16 week to 2 weeks out

Contest supplement diet plan prep

By: Adam Berkovits
Winner, NPC Junior Governors Cup
Magazine 7 #2

So, when I encountered Beverly International for the first time, naturally, I was skeptical. I can recall my first meeting with Beverly at the 2000 Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, Ohio. I sat down with Steven and he wrote a sample diet for me, aimed at building mass while staying lean. The diet included fats such as olive oil and heavy whipping cream and a basic supplement program that looked like it was from the dawn of bodybuilding. Nothing high tech no Andros, no thermogenics – just Beverly Proteins, Muscle Provider and Ultra Size, Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 Liver Tabs.

Ever the skeptic, I continued my regular diet for a few more months. But now more and more Beverly started creeping into my consciousness. It wasn’t necessarily the biggest guys in the gym who were talking about Beverly, but the best bodybuilders. At the Indianapolis Championships I noticed a lot of the winners were hanging out at the Beverly booth.

I decided it was time to take a trip down to the Beverly Nutrition Center in Cold Spring, Kentucky to find out everything I could about Beverly, the company that suddenly everyone was talking about.

I peppered the Beverly staff with diet questions for a solid hour. I’m sure they thought I was a diet-psycho. But the more we talked the more I realized I could not do this on my own. Contest diets are no guessing game, and I needed direction. As this realization set in Roger uttered the four words that I will never forget, Adam, just have faith.

I felt a great weight being lifted from my shoulders. As I became quiet I sat back, and looked around a room filled with pictures of current and former clients, all in incredible condition, and most of whom were holding 1st place trophies. Finally, I decided, ’Its time to go for it. Let’s give these guys a shot!’ I made the decision to go with Beverly 100%.

bodybuilder Adam Berkovits
With a base program I made great progress in just 2 weeks! It was unreal.

So I began my diet in June of 2000, complete with Muscle Provider, Ultra 40, and Mass Aminos. I had my sights set on two contests: The Kentucky Gold Cup fifteen weeks away, and the Ohio Governor’s Cup one week later.

So I began my diet in June of 2000, complete with Muscle Provider, Ultra 40, and Mass Aminos. I had my sights set on two contests: The Kentucky Gold Cup fifteen weeks away, and the Ohio Governor’s Cup one week later.

16 weeks out

I followed my new Beverly supplement and diet plan to a T. My calories were still fairly high at 3800, and I was training five days a week, just once a day, with no cardio. To my surprise, my strength began to increase, as my body fat decreased! This was a major first for me. Within 2 weeks of beginning my Beverly plan, I had seen significant improvements in the quality of my muscle. I was becoming leaner, harder, and staying full at the same time.

12 weeks out

I decided to take a trip to the Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym, Venice, California. It didn’t hurt my motivation any to be training alongside guys getting ready for the Mr. Olympia. During my four weeks on the road, my bodyweight decreased gradually from 206 to 199. At 8 weeks out, to my amazement, I was still building muscle while my body fat decreased.

8 weeks out

I made another trip to Beverly. At 6.8% body fat, it was time to kick in my diet to a new level. This was my Beverly plan for the next four weeks:

Meal #1
8 oz. 93% lean beef
3 egg whites, 1 yolk
’ grapefruit

Meal #2
Protein drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 TBS Flax Oil, 
6 frozen strawberries

Meal #3
10 oz. Lean meat (chicken or very lean beef)
Salad with 2 TBS vinegar and oil dressing

Meal #4
10 oz. Chicken
2 cups vegetables

Meal #5
Protein drink (same as Meal #2)

Meal #6
8 oz. 93% lean beef
3 egg whites, 1 yolk
1 cup vegetables

Every 3rd day: Instead of 6th meal, eat the following: 1.5 cups oatmeal (measured before adding water), 10 oz. Sweet potato, 1 banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 TBS butter for final meal.

While following this plan, my body fat continued to gradually decrease. I was still training only once a day, and still no cardio.

4 weeks out

The last 4 weeks are a crucial time on any contest diet. This time period can make or break a competitor. My diet and supplement program changed ever so slightly, as follows:   Supplements:
  • Added 4 Lean Out to the Energy Reserve, which I was already taking three times daily.
  • Dropped the Mass Aminos to 3 per meal and increased the Ultra 40 Liver to 5 per meal while adding 3 Muscularity per meal.
  • Added 3 Bev ZMA and 2 grams L-Glutamine nightly ’ to optimize my natural hormonal environment.
  • Kept my Muscle Provider protein up!

At this point, I would go to the IU football stadium and do interval stair sprints for 20-25 minutes two or 3 times per week. I would do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach fueled only by Beverly’s Lean Out and Energy Reserve.

These stair sprints gave me a great burn in my legs, and I knew that I was bringing out more detail in my thighs, hip flexors, and glutes.

2 weeks out

At two weeks out, I discontinued heavy leg presses and squats to prevent body fluids from pooling in the legs; thus giving them a harder, more separated look. I made a final visit to the Beverly Nutrition Center for their pre contest seminar. At this time, my weight was around 190 lbs., and my body fat was below 5%.

The contest seminar was a great learning experience. Twenty-five Beverly loyalists showed up to participate, and none were disappointed. The seminar included personal body composition analysis, final week preparation, and a 25-man practice posing round.

The day of the Gold Cup Open contest arrived, and I was in great shape. At 182 lbs, I took second place in the light-heavyweight class not bad for competing drug free in the toughest class of a non-tested event.

Ate a big meal following the Gold Cup finals. Then followed this get hard diet for the next week, to peak for the Ohio Governor’s Cup.

Meal #1
5 oz. Turkey breast
5 egg whites, ½ grapefruit

Meal #2
Protein drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 TBS Flax Oil

Meal #3
6 oz. chicken 
Salad with 2 TBS vinegar and oil dressing

Meal #4
6 oz. can of tuna
3 egg whites, 1 tomato

Meal #5
6 oz. lean meat
1.5 cups vegetables

In addition, I added 5 grams of Beverly Creatine Monohydrate to every meal starting on Tuesday. By the day of the Governor’s Cup, I was noticeably harder and fuller than the previous week. Yet, to my surprise I had dropped to 176 lbs. I made middleweight!

I went on stage full of confidence that day. Aside from just diet and supplement information, the Beverly Seminar had given me advice on everything from posing to last minute tanning application. Every detail was accounted for, and I was ready.

I competed first in the Junior class (22 years old and under). I was elated to win both 1st place and the most muscular award in this class.

Next, I set out to try my luck in a tough middleweight category. There were 15 competitors, and this was my second prejudging round of the day. I was exhausted. But, thanks to countless long hours of posing practice, I made it through another exhausting round of prejudging, and was ultimately awarded 2nd place in the class. First place went to Delbert Hickman, another Beverly disciple, who went on to win the overall.

Adam with Trophy
My decision to run with Beverly 100% turned out to be the best decision I have ever made

I was nevertheless thrilled with the experience and of course, proud of my achievements. Bodybuilding is a very important aspect of my life. To Beverly, thanks so much for your powerful and superior products! And special thanks to my family and friends for their constant support and encouragement.

Hungry? Try this one on for size!
(Mix up this simple Muscle Provider smoothie to help crave those pre-contest hunger pains.)
Add 2 scoops MP
1 TBS Flax or 2 TBS Heavy Cream
6 strawberries
6 oz. of waterFill the blender completely with ice, and blend thoroughly for a MP smoothie. Eat it with a spoon. It almost feels like a whole meal!

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