Becoming WNBF professional bodybuilder pro

at the Texas Shredder

By: Jeff Pruett
WNBF professional bodybuilder
Volume 6 issue 2

Editor’s note: We’ve been after Jeff ever since last October to write a newsletter article detailing the great gains and success he has had since beginning the Beverly International program. But, he knew he could achieve even more. Finally, we received an express mail package with the article and photos that follow.

Okay guys, I know we’ve been working together for an entire year, but I wanted to have a measurable amount of success before you printed anything in your newsletter. First off I want to thank, Steven, Roger and Sandy at Beverly , and Rich at the International Nutrition Center. Without the help of these people I would not be where I am today – natural – Professional bodybuilder.

Pro bodybuilder

My dream fulfilled a pro card – at the Texas Shredder, I was up against the competition of my life but deep down I knew that I had an edge – Beverly Interational

At age 19 I had to make a very difficult decision. I decided to quit college football and go to work to help support my young family. Although I was no longer a college athlete, I continued to look for another outlet for my competitive spirit. Bodybuilding seemed perfect.

After a few years of training I threw my trunks into the competitive arena and entered my first show, (Houston Bodybuilding Championships) in 1990. I finished fourth. I competed again a year later, (The Lee Labrada Classic) once more placing fourth. Now it was time to put competition on the back burner and complete my college degree. Sure, I’d continue training. And, someday I’d come back to make my mark in the bodybuilding world.

Fast forward to 1997. The bodybuilding bug bit me again and it was time to compete. So I competed three times in the next year – winning my first, but finishing second in the next two. I knew some changes were in order but wasn’t sure where to start. I took another break from competing and built a personal training facility. Upon completion of this project, I decided once again to follow my bodybuilding dream. And here is where the real story begins.

In the next six months I competed in three contests – each more difficult than the one before. From regional – to state – to pro qualifier – I won the overall at each. What accounted for this amazing transformation from perennial runner–up to WNBF professional? Two words – Beverly International!

In July of 1999, I received a NO NONSENSE Newsletter from Beverly International. I looked at it with healthy skepticism. I’d used various supplements over the years and none had panned out to do what their ads said. So I knew that you can’t believe every thing that you read – especially in the bodybuilding industry. Yet, I thought, ”This newsletter might be just what I’m looking for.” However, I laid it aside.

But nine weeks out from my show, my curiosity got the best of me. I looked through the newsletter again and decided, "this is it."

I contacted Beverly International and spoke with Steven. After carefully listening to me explain how as a 100% drug free athlete I’d always lost strength and a lot of lean body mass while on a precontest diet, Steven recommended that I immediately start with two supplements Ultra 40 Liver tabs and Mass Aminos.

He also suggested that I complete a client profile form with my current diet and supplements attached so he could take a look at my current program. Within a couple of days, he sent back a complete diet and supplement program with every day of my contest prep right there in black and white. Along with Ultra 40 and Mass, my new supplement program included Lean Out (Beverly’s Fat Transport System), the Super Pak, and a mixture of Muscle Provider and 100% Egg protein for my meal replacement drinks.

After a lot of consideration, I decided to test Beverly’s claims. I’d try the products for two weeks and then evaluate my progress. Well, within the first week, my skepticism began to fade. I could already feel a difference. My strength was increasing while my muscles took on a fuller appearance. By the second week I knew there was something very different about Beverly International. My body was responding like never before. I could feel a HUGE difference. I felt bigger and harder and my strength kept going up. More importantly – I LOOKED bigger and harder. On the Beverly International program my body was constantly being supplied with vitamins, minerals, aminos and nitrogen – around the clock – and it showed.

Now remember this, I have a degree in exercise physiology. I’d always designed my own nutritional and supplement regimes. I followed the typical high carb, high protein and low fat method of dieting – often taking my calories as low as 1600 per day! And with tons of cardio! The diet Steven sent me was at least 1000 calories more than that! I had only nine weeks to go and even though my carbs were pretty low most of the time, he had me doing an extremely high carb meal right before bedtime twice a week. How was this going to work?

Steven patiently answered all my questions. He explained that the high carb meal before bed would not hurt but would actually help me. First of all, it would keep me just at the edge of ketosis; yet never allow me to go completely into ketosis. We wanted to avoid ketosis as that would in all likelihood result in muscle loss and a slowing down of my metabolism. Also the higher calories and big dose of carbs at this carb meal would fire up my metabolism. Then when the carbs were lowered the next day, my metabolism would still be rockin′. I’d continue to burn fat at an accelerated rate even though there was no actual calorie cut. Last but not least, the carbs eaten at the end of the day would not be burned off as energy but would be stored in the muscles through the night replenishing glycogen for my intense workouts.

