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Volume 6 issue 2

Why A Blueprint?

Muscle Provider may seem to good to be true with its outstanding taste and excellent quality! But there's more---alone in water or with any of the recipes Muscle Provider is great. Incorporate it with your current nutrition plan and maximize your results.

But our goal is to take you to the next level. That is why we have designed this blue print.

We want to help you use Muscle Provider in the best possible way. We all have somewhat different goals, challenges, and nutrition approaches. Every supplement needs to be used with this in mind. But, in the short time that Muscle Provider has been on the market it has proven that it can be used for contest preparation, maximum fat burning, lean mass acquisition with simultaneous fat loss, and of course for off season mass gaining.

A reminder here: Regardless of how good Muscle Provider is, the cornerstone to any successful nutrition program is, and always will be, proper food intake. Realistically, you will never achieve maximum results from any supplement if your diet is poor or is wrong for your particular goal.

The advertising (and often even the 'nutrition' articles) in popular "muscle" magazines would have us think that supplements can do it all. It's no wonder that people get frustrated or confused.

Sorry, there's no magic bullet. Proper results depend on proper diet and appropriate high quality supplementation.

That's what you're going to find in this booklet (a step-by-step), comprehensive nutritional program. We'll show you a speedy and simplified nutritional approach that combines Muscle Provider, proper diet and a proven, no-nonsense supplement plan that works like magic

The program we are including in this issue is for lean muscle mass gain with moderate fat burning. Programs for maximum fat loss lean gain / off-season growth, and a high calorie weight gain plan will follow in future issues. Each guideline includes a sample meal and supplement plan for males and another for females.

These are the same time-tested programs that are followed by the successful clients that you read about in the No Nonsense Newsletter.

Lean Muscle Mass Gain / Fat Burning Diets

(Moderate carbohydrate and fat diets - we have found a ratio of 50% protein, 20% carbohydrate and 30% fat works very well)

Goal: Controlled fat loss while increasing lean body mass

For use as an anabolic meal replacement: Mix Muscle Provider with heavy whipping cream and water. This is the most successful anabolic meal replacement combination that we have seen.
Bodyweight (#) Amount Muscle Provider
90 - 115 1 scoop mixed in 6 - 8 oz water and 1 TBS heavy whipping cream
115 - 165 2 scoops mixed in 12-oz water and 2 - 4 TBS whipping cream
165 - 225 3 scoops mixed in 18-oz water and 3 - 6 TBS whipping cream

Sample Lean Gain / Fat Burning Diet - Male

Meal #1
1 whole egg + 5 egg whites
5 oz. 93% lean beef 
1/2 cup oatmeal before cooking 
1 TBS Flax Oil
(Or if you are in a hurry in the morning and
 do not have time to prepare a meal mix the following in a blender and
 get all the nutrients in 1/10 the time)
3 scoops Muscle Provider, 3 TBS heavy whipping cream, 
18 oz water and 1/3 cup quick oats

Meal #2
Protein Drink: 2 - 3 Scoops Muscle Provider, 2 - 4 TBS whipping cream, and
 12 - 18 oz water

Meal #3
8 oz. chicken (before cooking)
6 oz. sweet potato or 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1.5 cup vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or salad with 2 TBS.
Low Cal Dressing
Or: 6 oz chicken or beef, 1 cup cottage cheese,
 ½ cup pineapple (fresh or packed in its own juice) 

Meal #4
Protein Drink: 2 - 3 Scoops Muscle Provider, 2 -4 TBS whipping cream,
and 12 - 18 oz water

Meal #5 
8 oz. 93% lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish sirloin steak 
2 cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, 
green beans, spinach or zucchini)
1 TBS Flax Oil

Meal #6 
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites, 4 oz. 93% lean beef, 
1 cup vegetables
Or: 8-oz chicken breast, 1 apple
Or: either of the recipes below

Two of our favorite recipes

Muscle Provider Crepes: Mix in a blender 3 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 - 2 whole eggs, 5 egg whites, (1 TBS cream optional), 8 oz. water (vary water to consistency you want). Spray Pam in a non-stick skillet and heat to medium heat. Pour the mixture into your skillet and cook, as you would thin pancakes - one crepe at a time. Serve as is or with no sugar added jelly or preserves or no sugar added syrup. Make 4 - 6 crepes. (approximately 75 grams protein, 15 grams carbohydrate, 15 grams fat) Note: You can refrigerate unused portion or store in a cooler and eat as a snack anytime. These are Sandy and my favorite recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Supreme: Mix in a blender 2 - 3 scoops Muscle Provider Chocolate, 4 ice cubes, 1 TBS heavy whipping cream, 1 TBS peanut butter, 12 - 16 oz water.

