Back to the Basics with Beverly International Helped Me Become Mr. Cincinnati

By: Bill Huls, Mr. Cincinnati 2000
Magazine 6 #2

Some people say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well that might be true. But I learned this year that it is possible to teach an old dog old tricks. I’m Bill Huls, and I’m going to tell you how getting back to the basics allowed me to win the oldest continuous NPC title, Mr. Cincinnati.

bodybuilder Mr Cincinnati
I weighed in at 202 for the Cincinnati-full, hard dry and very lean-the best I could be

To start with I’ve been around the sport of bodybuilding for a long time. I’ve competed since the mid 80’s and have close to 20 years of weight training experience. You’d think I would have known it all. But until this year I’d been pretty disappointed in my bodybuilding accomplishments.

Now remember I’m over 40 years old and have been competing for more than fifteen years. But this year, with help from Beverly International, I won more titles and first places in a span of just five weeks than I had in the previous fifteen years!

My first competition was more than fifteen years ago, the 1984 Mr. Kalamazoo. Over the next five years I competed in several other shows in Michigan culminating in the 1988 overall Southwest Michigan title.

Then competition took a back seat. I didn’t really begin training seriously again until 1995. Still, I kept up with all of the trends in bodybuilding and had a real interest in the advances that I’d seen in the bodybuilding supplement field. Finally, in 1996 I started my own supplement business. I carried all of the leading brands and thought that I was pretty much an expert in the field.

As my business continued to grow so did my knowledge about nutrition and supplements. I decided it was about time to put all this knowledge to good use. I decided to enter the 1999 Mr. Cincinnati. I’d competed off and on with mixed success for the past couple of years but really hadn’t given it my all since 1988.

This time, however I was ready to put it all together. I thought I could be at least as good as I was in the 80’s. Sure, I realized the competition was better. But, this time I’d be able to utilize all the latest supplements – from pro hormones and high tech creatine and fat burners to nearly every brand of whey protein on the market.

Through my store I had access to all of the latest supplements and was determined to let no stone go unturned. I did everything myself. I thought that my improved knowledge of all of the latest supplements out there would give me the edge over my competition. Unfortunately, my reliance on the latest fads in supplements, diet and cardio left me smooth and fat. I weighed 185 at 10 percent bodyfat. In following the latest trends, I had done everything wrong. Needless to say I sucked. I was very discouraged after the show and wondered where I had gone wrong.

I had utilized at least as many supplements as anyone on the stage yet had come in small and smooth. What was I missing?

Then, from out of nowhere, a young man started coming in my store weekly. This kid was huge and kept getting tighter and tighter each time I saw him. Every week he came in and bought all the Beverly International products that I had in stock... and nothing else. Before long we became good friends. His name was Jeremiah Forster and he was getting ready for the 1999 NPC Ohio. I’d tell him from time to time about a new supplement that I had just gotten in, but he had a one-track mind. All he wanted was Beverly. And every time I saw him he looked bigger and harder.

Well, I may be old, but I’m not stupid. It wasn’t long before I realized that there must be something more to this Beverly thing than met the eye.

Seeing Jeremiah’s final condition and 1st place finish at the ’99 Ohio made me decide to give Beverly International a try. I knew from Jeremiah that the Beverly program relied on basic nutritional concepts and proven, high quality supplements. No, this year I wouldn’t be falling for a lot of advertising hype, the latest pro hormone supplements or the “all supplements are the same” concept. I was going to come back and compete again at the 2000 Mr. Cincinnati. But I was going to rely on the back to basics, no nonsense Beverly International approach that had helped Jeremiah and just about every other successful bodybuilder in the area.

