Bodybuilding World

Contents Volume 5 issue 4

Contest preparation, have a lean, muscular look, bodybuilders who overcame genetic flaws to become champions.

The Contest preparation begins!
Won the overall, Best Poser title
At the Supernatural in North Carolina

› Chris Oman
Beverly International-bodybuilding preparation made easier
My goal of retaining muscle through the dieting phase

› Bob Fisher
Bodybuilding – Not Just a Numbers Game
Don’t worry about what you weigh rather have a lean, muscular look!

Not Just Another Bodybuilding Success Story
About a couple of bodybuilders who overcame genetic flaws to become champions.

Bodybuilding   More than a Dream

› Robb Rickmann
My All-Time Best Condition, at Age 50
I realized that 14 years of competing had still not prepared me for what was ahead.

› Roger Riedinger
An Uncensored Conversation with Dr Eric Serrano
Dr. Serrano has been a good friend of Sandy and me for a number of years. He is always there to help us whenever we call. Dr. Serrano received his medical degree from the University of Kansas and is Board Certified in Family Medicine.