Get into bodybuilding and compete

By: Brian Weifering
Magazine 6 #4

You need to do a bodybuilding show. You need to do a bodybuilding show. " This is all I heard from so many people for so long back in 1994 and 1995. The pressure was on. My brother Rich had already successfully won a fewshows and the comparisons were already starting to be made. This was a big compliment considering my brother’s track record in bodybuilding.

I knew I wanted to get into bodybuilding and compete when I was back in high school. I saw what it had done for my older brother Rich – confidence booster, stress reliever, health benefits, and not to mention the girls that were beating down his door (and still are). Finally, in 1994 I decided that I was going to do what it took to one day get on stage and win some shows. I had been weightlifting off and on since high school (I graduated in 1991), but could never put on much size due to all the basketball I played. In 1992 and 1993 I continued playing basketball for a 2 year college and still did my best to get in the weight room – but I guess you could say it was pretty hard to get a good workout after two hours of intense running on the basketball court every day. Finally, with my basketball career at an end, I was able to focus on hitting the weights. I made some significant gains right away and within a year I had people telling me I was ready for a how – but that was the problem – I didn’t want to just do a show, I wanted to win a show! I continued hitting it hard in the weight room for 95 and 96. I was now 23 years old and knew it was time to find out what I needed to do to come into a show in awesome condition, and win it!

Change my diet

I had been eating like a cow up until around November of 1995. I was about 225 pounds. My diet consisted of about 4 to 5 meals a day, which included anything and everything I could get my hands on. I was young and thought I was big (boy, was I just fat – I had a butt that you could serve drinks on!) I knew if I were going to compete I would have to change my diet. So, I did what I was led to believe was the right thing – high amounts of carbohydrates, medium amounts of protein, and little to no fat (never knowing that the sources from where the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats came from made a difference – I was eating fat free potato chips and thinking it was OK). I did lose some weight on this diet, mainly due to the decline in my calories. I was starting to show some cuts and thought I was on track. I continued the diet from that November until around April 1996. That is when I knew something wasn’t right. I was at a standstill, and nowhere close to the condition I needed to step on stage.

Brian Weifering

achieved both goals

With the help of Beverly International I achieved both goals that I set for the year 2000. I also achieved my dream – a pro card in a national, drug-free organization!

First bodybuilding show?

During this time I had attended some of the local bodybuilding shows. What I observed was that time after time the competitors in the best condition were clients of Beverly International. I was working in a gym at the time and didn’t think I could afford their services so I delayed in calling them. All along I had my eyes set on doing the 1996 Drug Free Ohio Central Classic that was being held in August. It was now April and again I knew I needed help. I finally decided to give Beverly International a call and find out their costs. I called and spoke with Roger who said there is no cost, are you open to come in next Tuesday. I thought for sure there had to be some catch. Knowing I needed the help, I decided to go. Tuesday came around and that’s when it all started. After meeting Roger and Sandy I was happy to know at least I might be working with some nice people. We sat down and just talked. We talked about my goals, my current diet, my experience in bodybuilding, etc. It was great! Roger and Sandy weren’t trying to sell me anything. They were asking me questions to provide the best all around solution to fulfill my goal of winning the ’96 Drug Free Central Classic! And did they ever!! They put together a diet so different that what I was accustomed to, monitored it on a biweekly basis, and got me in a condition that I truly didn’t think was possible, especially for a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

The final weeks came around and I had so many questions. Roger & Sandy were there to help me with all of them. Tanning? Posing? Posing trunks? Changes in my diet? Amount of water? And so many more! On top of all the questions I had, I also had other bodybuilders, as well as the information I was reading in various other magazines, saying things that were so different from the advice Sandy & Roger were giving. For example, I actually was drinking Muscle Provider shakes right up to the day of my show. So many people were telling me that was wrong and even crazy. But Roger insisted that Beverly’s protein is the cleanest protein on the market, along with all of their supplements. I decided to put 100% of my faith in what Roger & Sandy were telling me and in their supplements.

It was now August 19th, the day of the show. Warming up backstage, I thought there was no way in the world I could win. There were many competitors that were bigger than me. As it turned out I won my class and won the overall – all due to the condition I was in!! It was an awesome experience! (Oh yeah, I almost forgot. For those who called me crazy for drinking protein shakes up to the day of the show, please tell me why I was in the best condition on stage and three of the five competitors that were in the overall were clients of Sandy & Roger’s?)