I asked Jeremiah if he’d help and he said, Bill, you can’t go into this thing at 50%, you have to be 100% committed to the Beverly approach. Well, that’s something I know quite a bit about – commitment. If that’s all it took, I was ready. I did have one concern that I shared with Jeremiah. I knew that he’d often go through a bottle of Beverly’s Ultra 40 Liver Tablets every two and a half to three weeks. In the past I’d tried various brands of liver tabs and all they had done for me was tear my stomach up. Jeremiah assured me that there is a world of difference between Beverly International’s Ultra 40 and other liver products out there. He even dug up an article by the original founder of Beverly supplements, Jim Heflin, where Jim talked about the wide range of quality that you can get when purchasing a liver product.

Jeremiah went on to explain that Beverly’s liver started out as the top grade and was then concentrated four more times to remove any impurities. In fact what I was getting was one of the most concentrated, pure nutrient sources for muscle building that I could get anywhere. He said that due to its purity it shouldn’t cause any stomach problems at all. I started out slow taking just a couple with each meal – no problems at all. By the time the shows came around I was taking more than Jeremiah – not only with meals but also between meals whenever my energy levels started to fade. I ended up taking more than 40 – Ultra 40 liver tabs a day with absolutely no problems. Folks if that doesn’t give you a clue as to the care and quality that goes into Beverly International supplements then nothing will. Every other liver product killed my stomach. Yet I was able to take 4 times the amount of the other brands with absolutely no stomach problems. That really jacked up my confidence in what I was about to do. I knew now why Jeremiah had insisted on nothing else.

To make a long story short, I had the best off–season of my life. I knew at six weeks out I was already better than when I had competed the year before and was twenty pounds heavier to boot. As my diet swung into full gear I visited the Beverly International booth at the Arnold Classic in Columbus 6 weeks out from the Northern Kentucky Championships at 217 and 10%. A big jump from last year!

For the final six weeks Jeremiah helped me formulate a diet low in carbs, with moderate fat and high protein. I followed the diet and continued to take Beverly products exclusively. Let me tell you, every week I got better and better. I kept my size as each week passed but I kept getting harder and harder. I was already leaner than I had ever been in my life. I was seeing new definition and striations nearly every day.

At the Northern Kentucky, my first show, I weighed 207 and walked away with the overall Masters title. I was very hard and lean but Jeremiah said I could be even better. The following week I weighed 205 and was tighter still. I won the overall Masters at the Battle of the Champions and this time I entered and won the Open Heavyweight Division.

It was still three weeks until the Cincinnati. Even though the Battle of Champions was a national qualifier, it was the Cincinnati title that I really wanted. It would mean a lot more to me personally and to be Mr. Cincinnati would be a huge plus to my supplement store.

I continued on the same diet that had gotten me this far. In addition to the Muscle Provider, Ultra 40, Mass Aminos and Lean Out – I added a large amount of branch chain amino acids – Muscularity and Muscle Mass. The addition of these branch chains along with Energy Reserve, Beverly’s pure L-Carnitine took me to the next level in conditioning..

Bill Huls bodybuilding champion
That night ended as the highlight of my bodybuilding career. I walked away with the title, Mr. Cincinnati, 2000!

In closing, I would like to thank Roger and Sandy and all who never stopped believing in me and for always being there for me. My wife and family were a huge part of my success. Their support and that of my friends made it so much easier on me to achieve this dream.

I’m very proud to be a part of the Beverly International team. I want anyone out there who is interested to call toll free (888) 238 – 3600 or if you’re in the Cincinnati area visit me at my store, Natural Health & Fitness on Cheviot Road in White Oak. I’ll not only tell you more about my own experience, but I’ll be glad to help you get started on the right track.

If you visit Bill’s store you will notice more hardware and swords than a stone–age warrior as a result of his recent competition success. As you walk in the store and see the hanging Beverly banners, full line of supplements and signs that read “Beverly International Products, Highest Quality”, you can really tell that Bill believes in what he sells. You then make your way to the counter and see this hulking man with a gentle smile willing to answer all of your questions. He doesn’t pressure you into sales but passes on his experience hoping that these experiences will help and inspire you.

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