Random Notes on Nutrition

By: Roger Riedinger, owner Beverly International Nutrition
Magazine 7 #1

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I haven’t decided whether this will be a regular feature in the No Nonsense Newsletter but this month I’m going to use this space to give you some pointers, up date you on the status of some of our Beverly International athletes and for whatever else comes to mind.

Gary Passmore IFBB Pro
Gary Passmore, IFBB Pro
2000 NPC Nationals BW Champion

Gary Passmore
First, I want to extend our congratulations to Gary Passmore on attaining his IFBB Pro Card. Gary’s been working with Beverly for the past three years. In that time he’s gone from 8th at the USA to 1st at the 2000 NPC Nationals!

Gary has worked hard and kept focused on his goal. This year he started his strict dieting May 22 for the November Nationals.

Here is the diet he followed from May 22 to October 25, three weeks out:
Meal #1
1 whole eggs + 5 egg whites
5 oz. turkey or chicken breast
½ cup oatmeal before cooking
Meal #2
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein and 14-oz water
6 oz chicken breast, 1 small apple
Meal #3
6 oz. chicken (before cooking)
6 oz. sweet potato or ½ cup cooked brown rice
1 cup vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or salad with 2 TBS.
Low Cal Dressing
Meal #4
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Ultra Size and 14-oz water
6 oz. chicken breast, 1 small apple
Meal #5
6 oz. 93% lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish
1 cup Kidney beans
1 cups vegetables
Salad: 2 pcs Romaine Lettuce, ¼ Tomato, ½ Carrot,
½ cup celery, ½ cucumber
2 TBS. Low Cal Dressing or 1 tsp Flax Oil,
2 TBS Vinegar, herbs
Meal #6
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Muscle Provider,
4 strawberries and 14-oz water
6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup vegetables

Three weeks out from the show we had to cut out all of Gary’s starch carbs and utilize Cod, Tuna, Turkey Breast and Egg Whites for protein sources. Gary increased his supplement program at this time to hold on to all his actual lean muscle tissue while losing the last bit of fat and water. He also added 3 Bev Flax caps and 2 EPO caps to compensate for the reduction in fats during this stage.

After finishing as high as 2nd in the 1999 USA but coming in 8th at the ’99 Nationals Gary’s victory at the 2000 NPC Nationals was near unanimous.

bodybuilder Mark Ritter JR USA
Mark Ritter 2000 NPC JR USA LW Champion
Mark Ritter
Mark Ritter won his class at the JR USA in only his 2nd year of competition! Mark will be doing another feature for the No Nonsense newsletter detailing his preparation but I asked him to contribute a few words of wisdom in this article for anyone who is trying to do a National Level Show.

“Training for the 2000 Junior USA was much more difficult than any of my previous competitions. I’d been competing as a Middleweight but knew that I was not ready to compete in that class at the national level. So the question became, ‘How was I going to get down to lightweight again, yet keep the size I’d need for a contest of this caliber.’

I needed to focus on “quality” muscle that would give me the illusion of size. The number one piece of advice I can give to attain a superior degree of muscle quality over the competition is to use Beverly International supplements year around. I also kept my diet much stricter in the off- season. Even though I still had to lose nearly 20 pounds to make lightweight, that was sure a lot easier than if I’d let my weight go up to 185 or so as I had in the past. I kept my body fat relatively low not letting it get any higher than 7½ percent which made dieting for the show a little easier.

Another good idea is to make your travel plans well in advance. This allowed me to focus on my diet and training and kept stress levels manageable (which incidentally raises cortisol levels and causes you to hold water) the last few weeks before the show.

As the competition approached, I saved cardio and thermogenics for the last 3 weeks giving me more tools in my arsenal to get the last little bit of fat off my body. I also increased my training volume and reduced my rest intervals to attain a look of higher quality muscle.

Munchable meal replacements

  • Ultra Size pancakes: 2 scoops Ultra Size 4 egg whites ¼ - ½ cup oats (whatever your diet calls for – omit if not on diet) Cinnamon, sugar sub, Butterbuds – if desired Enough water to make med-thin batter. Cook on medium-low heat until set on both sides, but not overcooked.
  • Ultra Size pudding: 2 scoops Ultra Size and just enough water to whip it up into a creamy pudding. For flavor variation add ½ to 1 tsp sugar free instant pudding mix – your choice of flavor.
  • Mouth watering burgers: Add a seasoning packet (fajita, meatloaf, herb, Italian or Ranch dressing…) and 2 egg whites to your 93 or 96% lean beef. Or try some soy sauce and oriental seasoning blend. Grill and eat.
  • Measure out your meal replacement powder (or make your meal replacement recipe) in several containers to grab and go.