After the event the questions started again. You get a quick congratulations, always followed up by so when are you going to do your next show? It was something I was thinking about, but always just replied, probably not for a while. Even though I was very excited about winning the show, I knew that drug-free bodybuilding did not get the exposure it deserved, and other than local shows I wasn’t aware of any big drug-tested shows. I knew I wasn’t ever going to take drugs and didn’t really see a next step available for natural bodybuilding. I also knew that from my last show, that if a few of the competitors would have come to see Roger and Sandy, and came in the condition that Roger and Sandy are known to put competitors in, I would have never of won. I just didn’t have the size yet at 23 years old.

So I did what my heart told me to do and that was to not compete again until two things occurred. The first was to not have my lack of size be a question to winning (I had a lot more room on my 6 foot frame to pack on size). The second was to wait and see if natural bodybuilding would ever get the coverage I thought it should get.

During this layoff of competing I continued to hit the weight hard, staying pretty strict with my nutrition along with taking Beverly International’s supplements (insert supplements). I also went through a lot of changes in my life- great changes I might add. I married the love of my life, Heidi; had two wonderful children, Madalyn and Molly; bought my first house; graduated from college with my bachelors; started my first real job an outside sales rep and am now working as a branch manager at an awesome telecommunications company called Lightyear in Blue Ash. Oh yeah, I bought two cool dogs (Bouviers) named Cati and Flanders that weigh over 100 pounds each (I mentioned those last, after my kids, so I wouldn’t get in trouble with me wife). Anyway, whether it was a good decision or a bad decision to not compete for the past four years, I’d do it the same way all over again.

It was now January of 1999 and I just happened to be flipping through he channels. What I was about to see game a new focus on bodybuilding. I turned on ESPN II and to my delight I was watching a national DRUG FREE bodybuilding show. It was called the Musclemania Superbody World Championships. It was time to see Roger and Sandy again!

I gave Roger a call, and once again we sat down and just talked. We mostly talked about goals since Roger knew that was important to me. I had two goals. The first was to compete and win a local drug-free bodybuilding show and the second (and more important goal) was to enter and lace in the top six of the Musclemania Superbody in New York City (top 6 makes television). Roger and Sandy put the game plan together once again. They put me on a diet that was designed for me, taking into consideration my bodyfat, and the number of weeks away from the show. They put me once again into the best condition I could get in. I was coming in at 197 pounds in the 4% body fat range. More than anything Roger and Sandy continually gave me the confidence I needed. When it comes to bodybuilding I have to admit I tend to sell myself short. But every other week when I would meet wit Roger and Sandy, they would tee me how great I looked and tell me that I could do things in bodybuilding. Heard that from Roger and Sandy meant more than you could ever believe. These are two people that see bodybuilders everyday, every hour!!! I can remember one day when Sandy said, so Brian, what do you want to do? I was confused because I thought she already knew my goals. So I said, “what do you mean.”? She said, with your build and look you should be hosting an ESPN fitness show or something. I started laughing and she replied, “No, I’m serious. You could do something in this sport.” That was when I realized that maybe I was missing out on something.

Anyway, the month of May came around and it was time to do my local show. I decided to do the Canton Ohio Open since it was somewhat close to home and more importantly was a few weeks before the Superbody. The day of the show I weighed in at a ripped 196 pounds. I felt great and according to Roger and Sandy looked great also. As I was pumping up backstage one of the other competitor’s asked me what other shows I planned on doing this year. When I told him the Superbody, his response was, isn’t that a drug free show? I answered, “Yes.” He then said, confusing the heck out of me, so you’re telling me you are natural? He probably thought I was crazy by the look on my face, but I said, why would I be doing this show if I wasn’t’ natural? It turns out the Ohio Canton was not a drug tested show (what a great time to find that out). I was competing in a federation that did have drug tested shows, but this particular show was not. I mistakenly thought that all of their shows were drug tested. I couldn’t believe it. I already was telling myself I couldn’t win because there were probably people on drugs-there I go selling myself short again. As it turned out I won m class and the Overall! This time I was one of the biggest competitors in the show, and thanks to Roger and Sandy I was the hardest.

