Bodybuilding Dream

Winning the Bluegrass Muscle Classic

By: Shelli Jones
Magazine 5 #4

I’ve seen many of my goals and dreams come true this year.
I won an overall bodybuilding championship and started my own business, and even more importantly I’ve continued to grow as a person and parent.
But it was not always like this...

Ever since I can remember, I liked to flex my biceps to show my muscle. As a little girl I thought I had a big muscle but in truth, it was virtually non existent. As a teenager I admired bodybuilders and secretly dreamed that I could one day become one. However, being a typical teenager, I soon lost sight of my aspiration to be a bodybuilder and settled for whatever came my way.

With no goals or direction in my life, before I knew it I found myself married. I gave birth to my daughter, Lauren at age nineteen. Soon after that my marriage ended, and I was a single parent. Times were really tough for awhile. The stress of all this left me unhealthy, with little ambition or motivation for self-improvement. All in all I was pretty much just floundering through life.

Then one day I saw an advertisement for Lexington police officers. Maybe it was time for me to start a new beginning. I decided I’d try a career in law enforcement. Immediately, I began preparing for the various tests that accompanied the hiring procedure.

One of these tests – for physical fitness – consisted of a body fat analysis, 1.5 mile run, sit–ups, bench press and a flexibility component. I began training in January and by August, I had entered the Police Academy in Lexington as the only female of the 25 recruits that had been accepted. I was a little intimidated, but very much determined to become a member of the Lexington police force.

female bodybuilder Shelli Jones
She is a role model, proving a champion bodybuilder can live a (somewhat) normal life...

Academy Fitness Award

During Academy, we participated in three fitness tests and each time, I improved. By the end of the Academy, I won the Academy Fitness Award and set records in the bench press, sit–ups, and overall fitness. I was ecstatic! I continued working on my strength but neglected my legs, back, and stabilizers. I focused only on my chest and arms (odd for a female, huh?).

At the time, I had no idea the effect this intense training for my job as a police officer would have on my future.

Then one day while in the gym, a personal trainer approached me about bodybuilding. I told her I was interested but probably wouldn’t do very well in bodybuilding. I explained that my sights were set on a career in law enforcement. Yet, in the back of my mind I was secretly thinking how much I really would like to be a bodybuilder. Finally, I decided to give it a try. I started getting ready for my first show – the AAU Kentucky.

I worked out diligently, but cheated on the diet. I ate clean for the last two weeks and actually managed to walk away the overall champion. But, believe me it was not a satisfying victory. I knew I hadn’t successfully conquered the bodybuilding diet and I looked nowhere near the way I had wanted to or dreamed about. I made up my mind to do another show in the near future. And this time I would compensate for my earlier lack of discipline by utilizing the best diet and supplement program available.

That’s where Beverly International entered my life.

I gained tremendous amounts of information concerning diet and supplements. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn. Now, I began to realize the major role diet and supplements play in the life of a bodybuilder. I could not reach my full potential without proper diet and supplements.

I began using their supplements immediately I knew that I had discovered the best supplements around.

I was so impressed with the results I received that I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained with others. It was time for me to chase my childhood dream of a life dedicated to bodybuilding and helping others achieve the results they dreamed about, just as I had.

It was time for me to take a leap of faith. I left the police department (but not before winning four more fitness awards) to pursue a career in personal training. At the same time, I began researching the possibility of opening a sports supplement store. Over the next few months I received my ISSA Fitness Trainer certification, began a personal training business, while I worked on a business plan for my future endeavor. My life was changing. I was now goal oriented and my determination was beginning to pay off.

Bluegrass Muscle

As I became more involved in these new ventures, my desire to compete in bodybuilding grew even greater than before. This time I would do it right. I decided to compete at the Bluegrass Muscle Classic in Lexington, Kentucky. I trained hard and followed my diet and supplement schedule religiously. Nine and one–half weeks later, I took the stage at 125 lbs, in the best shape of my life.

This time I had followed the proper channels: correct diet, consistent training and using Beverly International supplements.

I won the middleweight division and overall championship. I felt a sense of accomplishment this time much different than after my last competition. I knew that I had done my best. Check out the accompanying photos and you’ll see the huge difference that I made in my condition.

In conclusion

I’ve accomplished many of my dreams and goals and yet I realize I still have a long way to go in bodybuilding, with my store, and to become the best mother I can. But each day I get one step closer. I appreciate the help Roger and Sandy from Beverly International have given me in the area of nutrition, their encouragement and for introducing me to Beverly International supplements. Thanks to Kathy Nalley and Angie McCauley for encouraging me to pursue my bodybuilding dreams. But, most of all, I thank God for affording me these opportunities and for the two most important people in my life – my love to you, Joe (you are always in my heart) and Mommy loves you, Lauren (you’re my special girl).

Here is the exact diet plan that I followed from 9 ½ Weeks Out until the Final Week. I used Beverly International supplements exclusively, (why change what works?) the only brand of supplements that I use in my training.


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