Sample Lean Gain / Fat Burning Diet - Female

Meal #1
1 whole egg + 3 egg whites
3 oz. 93% lean beef 
1/2-cup oatmeal before cooking 
(Or if you are in a hurry in the morning and do not have time to
prepare a meal mix the following in a blender and get all the 
nutrients in 1/10 the time)
2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 TBS heavy whipping cream, 
12oz water and 1/4 cup quick oats

Meal #2
Protein Drink: 1- 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 - 3 TBS heavy whipping cream and
12-oz water Or: 1 cup cottage cheese, 
1/3 cup pineapple (fresh or packed in its own juice)

Meal #3
5 oz. chicken (before cooking)
4 oz. sweet potato or 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1 cup vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or salad with 2 TBS. Low Cal Dressing
Or: 6 oz chicken or turkey breast, 1 apple or peach

Meal #4
Protein Drink: 1- 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 - 3 TBS heavy whipping
cream and 12-oz water Or either of the above recipes 
(adjust ingredients to 2 scoops Muscle Provider)

Advanced Lean Muscle Mass Gain / Moderate Fat Burning Supplement Plan

Now that you have the nutrition plan you need, here is a state-of-the-art supplement plan to take your lean muscle mass bodybuilding gains to the next level. This scientifically developed plan utilizes the latest up-to-the-minute research to give you unparalleled results in adding quality muscle mass fast!
1 - Super Pak or Ms Power Pak with meal #1
4 - Ultra 40 tablets with each meal 
(females take 2 - 3 tablets per meal)
4 - Mass Amino Acid Tablets with each meal 
(females take 2 - 3 tablets per meal)
20 - Muscle Mass BCAA tablets 15 minutes prior to training
 (we suggest 10 - 15 Muscle Mass for females)

1 - TBS L-Glutamine after training (females take 2 teaspoons)
3 - BEV ZMA before bed (females take 2 BEV ZMA)

This advanced supplement plan works with your body chemistry through four different mechanisms to enhance lean muscle growth while actually utilizing stored fat for energy.

1. Ultra 40 and Mass Amino tablets are the proven combination of nutrients utilized by each of our Beverly International champions. The average gain over 16 weeks with just the addition of these two supplements is 8.32 lb. of lean muscle tissue.
It's no secret why this combination works so effectively - it's just a matter of chemistry and mathematics. Here's the formula: 4 (Beverly International Mass Amino Acid Tablets) + 4 (Beverly International Ultra 40 Liver Tablets) * 5 meals per day * 16 weeks = 8.32 lbs. Net Lean Gain in Body Composition.

Here's Why it Works: Each day you'll be adding a blend of 13 grams (not too much to be burned off as energy, but just enough to tweak your metabolism into a positive nitrogen balance) of the highest quality, utilizable protein available in nature to every meal that you eat. Five daily meals result in 65 extra grams protein per day. Remember, this is in addition to your normal meals and shakes. Over time these 65 grams per day add up.

It's a mathematical fact! [65 (grams of protein) x 4 (calories per gram of protein) x 112 (number of days in 16 weeks) / 3500 (number of calories equal to one pound)] = 8.32 lb. lean mass!

Do you need real world proof? Reread the articles in this newsletter by Jeff Pruitt and Bill Huls. Both Jeff and Bill gained more than ten pounds lean mass - to their contest condition - once they got on the Mass Amino and Ultra 40 program!

2. Muscle Mass BCAA and L-Glutamine during your training is a highly advanced "anabolic / anticatabolic bodybuilding system" that helps your body to utilize its stored fat to meet your energy needs while keeping it from burning lean tissue and actually building new muscle tissue. Two recent studies have shown that not only do the branch chain amino acids found in Muscle Mass build and maintain lean muscle tissue, but that more fat is burned in the presence of these BCAA's than would otherwise be metabolized. In brief what happens is your body detects the presence of the BCAA's as lean tissue being metabolized. Therefore in order to preserve homeostasis it switches over to fat burning to meet its energy needs. You win twice - your lean muscle tissue increases while your fat stores decrease.
Taking a therapeutic dose of BCAA's prior to and during training is a technique we learned from Charles Poliquin and Dr. Eric Serrano. One day at Beverly International we got a call from a professional hockey player purchasing a case of our Muscle Mass branch chain amino acids (BCAA's). The next day we get a call from a pro football player with the same request. Just when we were wondering what was up, Charles Poliquin called to let us know that some of his athletes would be calling to order our BCAA products, Muscle Mass and Muscularity. He had researched quite a few brands and has been recommending Beverly International's Muscle Mass and Muscularity to his clients and in his seminars.

We thought we would give Charles' technique a try and used Jeremiah Forster here at Beverly as our first guinea pig. Here are Jeremiah's comments regarding our experiment:

Why you should take Branch Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine during your workout
"That's easy more quality muscle, and the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the proof is in the lean muscle I have gained.