I was now so pumped up for the Superbody I could hardly wait. The Superbody is set up in a way that you have to qualify on Saturday to make the show on Sunday. There were over 125 people in the show and only the top six from each class would make the final show on Sunday, which would be aired on ESPN. These guys were huge. During pump up for preliminaries I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I knew I was now competing with the elite in natural bodybuilding. But again, with my superb condition, thanks to Roger and Sandy, I placed in the top 6. I achieved my goals!!! It aired on ESPN II in July and has aired a few more times since.

I thought the journey was over until at least next year when I would try the Musclemania once again. But I was wrong. Roger called me and told me about a great show in Virginia called the Potomac Cup. He said there would be around 100 competitors and the overall winner gets their Pro card. Once again I was selling myself short thinking there is no way I cold get my Pro card. Roger and Sand said, Brian, you can with this. Roger also said, "you are going to need to come in more ripped than ever before" –(which I didn’t think was possible). It was that confidence and support I once again needed to hear. So there I was on a plane flying to Virginia. When I finally got there I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were two competitors that I previously competed against in the Musclemania Superbody that placed higher than I did. I couldn’t believe it. I saw my goal of getting my Pro card going down the drain.

What I forgot to mention was that as good as Roger and Sandy said I looked at the Superbody, they also were very honest in telling me that my legs could come in deeper. Three days before my journey to Virginia for the Potomac Cup I stopped by Roger and Sandy’s for my final critique. When I put on my posing trunks I can remember Sandy actually clapping, and Roger smiling at the fact that my legs had finally come in with deep cuts.

Getting back to the Potomac Cup in Virginia, I had just won my class! In the overall it came down to me and one of the previous Superbody competitors. I won the overall and got my PRO CARD! Everyone I spoke wit h after the show said your legs and overall conditioning are why you won.

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Thank you Roger and Sandy for everything you have done for me. You guys have helped me with everything from big things like my diet, to smaller questions like, how long before I step on stage should I put my Dream Tan on! You have provided me with the best supplements known to man, without ever pushing your products. I also appreciate the fact that you only provide products that can help people achiever their goals. There are so many products on the market that really are junk that would provide a high profit margin, buy you guys have decided to only provide what works I guess that’s where you get the slogan of No Nonsense Supplements). I have asked you guys hundreds of questions and you have answered them all--most importantly, you have answered them with the right answers to put me on top.

I now know what Sandy meant when she said, Brian, what do you want to do? Ever since the exposure I received from the Superbody on ESPN some things have really started to happen. I have done a few shots for some magazines and just recently did a cover shoot for a magazine. I also have been offered jobs within this industry along with many other opportunities that could take me anywhere from New York to California. So Sandy, even though I know what you meant by that question-I still don’t know the answer to it yet. Maybe that can be something we discuss at my next visit to Beverly International!

Brian’s Personalized Nutrition Plan
Meal #1
10 oz. lean beef or turkey
½ cup oatmeal
1 TBS Flax Oil
Meal #2
10 ounces lean turkey breast, tuna (can and half),
or chicken 1 red apple or ½ cup oatmeal, or
½ (5oz. ) sweet or baked potato Or 2 scoops Muscle Provider
4 TBS whipping cream amount of desired water
Meal #3
10 oz. Chicken (before cooking)
5 oz. potato or ½ cup brown rice, or oatmeal
2 cups veggies (broccoli)
Meal #4
10 ounces lean turkey breast, tuna, chicken
1 red apple, or oatmeal, or potato
2 scoops Muscle Provider
4 TBS whipping cream
desired water
Meal #5 10 oz. lean beef (90%-95%)
2 cups veggies
1 TBS Flax oil
Meal #6
12 egg whites, 2 yolks
1.5 cups omelet vegetables
(tomato, green peppers, onions, etc. )

*** Every 4th day I would substitute meal #5 with 1 serving brown rice, 1 10 ounce sweet potato, 2 cups of veggies, 1 fruit, and 1butter.

I took 6 Mass Aminos, 6 Ultra 40, and an Ultra 4 with every meal.
Used Muscle Provider for shakes. Took 3 Bev ZMA each night 30 minutes before bed.
Prior to my shows I added Muscularity, Lean Out and Energy Reserve

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