Chris Schulte’s Nutritional Strategy

for the Y2K Battle of Champions

By: Chris Schulte
2000 NPC Battle of Champions First Place Light-Heavyweight
Magazine 6 #1

Six weeks out from the contest

I’ve been around bodybuilding for a long time. My first competition was back in 1989 at age 18. I’ve been competing off and on ever since. Like just about everyone else in the gym I thought all there was to it was – lift hard, take whatever supplements seem to be in vogue, then wait for the gains to happen. I even used a few Beverly International supplements during this time. Still, I felt that I was too small and never felt that I was even close to my potential. Finally, after seeing how hard and full the Beverly International clients came into show after show, I decided to find out how they did it. I was ready to give the full Beverly International program a try and see if it would work for me. What follows is the exact program that Roger guided me through for six months leading up to the 2000 NPC Battle of Champions.

Phase 1 Gain Muscle Lose Body-fat

I was in pretty good shape (at least for me) on September 23, 1999 – the date of my first visit to Beverly International. My first goal was to maintain the size that I had built over the past two years while lowering my body-fat into the 6% range. For this stage Roger chose a diet of approximately 50% protein, 20% carbohydrate and 30% fat and 3600 calories. I weighed in the 200–lb. range so this diet supplied nearly 18 calories per pound of bodyweight. Roger explained that if my body-fat percentage had been higher than 10%, we would have had to cut the calories per pound bodyweight to 15 or less.

Chris on stage at 4.2% bodyfat

Here I am competing in the Light-Heavyweight class at 4 percent body-fat, a dream that I never dreamed of achieving before using the Beverly Nutrition Program

My supplement program during this phase was designed to maintain lean mass. I included a Super Pak with meal #1, 4 – each Ultra 40 and Mass per meal, and L–Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate. For two meals daily Roger formulated a super charged meal replacement drink that fit the guidelines of my diet perfectly. It consisted of 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 tablespoon 100% Egg Protein, 8 tablespoons heavy cream, 6 frozen strawberries and 12 oz. water. This drink supplied 600 calories, exactly 1/6 of my daily total. Whenever formulating a meal replacement you should always try to make it equal the nutrients found in an average meal. Too many people rely on pre packaged meal replacements supplying 250 – 350 calories when they need 500 – 750 calories per meal. This phase lasted for 8 weeks. I finished this stage of the diet at a bodyweight of 206 and 5.8% body-fat. Great results! But now it was time for some quality mass building!

Phase 2 Quality Mass Building

My quality mass building phase lasted ten weeks from November 18 to February 3, 2000. My bodyweight at the end of this phase was 217 – an eleven–pound gain, while my body-fat remained at 5.8%.

» Here is the exact diet and supplement program that I used during this phase:

Supplements and Meals:

Phase 2 diet and supplement program
Super Pak daily
Ultra 40 – 6 per meal
Mass Amino – 5 per meal
Meal #1
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
8 oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
1 tablespoon Cap Tri
1 tablespoon Flax Oil
Meal #2
Protein Drink #1
2 Scoops Muscle Provider 1 Scoop UMP
3 oz. (6 tablespoon) whipping cream
1 tablespoon Safflower or Sunflower Oil
6 frozen strawberries or 6 frozen peach slices
12 – 16 oz. water
Meal #3
6 oz. turkey (before cooking)
or 6 oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
Large salad with Paul Newman’s vinegar and oil dressing (3 tablespoon)
Meal #4
Protein Drink #2
2 Scoops Muscle Provider
1 scoop UMP
3 oz. (6 tablespoon) whipping cream
1 tablespoon Flax Oil
6 frozen strawberries or 6 frozen peach slices
12 – 16 oz. water
Meal #5
8 oz. chicken (prior to cooking)
8 oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
Meal #6
12 oz. sirloin steak or other lean protein source
2 cups vegetables
1 tablespoon Flax Oil
Every 3rd day as a 7th meal if you are hungry or instead of your 6th meal if you are not eat this high carb meal:
1.5 cups cooked rice (you could substitute 1.5 cups oatmeal or 2 cups corn or peas on occasion, or any of the foods on the starchy carb list
1.5 cups non starchy vegetables
1 tablespoons sesame oil or safflower or sunflower oil
1 large (12 oz.) baked sweet potato or potato
1 tablespoon butter
1 banana or other fruit
*Use all the salt and other condiments that you like

(Here’s the note Roger attached to the bottom of my diet)

“You might want to start with – the amounts of food listed and every 3rd day add a little more until you reach the amounts listed. I’m psyched about this diet. I think you are going to get bigger while staying lean.” Roger Riedinger

He was right, I gained 11 pounds, up to 217 while keeping my body-fat right at 5.8%. But now it was time to get ripped for my contests.

Phase 3 Pre-contest Preparation

Now I was just six weeks out from my first show of the year, the Northern Kentucky (where I had flopped in 1997) and 7 weeks out from the Battle of Champions – my first national qualifier. I was already in better condition than my previous contest best and had yet to start my pre-contest diet. The pre-contest phase nearly threw me for a loop. If you are a regular reader of the No Nonsense Newsletter, you know that Roger and Sandy use one variation or another of a high protein – low carbohydrate diet to peak a competitor for his show. Not this time! Roger nearly knocked me off my feet when he prepared my diet for me on February 3 – carbs at every meal – no way! Way! It worked! For the next six weeks I lost an average of exactly one pound per week and lowered my body-fat percentage to 4.2%.

Here is the diet I followed up until the final week before my class win and 2nd place overall at the Battle of Champions:
Ratio of Food Groups
Carbohydrates = 50% (343 grams)
Protein = 40 % (252 g)
Fat = 10% (21 g)
Super Pak with meal #1
6 Ultra 40, 4 Mass Amino, and 3 Muscularity per meal
2 Energy Reserve + 2 Ripped Fuel – 3 times daily
1 Ultra C and 10 Muscle Mass BCAAs before training and 10 Muscle Mass BCAAs and
2 Antioxidants after training. I took these on training days only.
Meal # 1
8 egg whites
1 cup oatmeal or 2 servings Cream of Rice or Grits
1 rice cake
Meal # 2
5 oz. lean meat (chicken, fish or turkey)
1 cup rice
1 cup vegetables
Meal # 3
5 oz. lean meat
8 oz. potato or yam
1 cup vegetables
Meal # 4
5 ounces lean meat
8 oz. baked potato or yam
1 cup vegetables
Meal # 5
5 oz. lean meat
1 cup cooked rice
1 cup vegetables
Meal # 6
8 egg whites
1 cup oatmeal or 2 servings Cream of Rice or Grits
1 rice cake

Here are some final thoughts I’d like to leave you with before closing. Throughout this entire six months of dieting I felt great! My energy levels were incredible. I didn’t experience near the hunger during contest dieting that I had in the past. There is no doubt that the Beverly International supplements used the way they were meant to allowed me to be the kind of competitor that I had only wished to be in the past. Just as important as the diet and supplements was the freedom from always second guessing myself that had accompanied every contest preparation in the past. I knew that I was going to be in my best shape ever throughout the entire six–month process. I am now a total believer in what Beverly International does. Don’t underrate the importance of diets and supplements, it is responsible for 90% of your contest success. If you want to make a difference in your physique I recommend that you get on Muscle Provider, Mass and Ultra 40 – now!

In closing I’d like to thank my wife Melissa and my children Nick and Kayle for all of their love and support throughout this entire journey.

© Beverly International