Meeting Beverly International at The Arnold Classic Expo

By: Shane Smith
Magazine 7 #3

I was first introduced to Beverly more than a year ago through the No Nonsense newsletter. As I looked through the pages I noticed that even though the featured athletes had achieved a level of conditioning that far surpassed the average competitor, there was something about them that made their achievements seem realistic something an average bodybuilder could attain. Yet, there are so many advertising ploys out there that I just figured that Beverly had a group of genetically gifted bodybuilders whom they paid to take Beverly supplements like everybody else.

Still, the newsletter was FREE. And there were specific meal plans with real foods not just one supplement after another. So, what did I have to lose? I took one of the meal plans and followed it in preparation for the 2000 NPC Ironman. The diet worked better than any of the previous competition diets I had followed and I entered the show in my personal best condition at 193 lbs. I took home the 3rd place trophy and was pretty satisfied.

However, there was a question in the back of my mind, I followed the diet from the Beverly newsletter meticulously and got good results, but what if all these other guys I was reading about were actually telling the truth? What if they followed the meal plan AND really did use the recommended supplements? What if Beverly supplements did make the DIFFERENCE between the winners and the also rans like me? The 2001 contest season was quickly approaching and I needed answers fast! It was time to get my act together and reach that next level of conditioning.

There was only one way to find out and I wasn’t going to let it get by. I’d go see the Beverly people in person. It was a cool day late in February when I stepped foot into the Columbus Convention Center and then into the crowded aisles of the Arnold Classic Expo. I was on a mission as I walked through the packed convention center searching for the Beverly booth. Then I saw an area where there seemed to be a lot of activity, as I got closer I realized it was the Beverly booth. It was like the No Nonsense Magazine had just come to life. I recognized one competitor after another. Well, that answered one question these guys weren’t working for Beverly, they were there just like I was to get all the first hand information they could straight from the source.

Well, I had come here with a purpose and even though a little intimidated by the size of the crowd I went up and introduced myself. Before I knew it I was talking with the Beverly staff as if I’d known them for years. My body composition was evaluated on the spot and I was given instructions to e-mail my current, diet, supplements and some photos the next week if I was still interested in following the program

Was I still interested? Monday morning came and I e-mailed the requested information along with one question, ’What’s this advice going to cost?’ The reply was, NOTHING! The only expectation was that I follow the program, use the supplements and keep them updated. The next day I received some suggested changes to make in my diet and a complete supplement program.

There were just 5 weeks left until the 2001 Ironman so I started immediately. The results were amazing! Just simple adjustments in my meal plan and incorporating the Beverly supplements provided more results in the first two weeks than I’d had in the previous eight. I lost fat and stayed very strong. But the big difference was my improved muscularity and hardness.

Muscle Provider became my favorite protein source. Prior to using Beverly supplements I didn’t think it mattered what supplements you used. I always thought one brand was as good as another. I’d read in Planet Muscle that Muscle Provider was one of the very best proteins ever made and now I believed it! All I did was mix it in water; then blend in a few ice cubes and strawberries until it was very thick. This mixture tasted so good I almost thought I was having a treat.

Muscle Mass (Branch Chain Amino Acid’s) were an integral part of my daily regimen. Using these Beverly supplements was sure an eye-opener! I couldn’t believe my strength and energy levels this close to a contest. Plus, I was retaining 100% of my hard-earned lean muscle tissue.

At 3 weeks out I contacted the Beverly staff once again. Jeremiah wrote back and suggested changes for the final few weeks. Cutting out one meal presented no problem. My nutrient density levels were so high there was no way I was going to lose lean tissue. I cut back on fats by eliminating egg yolks and changing to very lean cuts of meat. For the final three weeks I switched from Mass Aminos to Muscularity. Not a big change for the final weeks but exactly what I needed to peak.

The week of a contest is where most bodybuilders either dial in or sabotage themselves by doing something crazy. For many competitors the final week is very confusing, and the more things you try the worse you get. Jeremiah at Beverly constructed a final week for me to follow that made it very low stress with no guesswork.

The 2001 NPC Ironman arrived and this time I was ready to go. I came in at the same weight as the year before but with a difference a few pounds more lean mass and a little less fat. My condition was excellent. As the winners for the light heavies were called I waited. 3 rd place again? Not this time. I walked off the stage carrying the 1st place trophy!

Now it was time to go for a national qualifier – the Caveman Classic. The Caveman is one of the top shows in the country and I knew I had to be my best. Since my diet was working great I remained on the same program for the 4 weeks leading into the Caveman. I came into this contest shredded. I felt great! My confidence was overflowing. I’ d reached standards I never thought possible. In the toughest competition I’d ever been associated with (more than 160 competitors in the show) I nailed down second in the Light Heavyweights. I was now nationally qualified!

I’m not sure what’s next for me but let me take you back to the defining moment of my bodybuilding success. At the Arnold Classic with hundreds of companies represented, many with IFBB pros endorsing their products, I picked Beverly to take me to the next step. And this time I’d go all the way. It was time for me to come full circle and do the complete Beverly Experience. Look at my picture from 2000 to 2001; the meal plans are virtually identical. What was the difference? Beverly Supplements!

Shane After Beverly International

Shane Smith Training Split

This is the training split I followed throughout my contest preparation. I did my cardio before I went to school in the morning (where I’m a senior studying Exercise Science) and did my weight training in the evening. My cardio consisted of walking up a 15% grade incline at 4.0 mph or the elliptical machine for 30 minutes per day. At Jeremiah’s suggestion I threw in 50 yard sprints the last 4 weeks to help my legs get more separated. I usually performed 10 all out sprints. My weight training philosophy was simple always train to build muscle. I stayed with the 6 to 10 rep range.

Monday and Thursday: In place of Meal #6: 1.5 cups Oatmeal (pre-cooked) or cooked Rice, 8 oz. Sweet Potato, 4 oz. Banana, 1 cup Vegetables, 1 TBS Butter