My name is Jeremiah Forster and I am the light heavyweight class winner at the 1999 NPC Ohio Championships. Recently, I decided to compete at the national level. In order to do this I knew I needed to increase the quality of my muscle.

Roger recommended I add Muscle Mass (BCAA's) and L-Glutamine during my workouts to my supplement program. He explained that research has shown that BCAA's taken on a empty stomach elicit the release of stored fat in response the presence of the large proportion of BCAA's in the bloodstream. In other words, taking a large dose of Muscle Mass BCAA's prior to training would trick my body into thinking that I had already utilized a proportion of my lean muscle mass for energy. (Yes, when we train we use three sources to provide glycogen for energy - the food we consume, especially carbohydrates, stored fat and unfortunately a large percentage comes from the breakdown of lean muscle tissue.)

So taking the BCAA's actually tricked my body into thinking that it had already broken down a high percentage of lean muscle tissue for energy and therefore to maintain homeostasis it would switch to the release of fatty acids from my fat stores to arrest this breakdown of my lean tissue. This is very complicated but one of the things your body does when it senses that a large amount of lean tissue is being utilized for energy needs is to release growth hormone which directs your body to use your stored fat for energy and to rebuild the muscle it thinks it has broken down. I call this a win - win situation.

In addition, the Muscle Mass BCAA's provided the building blocks I needed to put me in a higher positive nitrogen (anabolic) state so that I could build more dense quality in my muscle tissue. Rather than my body being totally broken down at the end of the workout, I was actually feeding it with the essential amino acids that my body needed.

Hmmmmmm! Feeding your muscles while you workout is just as or even more important than feeding them during the rest of the day with meals. What better time to supply the nutrients you need for muscle mass than during your workout? And since Muscle Mass is free form and requires almost no digestion it is the perfect thing to take while training. Now I see why Beverly International calls it Muscle Mass - it makes perfect sense to me.

I began taking 10 BCAA's before my training, and then every 10 minutes during my training I would take an additional 4 for a total of another 20 during my workout. After my workout was completed I would then take one tablespoon (15 grams) of Glutamine.

Glutamine was included because both laboratory and clinical research indicate that glutamine is an effective supplement. It's been used for some time in hospitals to prevent muscle loss (and by the way Beverly International's L-Glutamine is the same glutamine that is used in hospitals.) Research has indicated that the following benefits from the proper use of glutamine:

  • Increased strength
  • Decrease the risk of over-training
  • Potentially help improve fat loss
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased endurance levels
  • Decrease the risk of over-training

Let me tell you something. The results have been phenomenal. I had much more endurance during my workouts, better pumps and limited muscle soreness. But more importantly, I achieved a quality look that I only dreamed about before this experiment. I look a million times better. My muscles have a much more mature, complete quality look which makes me look bigger and leaner. I am currently at 5% bodyfat and look better than the day I stepped on stage last year at 3.5%.

If you want a lot more out of your workouts than what you are getting, if you want that quality muscle look, if you want a new way to help reduce bodyfat then I urge you to try this approach. I’m a believer and I know you will become one too. I’d never imagined that Muscle Mass BCAA’s and Glutamine would improve my physique this much and I know if it works for me it will for you too."

3. Rounding out our lean mass-gaining program is BEV ZMA. Once again we used research to make sure the product was legitimate. Then we go to the real world for confirmation. BEV ZMA passed both tests. In a double blind research study the ZMA group’s strength increased more than 2 ½ times that of the control group. That’s 250% more! Why? It’s theorized that the ZMA group experienced better recovery and even more important the ZMA group’s anabolic hormone levels were twice as high as the control group.
But what about in the real world? One of our first BEV ZMA users was Tommie Robertson. His first comment upon using ZMA was that he slept sounder than before. But after a couple of weeks we noticed that Tommie was adding lean mass while dieting for his show. And Tommie is 100% lifetime drug-free - the BEV ZMA was the only variable. As it turned out Tommie ended up competing nearly 10 lb. heavier than he had six months earlier. Now Tommie has been competing for nearly ten years, so a ten-pound increase in lean mass in less than six months is not something to be taken lightly.

Finally, the Super Pak and Ms Power Pak supply all the co factors and catalysts for all your body’s metabolic processes. The array of nutrients found in these packs are like spark plugs that energize and regulate your metabolism. Keep your body tuned up and running in high gear and you will maximize lean muscle gain while allowing your body to continue burning stored fat to meet your energy requirements.

Does all this sound too good to be true? In the last analysis all that matters is will this program work for you? The blueprint we’ve outlined is comprehensive. It’s all here! The next step is up to you.

Volume 6 # 2

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