Don’t worry about what you weigh

rather have a lean, muscular look!

By: Bob Fisher
Magazine 5 #4

Bodybuilding isn’t just about numbers; it’s all about a balanced, lean, muscular look. I have to admit I haven’t always followed this philosophy. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until I contacted Beverly International that my views changed.

I talked to Roger, told him my dilemma – I was about twelve weeks out from my first contest and was afraid that I was going to end up the same way I had the last time I competed – small, smooth and an also-ran. Roger impressed on me that bodyweight was not what mattered. It is condition. He assured me that the more fat weight I lost, the better would be my contest placing. He also assured me that with the proper supplement program I would not lose lean muscle tissue – some water from my muscles – yes, but no actual loss from my muscle fibers. He then set me up with my first diet:

Supplements with meals:
Supplements: Super Pak, Ultra 40, Mass Aminos
1) 5 oz. lean beef, 6 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, and ½ grapefruit
2) 2 scoops muscle provider, 6 strawberries,
1-tablespoon safflower oil
3) 8 oz. chicken, can green beans, tablespoon safflower
4) Same as (2)
5) 7 oz. lean beef, can green beans
6) Mon. and Thurs.: 10 oz. yam,
1 ½ cup oatmeal, banana, 1-tablespoon butter,
1-can green beans
Bodybuilder Bob Fisher
You see at the time, I weighed 210 pounds and as I look back, I was very FAT. Word gets around and the word circulating was about the success people were enjoying using the Beverly International supplements and nutritional programs. I thought, well, if others can do it so can I. That’s when I made my first call to the Beverly International Nutrition Center.

In five weeks, my bodyweight had dropped to 193 pounds. I was pleasantly surprised. The part I found most fascinating is that I was only using three supplements. I was taking Ultra 40, Mass Aminos and the Beverly International Super Pak. The fat was melting away and much to my surprise, I had no trouble following the diet. I was definitely on my way to a leaner more muscular physique without a lot of hassle.

At eight weeks out, it was time to start Phase II. My diet was changed to the following:
Supplements for weeks 8–5 Super Pak, Ultra 40,
Mass Aminos Supplements from 4 weeks out until show day:
Super Pak, Ultra 40, Muscularity, Lean Out and Energy Reserve
1) 5 oz. turkey, 5 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, and ½ grapefruit
2) 2 scoops muscle provider, 4-6 strawberries, tablespoon Flax
3) 6 oz. chicken, box frozen spinach
4) Same as (2)
5) 5 oz. lean beef, box frozen spinach
5) Mon. and Thursday: 10 oz. yam, 1 ½ cup oatmeal, banana, 1-tablespoon butter, and 2 cups salad

This diet worked so well that I stayed on it until my first contest of the year, the NPC Indianapolis. Along with the diet, Roger also suggested I add hard, full out cardio at six weeks out. This consisted of running one mile on an incline. Although it took only 7-8 minutes, it worked great.

At four weeks out from the Indianapolis, we cut out the Mass Amino tablets, added Muscularity, Lean Out, and Energy Reserve. These supplements really helped dial me in and lose those last few pounds of fat.

At the Indy I placed third in the Novice Lightweight, at a weight of 162 pounds. I was pleased, but knew if I stuck with the Beverly International supplements and the special diet prepared for me, I could do even better at my next competition. I met Roger in person for the first time at the Indianapolis where he said I looked good, but could be much better. I also spoke with head judge at the contest, Ed Sanders who also offered some valuable advice.

At the Indianapolis Sandy measured my bodyfat at 5.7%. Roger said I needed to lose only ½% more and I would be there. As soon as I got home from the show I contacted Roger via e-mail for the Midwest was just two weeks away.

Roger cut my fat intake drastically and upped my carbs. This was totally opposite to my way of thinking, but I followed his advice. It worked wonders. On Thursday before the show Roger cut my carbs out and had me eat only beef and grapefruit while increasing my intake of Muscularity and Energy Reserve for the two days before, and right into the show.

At the Midwest Show I weighed 161 pounds. I felt good and looked great. I won the Novice Lightweight and the Overall. Thanks to Beverly International I now had my first class win and overall title.

I was now pumped and ready for the Indiana State Show. I continued the same strategy. Always keeping my mind geared towards the goals I had set and counting on my friends at Beverly to help me when I thought about going off the path.

I did very well at State, competing in the Open Middleweight. I lost my class by only one point to an excellent, experienced bodybuilder who just happened to be another Beverly International client, Jeff Williamson. And, I accomplished this feat as the lightest competitor in the class, weighing 161 pounds.

Wow! I felt terrific. The judges at each of the last two shows said I was one of the most polished in either competition. That’s quite a compliment!

Bodybuilder Bod Fisher
The judges at Bob’s last two shows said he was the most polished competitor. This rear double bicep pose shows conditioning from head to toe.

I owe Beverly International all my gratitude. Their supplements are outstanding and the counseling I received was better than I could have ever imagined.

My way of thinking about bodybuilding has definitely changed. I look forward to competing again at the Indiana State in 2000 in the best condition of my life. My friend Rich Tucker and I have driven to the Beverly Center periodically this winter. I’ve kept my body fat in single digits and we think I can compete at least ten pounds heavier in 2000.

I would like to leave you with some advice. STAY LEAN in the off-season. View this as a time to improve and prepare for your next show, not a time to blow up. The scale is meaningless, if you are FAT. When you’re on stage, the judges don’t ask, "How much do you weigh?" You want to look bigger than you weigh and you achieve this by staying lean in the off-season.