Winning Made Possible

the “No Nonsense Way”

By: Marc Sangiuliano
1999 NPC Kentucky Champion
Magazine 6 #1

It has always been my dream to win a state title. I’ve come close, but something always seemed to be missing.

Through the many years of being a competitive athlete I have relied solely on myself for my contest preparation. I feel I did an adequate job, but was still chasing my dream. I competed in the Kentucky a number of times throughout the years with good results, but felt I could do better. I knew there was something missing, I needed an edge to put me over the top.

No matter what I did, my dream has always eluded me. I’ve come close, but close doesn’t make you Mr. Kentucky. There had to be a solution for my dilemma and at age 38, it was time to find the answer. I was determined to make 1999 Marc Sangiuliano’s year of total success!

While at the 1998 NPC Mid East Regional, I was introduced to a man who in turn would supply the secret I had been searching for! His name is Roger Riedinger from a supplement company that has proved to be the best. The company is Beverly International (BI). I was impressed by the knowledge he shared. This made me think about the people who had beaten me in this contest and others.

I thought about this for months then, finally it hit me. The athletes that were winning weren’t freaks of nature, but they all shared a common bond. They were clients using the NO Nonsense approach! Then I got excited because I too could be a BI competitor. My dream was now possible because the key to their success could also be mine.

I decided that if I was going to take the Kentucky title I needed to get started with them. So, twelve weeks out from the 1999 Kentucky I sent an e-mail to Roger asking his advice. I told him every time I dieted for a competition I lost all my hard-earned muscle. For the Mr. Kentucky I wanted to come in, in the best shape of my life. I explained I wanted to compete at around 185 pounds (shredded) not flat and fat. I was already pretty lean but needed a jump-start. I needed a plan that would help me keep the muscle I worked so hard to build. I was searching for the nutritional knowledge and supplement plan that would make me a winner. The nutrition plan that I received called for my protein intake to double and I was also to mix the protein sources at every meal. Combining different protein sources with each meal really helped me retain muscle tissue while dieting. Each meal completed the amino acid chain and kept me in an anabolic state.

One of the mainstays of my supplement program was Muscle Provider. Oh man! Muscle Provider is awesome! My favorite meal was the Muscle Provider drink, with cream, strawberries and water. It tasted great and was really convenient while at work when I didn’t have time to eat solid food. Muscle Provider alone made a huge difference. I was well on my way to being in the best shape of my life.

The first five weeks went great. I added muscle and reduced my bodyfat. Then my progress slowed a little and at that point I started to get a bit worried. I thought this is where I was going to falter, lose muscle and screw it all up. But the staff said, “Relax, we’ve seen this a thousand times!” They just changed my diet turning my body into a massive fat burning machine. I was given a tougher diet and the supplement Lean Out was added. Lean Out kicked my system back into gear and made my body utilize fat as its fuel source leaving amino acids and glycogen to build muscle. I made progress every day. I stayed on this plan for the final weeks.

This whole approach was something new to me; different than anything I had done in the past. It made it a lot easier having the diet and supplements laid out for me. There was no guesswork. I was confident that I would achieve my goal.

As I grew closer to the much anticipated show, I used past issues of the No Nonsense Newsletter for advice on tanning and the final week of preparation. This helped me keep it all together so I would come in tight and hard.

bodybuilder Marc Sangiuliano

October 2, 1999 – I took the stage at 187lbs. – Shredded! I’d lost only ten pounds during the entire twelve-week pre-contest diet. I was in the best shape of my life! I had done what had been impossible for me in the past – I gained muscle while losing fat at the same time.

The day finally arrived. October 2, 1999 was the day that would tell if my newfound relationship would pay off. I took the stage at 187lbs. – Shredded! I’d lost only ten pounds during the entire twelve-week pre-contest diet. I was in the best shape of my life! I had done what had been impossible for me in the past – I gained muscle while losing fat at the same time. I made vitamin supplementation my top priority. Now what had been impossible was not only possible but was actually happening. I was leaner than ever before and I knew in my heart that this time was it!

Marc at the Derby 2000

My muscle density has continued to increase the more I use BI products. My favorites are Ultra Size, Muscle Provider and Lean Out

The show ended and I was the only one left on stage. “I’d done it!” I won my class and the overall title! I was the new NPC Kentucky Champion. Now who says dreams can’t come true?

I’d like to thank Roger and Sandy for all their help in getting me in the best shape of my life. They made me realize that all those years that people were beating me wasn’t because they were better, they just knew a secret I didn’t. Stacking vitamins is no longer a secret, rather it is the tool of choice in developing an aspiring bodybuilder into a champion bodybuilder.

Yes! I now hold the 1999 Mr. Kentucky state title and I did it the No Nonsense Way! Thanks Beverly International you’re the BEST!

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