Bodybuilding World

Volume 6 issue 2 content

» Bill Huls
Even though the Battle of Champions was a national qualifier, it was the Cincinnati title that I really wanted.

» Debby Zutant
My physical and spiritual transformation

My motivation for bodybuilding, emotional health, as well as physical health

» Jeff Pruett
The making of a Pro Bodybuilder
My strength and lean body mass continued to improve while my bodyfat continued to drop. At the weigh in I tipped the scales at 196 lbs and 3.8% body fat.

» Rita Kaya
Joint Care: Synergistic combination of joint support nutrients
Strengthen and rebuild connective tissue, reduce inflammation and pain, increase joint flexibility

» Lean Mass
Blueprint for success using Beverly International’s Ultra Size

» Sgt. Tom Synan
Getting ready for the Mr. Northern and Mr. Cincinnati Contests
People told me they couldn’t believe how poised I was and the shape I was in on stage