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Volume 7 issue 3 contents

  • Jeremiah Forster
    Back To The Basics Training
    Basic Bodybuilding Training with High Intensity.
  • Ray Binkowski
    Bodybuilding: Learning the Lifestyle
    After the competition I wanted to get bigger but keep my abs. This started a whirlwind of nutrition, training, and supplement plans.
  • Dave Payne
    My "Lucky-7" Beverly Precontest Tips
    Here’s a typical day for me when I’m preparing for a show..
  • Shane Smith
    Meeting Beverly International at The Arnold Classic Expo
    What if all these other guys I was reading about were actually telling the truth?
  • Tom Basso NABF Pro Bodybuilder
    At the age of 40, I did it drug free
    My mother brought home the book "Pumping Iron". The minute I laid eyes on it I knew what I wanted to be a pro bodybuilder.

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