I’d read a lot about low carb diets as well as every other diet on the planet but the more I read, the more I ended up second–guessing myself. Now all I had to do was call the people at Beverly International. I’d get first hand knowledge on nutrition and supplementation by people who work with hundreds of competitors each year.

The longer I’m on their program, the more credit I give to Beverly International. Not only do they have the best supplements they also have a staff who willingly share their know how with you. While I’m at it let me give you a little suggestion here, don’t get advice from the Beverly staff and then try to supplement with bargain basement supplements – it just won’t work.

Specific supplements are used for a reason, and certain supplements ARE NOT USED for very good reasons as well.

Beverly International is about quality through and through. You wouldn’t buy a Rolls Royce automobile and get parts from the local discount auto part store – so don’t do it with your supplements. What I’m trying to say is – if you get a food plan from Beverly, I know you’re smart enough not to substitute a sugar loaded kid’s cereal for oatmeal, so why would you even think of substituting cheap supplements in place of what is called for on your plan! It just doesn’t work that way!

As October 1999 approached, my strength and lean body mass continued to improve while my bodyfat continued to drop. At the weigh in I tipped the scales at 196 lbs and 3.8% body fat. My lean body mass was now 188 lbs – the exact total weight I had competed at in 1998 – an 8 lb. gain in muscle from my previous show! Just what Beverly had promised!

I knew before going on stage that I had a great shot at winning. This time, I was prepared. I did things right and it showed. I walked on stage feeling like a winner. The comment that I received from the judging panel was that I had done my homework. (All I did was follow the step–by–step plan Steven had laid out for me.) By the end of the night I had won my weight class and the overall. I finally achieved the physique that I had spent the last 15 years trying to create.

I was invited to compete at the Texas Championships five weeks later. On Monday following the October show I contacted Steven at Beverly and he developed a strategy for the upcoming show. He increased my caloric intake by 400 for the first three weeks, and then advised me to go back on the final diet I used before the October show for the last two weeks. This time he added Muscularity BCAA’s to make sure that I kept muscle and came in even harder than five weeks earlier. Once again I weighed in at 196, but this time I was in even better condition with no loss in lean body mass from the additional five weeks of dieting. I can only contribute this to my Beverly International supplement plan – Muscle Provider, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40, Muscularity, and Lean Out. I’m not bragging, but I was the show for the second time and again took the overall!

I still was not completely satisfied. It was time to step it up another notch, go after my dream and get my pro card. Once again I turned to Beverly International for my diet and supplement regimen as I started on my quest for pro status. After the Texas Championships Steven set me up on a lean mass gain program. My first diet was 4200 calories and then he bumped me up as high as 5000 (see attached diet). Steven stressed that I stay lean in the off–season. I also kept strict on all my supplements in the off–season. I know some guys who use higher quality supplements for precontest but in the off–season they use something cheaper. Well, you will never catch me drinking bargain whey in the off–season! I know that the off season is really preparation for the next "contest" and this is where you build your body that you will later reveal onstage. Even throughout the Holiday Season my weight never went above 217. Because I had stayed lean, I didn’t have to start my dieting for my next show, "The Texas Shredder Pro Qualifier" until 10 weeks out! I was 213 @ 6.9%.

Jeff 1998

Here I am (left) in 1998 before contest training good condition but something lacking...
Then (on the right), later after Beverly a 10 lb. increase in lean body mass

At that point, Steven cut my calories to 4200 calories, and with my metabolism revved up as high as it was, my body responded quickly. I followed this plan until 6 weeks out, then we cut back to approximately 3200 calories but kept moderate carbs in the diet for two more weeks. Throughout the entire preparation so far, I was just using the Super Pak, Mass, Ultra 40, and Beverly’s Creatine Monohydrate. My final diet was started at four weeks out. Steven pulled out all the stops on this one, with a very precise and specific supplement and eating plan (see attached diet). The carbs were low this time but I still carbed up every third day.

This diet was one of the hardest programs I had ever followed. I was up at 4:00 am every morning to train on an empty stomach before I started my day with training clients. I was pounding Muscle Mass BCAA’s all throughout my early morning workout, taking up to 40 per session. Steven said I needed to shoot for .25 –.35 grams of BCAA per kilogram of bodyweight to get maximum fat burning and muscle preservation and hardening. Well it worked wonders. I posed each evening.

I was finally achieving what I knew was there all along. I weighed in for The Texas Shredder Classic, a pro qualifier, at 198 lbs – leaner and more defined than ever at 3.5% bodyfat. My lean body mass was now 191 lbs. In just six months with Beverly International I’d increased my competition weight by 10 lbs. while coming into each show leaner than the one before.

Completely Natural

I was completely natural throughout this period. And for any non-believers out there remember I had competed in three tested competitions during this period. In the natural bodybuilding conference in which I compete, competitors are drug tested to assure natural status. We are first polygraphed and then undergo urine analysis. I gained more in less than a year with Beverly International than I had in the previous ten.