Don’t forget your water! Fill (or buy) a bunch of 4 liter jugs with good filtered water and squeeze fresh lemon in it or sprinkle a little sugar free beverage mix in it.

GH Factor
As you read through this newsletter you’ll see that more and more of the featured athletes are taking GH Factor. Here’s why. Number One we notice a new degree of hardness is attained. Want proof – check out Gary and Jeremiah Forster’s photos. Number 2 GH Factor appears to liberate fat especially from the lower body. We first noticed this phenomenon in our female competitors but now find that it’s working just as well for men. There are a number of benefits associated with the components of GH Factor besides increased growth hormone production.

Another application we are currently using here at the center is to take 5 GH Factor with our Creatine Monohydrate. This gives us a phenomenal pump. We got this idea because the Arginine in GH Factor is actually a precursor to creatine production. We’ll let you know what kind of results we get.

Ultra Size Hot Chocolate
Did you know you can mix Ultra Size (Chocolate Flavor) into Hot water and make a pretty good tasting hot chocolate drink? I use a 12 – 16 oz mug, fill it about 2/3 full with water, put it into the microwave for 1 –2 minutes, then mix 1 scoop Ultra Size into the hot water. Stir with a spoon, almost all of the Ultra Size dissolves save a few little lumps. If you need to sweeten it a little more for your taste add a packet of Splenda or Equal. The great thing is you can drink up to three cups of this – enough to satisfy anyone’s hunger cravings. Experiment with as little as a tablespoon Ultra Size if you’re worried about ingesting too many calories.

Muscle Mass BCAA’s
We have continued to utilize the Charles Poliquin method of taking Muscularity or Muscle Mass BCAA’s during our workouts. It’s amazing. Sandy and I have personally used this method for the past three months. Sandy has set new PR’s in every lift. I’m back to 1994 levels of strength. (Thanks also to Joint Care, which has literally revived my training after years of shoulder – elbow – knee and hip pain caused by 38 years of lifting. I take 6 – 12 Joint Care daily. The problem is as soon as I am totally pain free, like today, I forget to take it.)

For the Muscle Mass we use 25 per training session. Sandy swears she can even tell an energy boost as soon as she has hit the 20 – 25 mark (usually about 25 minutes into her workout.) We pour 25 Muscle Mass tablets out on to a small table in our training area. We take 5 at the start and 5 more every couple of sets until they’re gone

Speaking of Charles Poliquin – Charles will be with us at this year’s Arnold Expo. We encourage you to visit his website at www.CharlesPoliquin.net. I lent Jeremiah Forster my copy of the Poliquin Principles during his off-season preparation for the 2000 Nationals. Jeremiah relates his approach to using Charles’ principles in our last newsletter. (Vol. VI, No. 4 also available on our website, www.bodybuildingworld.com) Jeremiah was able to make some amazing gains in both quality and size using Charles’ training methods.

Mass Aminos
I wanted to comment on Jeremiah’s article in this issue. Jeremiah stated that in his all out mass attack phase he switched from Muscle Mass BCAA’s during his training to Mass tablets. He knew that at the high calorie level he would be eating that BCAA’s would not be as critical for mass preservation as when he is on a cutting or maintenance nutritional plan.

But he still wanted to make sure that he benefited 100% from each workout. He did some research and thinking on his own. Then asked me the maximum amount of Mass tablets that could possibly be utilized during a training period. I stated 50 and thought little of it.

The next thing I knew Jeremiah was growing like crazy and telling me he couldn’t believe how well the 50 Mass were working. I asked him how could he afford to take 50 per workout. But then Jeremiah explained to me that the cost of a 500-tablet bottle of Mass Aminos is $46. Taking 50 per training session costs $4.60 per session for more than 60 grams of peptide bonded amino acids.

By comparing this to the cost and quality of the workout drinks he could purchase at the gym it was a no brainer. Jeremiah is dead serious about his nutrition and training. He knows that peptide bonded aminos are the best form of protein available for anyone needing to ingest the highest quality, most quickly and easily absorbed, efficiently utilized source of protein.

We’d normally recommend a serving of Mass Tablets during training equal to your body weight x .15. So if you weighed 200 lbs. you’d take your weight (200) x .15 = 30 tablets. Thirty tablets at $46 / 500 tablet bottle = $2.76 per workout. Although 30 Mass Aminos yields nearly 40 grams protein, the peptide bond form of Mass Aminos has been shown in study after study to be at least 4 times and as much as 16 times more effective for nitrogen retention, weight gain and muscle synthesis than a non peptide source.

NNM 7 #1