping the Body Tips for the Classic Physique Category

By: Rusty Traufeé, Guru of Iron Gurus
Magazine 22 #1

25 April 2018

Shaping the Body

Before I can get to the segment discussing my contest history in the late seventies, Jordan asks which body parts need to be worked. I jump right onto the subject. “Side and rear delt raises need to be trained with pretty high volume, two or three times a week. With lateral raises, you know the side delt facing the ceiling rule. Keep it strict. Rear delts are equally important and often under-developed. In fact, it is impossible to overdevelop your posterior deltoid. Thickening this muscle will help increase deltoid width. Make cannonballs!”

As both men listen, I jump to the next body part. “A small waistline is critical. Not just from having a low body fat level, but enough development for muscle separation.” I lift my shirt to show the side of my waistline and both Jordan and Chuck are so impressed that they almost cringe in their WOW response.

“You not only need to be lean with a defined six or eight-pack of abs, but have a fully defined midsection. Had I not just eaten a muscle-building lunch, I would show the abdominal vacuum rope pose, but you understand what I mean. You need to not only carve lean abs, have a lean lower back, but develop the muscular detail in the serratus and external obliques.”

Brian ab crunch for lean abs and lean lower back
Brian Wiefering Photo Credit: Ralph DeHaan

“Calves and forearms really matter,” I add. “...and your background in powerlifting did not focus on these body parts. You have some forearm strength from deadlifting but not full development...and those calves do not even know what serious training will do. Get ready to have that cowboy strut due to the soreness you will be experiencing.”

I continue giving my symmetry sermon as Jordan writes down each detail like a man before a prophet. “The bodyparts which are specifically weak in your case are common… upper pecs and leg areas. You need to include incline dumbbell presses, incline flyes, or cable crossovers that directly work the upper pecs. Make sure you bring the dumbbells together above the collarbone or chin rather than the sternum.”

“The leg areas of weakness vary from person-to-person.” (I almost imagine a Hallelujah as I say this.) “In your case, some teardrop quads would balance your upper leg and hip size from powerlifting squats. High-rep leg extensions holding the squeeze at the top, non-lock hack squats, hip abductions, hip adductions, more sets of leg curls, lunges, leg presses with wide duck stances or narrow parallel stances are going to hit areas you have not worked in your Westside Barbell routine.”

“Lastly, you need to focus on lat width, Jordan. You developed decent thickness on your back from deadlifting and chest-supported rows, but now we need to make chin-ups, in as many sets as necessary to get the reps, a major goal of yours. If ye hath faith that Rusty doth provide guidance, thou shalt look classic!” I say to wrap up the Biblical feel that fell upon us.

Double-Deuce has heard these thoughts, but both Chuck and Jordan are deeply engrossed by the classic bodybuilding strategy, so I continue.

Melting Fat

“The one fat loss supplement I recommend you include now is Beverly’s Quadracarn,” I say. Having read the stories of many male and female champions, they were familiar with the great product but anxious to hear how I would include it into Jordan’s program.

mid section serratus external obliques

Your midsection needs to be fully defined, not just lean abs, but noticeable muscular detail in the serratus and external obliques.

“Before you guys even joke about my eighties-based doll-like hair implants,” I say, “I am not just a big fan of Quadracarn based on its boost of hair growth. I have already fixed that… but that is just one of about twenty athletic health benefits.”

“In addition to helping you get ripped,” yells Chuck, “ boosts erectile performance!”

“I think saltpeter might be a better supplement for you in that area,” I say, for my daughter’s benefit. I can’t help but grin as I see Chuck type that product into the NOTES section on his cell phone.

Getting things back to serious, I add, “Quadracarn has four different forms of carnitine plus gymnema sylvestre leaf extract to optimize fatburning while also improving recovery and general health. On a good program, it makes a difference!”

“We are going to hold off on cardio work until it is closer to contest time. If you were in higher body fat we would have included them earlier. For now, we will include Quadracarn, eat a slightly better high-protein diet, and see how the higher volume, shortened rest period changes bring out your muscle separation. Once contest prep time begins we will consider adding Lean Out and/or 7-Keto MuscLean as an added fat burner to bring it up to a new level,” I say. “I think you can make this happen!”

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