I came to the show ready. So did the rest of the competition. This was a pro qualifier and only the overall winner was going home with his pro card. I knew it was going to be grueling and take a lot of poise to win. But I also knew deep down that I had an edge because of my preparation with Beverly International. I won my class and immediately following my class victory; I had to go right back on stage for the overall. This is where the advice I had received from the folks at Beverly on scheduled posing practice sessions really paid off! Every two weeks during my preparation I sent in pictures of my condition and poses. Steven would usually call me within a day or two of receiving the photos to critique me on my posing over the phone. I was able to return to the stage immediately with enough endurance to claim the overall title. Upon receiving the trophy, it hit me, my knees weakened and I had to fight back the tears. This was it; I had achieved the first milestone of my dreams. I had become a WNBF professional bodybuilder!

Final 4-Week Diet prior to the Texas Shredder

Super Pak with meal #1
6 Ultra 40, 3 Mass, 3 Muscularity with each meal
6 GH Factor upon rising / 6 GH Factor before bed - except on carb meal night

Do Not take GH Factor on mornings which you take the Muscle Mass and Energy Reserve combo with weight training, as the Arginine and BCAAs will compete for absorption

Workout Days Only: If you can work out first thing on an empty stomach, use the following regimen: 20-25 minutes prior to your workout take 16 Muscle Mass and 3 Energy Reserve. At the start of your workout and every 15-20 minutes after that, take 6 more Muscle Mass and 1 more Energy Reserve.

This should total 34-40 Muscle Mass and about 6-7 Energy Reserve. Stay off of thermogenics until 3 weeks out, then use Super Pack.

Beginning at 3 weeks out and lasting until 1 week out – immediately following each weight training session (except quads), run 1 mile outside or on a treadmill. If you do it on a treadmill, take the grade up and down as if you are on hills. Each session, try to shave at least 5-15 seconds off your time. From the start, it should take no longer than 12 minutes.

Diet and meal plan
Meal #1
8 oz. lean 93% lean beef
3 egg whites, 1 yolk
½ grapefruit (if you can’t eat grapefruit, then 1 orange or peach)
Meal #2
Protein drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, ½ scoop 100% Egg, 1 Tbsp Flax Oil,
5 frozen peach slices or strawberries
Meal #3
8 ounces lean meat (chicken, cod, or turkey breast) Salad with 1-3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a dressing
Meal #4
8 ounces chicken
2 cups vegetables
Meal #5
Same options as Meal #2
Meal #6
8 oz. 93% lean beef
3 egg whites, 1 yolk
1 cup vegetables
Every 3rd day: Instead of your sixth meal eat the following: 1.5 cups oatmeal (measured before adding water) or 1.5 cups cooked rice, 10 oz. sweet potato, 1 banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 Tbsp butter for your final meal no supplements.

This is the 5000-calorie diet I used in the off season to add quality lean mass while my body fat percentage remained below 7%

Super Pak daily
Ultra 40 – 6 per meal
Mass Amino – 5 per meal
Diet and meal plan
Meal #1
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
8 oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
1 Tbsp Flax Oil
Meal #2
Protein Drink #1
2 Scoops Muscle Provider
1 Tbsp 100 % Egg Protein
3 oz. (6 Tbsp) whipping cream
1 Tbsp Safflower or Sunflower Oil
6 frozen strawberries or 6 frozen peach slices
12 – 16 oz. water
Meal #3
6 oz. turkey (before cooking)
6 oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
Large salad with Paul Newman’s vinegar and oil dressing (3 Tbsp)
Meal #4
Protein Drink #2
2 Scoops Muscle Provider
1 scoop 100 % Egg Protein
3 oz. (6 Tbsp) whipping cream
1 Tbsp Flax Oil
6 frozen strawberries or 6 frozen peach slices
12 – 16 oz. water
Meal #5
8 oz. chicken (prior to cooking)
8-oz. beef (ground round, sirloin or filet)
Meal #6
12-oz. sirloin steak or other lean protein source
2 cups vegetables
1 Tbsp Flax Oil

Every 3rd day as a 7th meal if you are hungry or instead of your 6th meal if you are not eat this high carb meal: 1.5 cups cooked rice (you could substitute 1.5 cups oatmeal or 2 cups corn or peas on occasion, or any of the foods on the starchy carb list 1.5 cups non starchy vegetables 1-Tbsp. sesame oil or safflower or sunflower oil 1 large (12 oz.) baked sweet potato or potato 1 Tbsp butter 1banana or other fruit

Note from Steven: Jeff – You might want to start with ¾ the amounts of food listed and every 3rd day add a little more until you reach the amounts listed.

Volume 6 # 2

© Beverly International