Won the overall, Best Poser title

At the Supernatural in North Carolina

The Contest preparation begins!

By: Steven Wade
Magazine 5 #4

Many of you reading this article just know me as a voice on the other end of the phone when you call Beverly International. I thought that this might be a good time to tell you a little about myself, my background, how I hooked up with BI.

I guess that my Beverly Experience really started one day as I worked at my father’s gym. I was working there part-time and attending the University of Kentucky where I studied exercise science and nutrition. As I was sitting there reading a bodybuilding magazine behind the front desk, a guy came walking in with a flyer for a bodybuilding show in Lexington. Even though I have no idea who he was, that man gave me something that totally changed my life. I don’t even remember what he looked like, but I sure wish I could thank him.

Looking back, it seems like he was a silent messenger sent to insert a little direction into my life. He was not associated with the show or even bodybuilding; he just placed the flyer in my hands and went his way. I had no idea this would turn out to be such a pivotal point in my life.

Since the show was only a few miles down the road, I decided to attend. I had just turned 18 and my interest centered on the teenage division. I studied each competitor closely. Then, as the entire class walked off stage I turned to my girlfriend at the time and said I can beat those guys I’m going to win this show next year. When I uttered those words, I had no earthly idea as to how I was going to do it. Soon intermission came and I walked out to the lobby.

During the intermission, I crossed paths with two people who have turned out to be two of the most important people in my life. I exchanged a few polite words with the two people at the Beverly International booth and picked up a catalog. But, at the time, I hardly noticed them. When I got back to the gym I threw the catalog under the desk and temporarily forgot about it.

Steven Wade with his trophies
I used that same help this past summer to win the overall Junior and Best Poser title at the Supernatural in North Carolina

The preparation begins!

I was still living at home, so I was also eating at home. I knew that I had to eat like a bodybuilder if I wanted to be one. I looked at a lot of the diets that the Pros were using (or said they were using) in the magazines and tried to eat some of the same foods. I ate a lot of them, because I thought I had to get a lot bigger. There was also a lot of southern home cookin’ thrown in there too!

Well, I definitely got bigger. Six months later I weighed 195 lbs. (up from 170). Then one day I was going through the desk looking for something to pass the time when I found that catalog. Something about it drew me in; the products and info in there just seemed so much more legitimate than the other information I had picked up at the show and from the magazines.

Shortly thereafter, I finally called Beverly International where I talked to some guy named Roger. I told him my plans and my bodyweight and stuff like that. Like many would be bodybuilders I was blowing my own horn. All Roger said was, you must be pretty big. He told me I should come visit them so he could do my body-fat and help me out. He said he worked with lots of bodybuilders to help them get ready for shows. O.K. whatever, I thought. I guess I’ll go and see what this guy has to say.

The next Saturday I met Roger at his office. We exchanged greetings and sat down to talk. This place was stuffed with supplements, competition products, trophies, computer hardware, and articles. I described my current eating regimen (which I had thought was pretty good, but in fact it was horrid) and then he took my body-fat. He said on the phone that I must be pretty big, but he forgot to mention Big and Fat! I was 19.5%! I had 38 pounds of fat to lose! I guess this could have been very discouraging, but in fact, it motivated me.

At the time I probably didn’t know enough to realize just how bad off I was. I had just 4 months to my competition and I was fat as a pig. Roger and I discussed diet focusing on just two simple rules: 1) cut my carbs each week; 2) each time that the total carbs cut was more than 75 grams, I was to add back the extra amount (over 75 grams) in protein. Here’s an example: if I cut my carbs by 100 grams I would add 25 grams protein. The supplements I started with were the Super Pak, Complete, and Ultra 40. A month later I added Mass Aminos and 100% Egg Protein.

It all began to happen as soon as I started the Ultra 40 and Complete. I experienced a complete turnaround in my physique. Flash forward to 4 weeks out from the show. I went to see Roger again and he was floored. I was going to be ready! He hardly even recognized me. He yelled up from his basement to his wife Sandy and said, You’ve got to come look at this! I was hooked for life on Beverly International.

As it turned out, I dialed in perfect for the show. I even had striated glutes as a teen! I smoked the contest and accomplished what I had set out to do. And the greatest part of the show was that Roger and Sandy showed their faith in me by requesting to hand out the trophies for my class.

Steven working Anold Expo booth
Steven with client Drena pose together during the Arnold Expo

Steven was hired as the first full-time employee in 1998 and continues to work at the Cold Spring headquarters as of 2019.

Since that time, I’ve become much closer to Roger and Sandy. I worked for them as expediter at the Northern Kentucky Championship in the Spring and at the Gold Cup Open / Kentucky Championship in the Fall. I maintained my relationship with Roger and Sandy as I worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coordinator at Body Structures in Lexington while I continued to attend U.K. Then came the big step in my life

In early November of 1998, I got an e-mail from Roger. I had just returned from a camping trip with my roommate. I walked downstairs and said, Roger just told me that he and Sandy are taking over Beverly International, and they want me to help them run the company. My interest was running high as I e-mailed Roger for more details. He said that Jim Heflin was retiring and they were going to move the home office from CA to here in KY. Sandy told me that I was the first person that they thought of to help with the expansion of the company. I didn’t hesitate to tell my family that I was probably going to be moving. I was honored to become part of their family at Beverly International. And, that’s just what it is.

Beverly International is not like your typical business. And it’s definitely not like the typical supplement company. Beverly has never been one of those mass-market supplement companies that play consumers for idiots. Anyone who visits our nutrition center can tell you that it’s more of a family atmosphere here.

This brings me back to my earlier point. If a stranger had not brought that contest flyer into my dad’s gym, none of this would ever have happened. Who knows where I’d be in my life right now? That one moment changed the entire course of my life. I urge everyone reading this article to join our team here at Beverly International. If you want to compete but never have. If you want to improve your condition and your life. If you read these magazine and see how it really works in the real world, but you’re susceptible to mass market hype and bogus propaganda from the magazines. In short, anyone who wants to better himself or herself should join the Beverly Experience!

I’m now one of the people working to help you reach your goals here at Beverly, but I’m also one of the people who received that same help a few years ago. In fact, I used that same help this past summer to win the overall Junior and Best Poser title at the Supernatural in North Carolina.

I believe in everything we do here at Beverly, and I know firsthand that it works. Give our services and advices here at Beverly a try. We can help you become more satisfied with your physical self. Beverly International has changed my life, and Roger and Sandy and I can help you change yours.